Meizu M3 Mini Doesn’t Work

One of the weak points of Meizu smartphones is the fingerprint scanner (mTouch). Some owners complain that this button does not perform its functions immediately after buying a mobile device. For others, it fails after a certain time. If the phone is under warranty service, then the problem of non-working mTouch is solved by handing over the device to the service center. In the absence of a warranty, you can try to fix the defect yourself. Let’s look at what to do if a fingerprint does not work on Meizu M3 Note, M3 mini or another gadget from this manufacturer.

Possible causes of mTouch key failure on Meizu

In all Meizu smartphones, the fingerprint scanner is mounted in the mTouch proprietary touch-mechanical button, which has three functions:

  1. “Back”. It is launched with a light touch on the key (touch component).
  2. “Home”. To return to the main screen, you must click on the specified item a little harder (mechanical component mTouch).
  3. “Scanner”. It is also a touch part and is activated when you need to unlock the screen.

If the fingerprint button and the Back function are not working on the Meizu M3S, the reason may be as follows:

  • mechanical breakdown of the keys;
  • moisture penetration under the mobile phone case;
  • software malfunction.

MTouch mechanical malfunctions on Meizu

If all three functions (Back, Home, and Scanner) stopped working on your device at the same time, most likely the mTouch button simply crashed. A similar problem can be detected after a strong shock, fall or wet phone. However, sometimes a malfunction occurs without any apparent reason.

If the warranty period for Meizu M3 has not yet expired, it is better to take it to a service center. Otherwise, the broken key can be changed independently:

If the cause of the malfunction is moisture getting on the telephone, carefully disassemble the key contacts after disassembling. If oxidation is present, clean them with alcohol and a soft cloth.

Meizu M3 Mini Doesnt Work

Meizu Software Troubleshooter

If the fingerprint scanner and the “Back” function suddenly stopped working on your Meizu M3 Mini, you should not discount the software malfunction. On Android devices, such malfunctions happen quite often. To eliminate them, you will need to reset all the settings to the factory settings on the mobile phone.

To perform a hard reset, you must:

  1. Open the “About phone” section through the device’s menu.
  2. Enter the “Memory” tab and select “Reset Settings”.
  3. Start erasing by pressing “Start”.

After thorough cleaning and rebooting, the mTouch button should return all the functionality.

The hard reset procedure removes not only all settings from the phone, but also user files located on the internal memory of the gadget. Therefore, before activating it, save important information to an external drive or computer.

If you bought Meizu on AliExpress or another Chinese platform and the fingerprint scanner does not work on it from the first days of operation, most likely the smartphone was originally developed for the Asian market and it has local firmware or, at best, a Russified global image. To check the firmware, you need to go to the About phone section and see what is written in the Flyme version line. If the last letter is A, U or C, then this is Chinese firmware. The global version ends with G or I.

To troubleshoot, you will need to install global firmware by changing the ID. This is done as follows:

  1. Link your mobile to your Flyme account. This is done in the Accounts section.
  2. In the “Personal Settings” tab, unlock root access.
  3. Install the SuperSU Superuser rights management program and Terminal Emulation terminal on the device.
  4. Download the script to the root of the internal memory. It is he who changes the old ID to a new one.
  5. Also download the latest version of the global firmware for your Meizu model. The file should be called
  6. Launch Terminal Emulation and enter two commands in it through Enter: “su” and “sh / storage / emulated / 0 /”.
  7. After successfully changing the ID, enter Recovery mode. To do this, on the phone off, simultaneously hold down the Power and Volume Up buttons.
  8. Check System upgrade and Clear data, and then start the flashing by clicking Start.

After completing this operation, Meizu should work without any restrictions.