Meizu M5 Not Working Screen Part

Smartphone Repair Meizu. the main direction of our company. We provide a range of repair and maintenance services for this equipment. Replacing broken glass separately from the screen is the basic specialization of the service. Engineers with many years of experience are ready to help you with the repair of this gadget, from replacing body parts, buttons, fingerprint sensors to serious radio-technical repairs at the circuitry level.

Repair Meizu M5 / M5c / M5s, taking into account the cost of spare parts

The repair time is indicated subject to the availability of spare parts and not overloaded masters.

Frequent malfunctions and breakdowns that contact our service:

  • After the fall, the screen glass broke but the image is working
  • Defective image, black spots or streaks present
  • Cleaning after moisture
  • The home button or volume control does not work
  • Meizu M5 does not charge and is not detected by a computer
  • You do not hear the interlocutor or the microphone is not working
  • Does not turn on or load in software
  • Headphone jack not working

We repair smartphones Meizu as soon as possible. Most malfunctions such as replacing the screen, button, loop, speaker resolved within an hour. There is no need to pay extra for urgent repairs, we offer this service for free!

Meizu M5 Not Working Screen Part

Payment is made upon completion of work. The cost of repair includes work, the cost of spare parts and consumables. Faults detected during diagnosis are agreed additionally according to the price list.

FastFix Service Center provides a guarantee for the work performed and the installed parts. If the installed spare part does not work correctly, you can replace it for free during the warranty period, subject to the operating conditions and the absence of mechanical damage.

Meizu M5 Mini / M5c / M5s Screen Replacement

In the case when the image on the phone screen has noticeable defects, spots, stripes or is completely absent, it is necessary to replace the display module in the zbor. This is the fastest and most reliable method of repairing the phone display, so it can be chosen as an alternative to replacing the touch glass in order to save time.

Replacement touch glass (touchscreen) Meizu M5 Mini / M5c / M5s

It is produced in cases where cracks are present on the glass and / or the screen sensor (touchscreen) does not fully or partially respond to touch. In this case, the image is normal, without spots, multi-colored stripes and other obvious defects. To replace the touch glass, we use factory-made technology for gluing using OCA films. The complex of high-tech equipment that our service center is equipped with ensures high quality and speed of repair. Learn more about replacing Meizu M5 / M5c / M5s glass.