Meizu M3 Battery Replacement Video

Meizu M3 Battery Replacement

  • Brand Name: Meizu
  • Meizu Phone Model: M3 Note
  • Meizu Battery Marking: BT61
  • Capacity: 4050 mAh

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from the manufacturer: 12 months

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Meizu’s BT61 Original is an accumulative nutrient element that, if discharged, can be fully charged in a few hours. The universal and relatively lightweight original of the ion apparatus does not need constant recharging. The battery will perfectly perform its task, accumulating and supplying energy to the mobile device. Thanks to what, the gadget can continuously and unquestioningly function in an independent form.

Battery Features for Meizu M3 Note:

The battery is large enough so that the phone does not need recharging after several hours from the moment of launch. The life of the drive is usually from three to four seasons. After it expires, the storage battery goes into disrepair due to banal wear. If you notice that the mobile device discharges faster than ever, does not discharge energy and is cut off at a very unexpected moment, then this, as a rule, indicates the following: the storage battery has run out for a certain period and the storage potential is depleted. To restore the full-fledged application of the functional options of the cellular device, you need to change the battery.

In addition, the BT61 Original battery will have to be purchased if the previously installed battery deteriorates or becomes deformed due to any external influence. Since, any non-compliance with the impermeability of the battery pack will lead to the failure of the phone itself. Only after installing a new original battery can you forget about alarms due to unexpected disconnections of your cell phone. The first recharge of the purchased drive will last about 6 hours.

An absolute plus of the drive is the moment that there is no “memory effect”. Which means that in case of recharging of a partially discharged drive, its volume does not disappear. To date, the ion apparatus for Meizu M3 Note is the personification of the perfect symbiosis of high serviceability, good quality and reasonable cost.

Meizu BT61 Battery Protection Tips:

  • observe the degree of humidity and temperature in the street;
  • not allow a large distance from the cell;
  • Do not use secondary options quite often
  • do not give the battery to babies;
  • Do not disassemble the storage battery;
  • do not immerse in liquid;
  • do not charge in cold temperatures;
  • Do not hold for a long time without recharging.

It is known that the limit values ​​are considered to be air temperatures exceeding forty degrees, and lower than 10 points. Very high temperatures and high dampness can be fatal to a battery cell. And although the lowered temperature, as a rule, only temporarily contributes to operational loss of charge. Energy is quickly lost even with a large distance from the entrance, because in the pause mode or during a conversation, energy is lost faster due to an involuntary increase in strength. Numerous secondary functions can affect battery life if used too often.

Meizu Quality Guarantee:

The original batteries for the Meizu M3 Note are delivered directly from the manufacturer’s main storage, so there’s no need to doubt their excellent assembly. Since the manufacturer’s guarantee is ensured thanks to a multi-stage inspection, both when sending from the manufacturer and when unloading the devices to the company’s warehouse.