Medal Of Honor Game Exit Timeline

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Do not misunderstand me. Medal of Honor Pacific Assault is a good game. The developers honestly tried to move away from the “legacy of the ancestor” and make a new game, not just another sequel. Only half came out. I don’t know what the reason is, if there wasn’t enough courage or the boss’s finger pointed “the right way”, but the game constantly rushes from one extreme to another. Play is really interesting, but only in places. Elegantly made Pearl Harbor, smart enemies, giving a light on the first number, a beautiful engine and. countless arcade inserts. not only boring, but also very difficult. Monotonous missions built on the principle of “village-dot-path”. Linear levels instead of the promised freedom of action. There are enough shortcomings, but still. this is a step forward. Let it be clumsy and not entirely successful, but it still exists.

And lastly, I recommend purchasing the “directorial version” of the game (the article was written on it). She’s worth it. Excellently mades, including the performance of the famous platoon “Silent Drill Platoon”, memoirs of veterans, a chronology of war, a slide show with propaganda posters of the 40s and much more.

If you have ever played any part of Medal of Honor or Call of Duty, then there will be no problems with mastering Pacific Assault. Although there are enough innovations, the gameplay has not seriously changed. Therefore, the impatient can immediately go to the battlefield. Get comfortable on the spot. The rest. please follow me.

The main innovation is some departure from scripts. No, of course, the “grand pianos from the bushes” are falling on the player constantly and in large quantities, but the game process is not built on them alone. Enemies, as well as the allies, sharply wiser. They can find shelter, retreat in case of danger, regroup, go from the flanks and selflessly cover the grenade with their bodies (the most interesting thing is that they can do this trick, even if everyone fled).

Of course, the enemy is the same “cannon fodder”, but playing has become much more interesting. True, with a bayonet attack, the developers went too far. The Japanese are breaking into it with or without. Why ingloriously die from a direct line to the chest.

At the same time, the enemies became much “fatter”. Four to six shots in the body is the norm. Therefore, it is better to hit exactly in the head, otherwise you risk being left without cartridges. Since we are talking about shooting. you need to fire in short bursts, with respite. The line from the hip. and the sight spread to half a screen. You can only get point blank, and then not right away.

Medal Of Honor Game Exit Timeline

The only one who really needs is a doctor. There were very few first-aid kits, and often health can be improved only by calling a doctor. Morphine injection will immediately raise to his feet. True, healing injections for Tommy allotted only four pieces.

Weapons There are no revelations here, therefore we will go over with a “gallop across Europe”. Rifles are good at medium to long range. Assault rifles are the melee gods. In the game, shootings take place at short distances, and therefore, it is worth choosing only from them. There is no big difference between machine guns, so take what makes it easier to find cartridges. Pistols. junk. Grenades against infantry, explosives against technology.

Having received an order from to

Omandira, stand behind the machine gun and turn the barrel towards the pier. Several Japanese were fortified there. As the smartest, they hide behind barrels of fuel. Not

When Tommy’s eyes become clear, let him run to the skeleton of the landing bot. Inside it you will find a first aid kit. Pick her up and make your way to the shore. Move from cover to cover so that the machine gunners do not have time to catch you in sight. Along the way, do not forget to take pictures of the Japanese who landed on the pier. Once on the shore, run to the squad and find a comfortable position. You have to repel a series of attacks. In the end, no matter how hard you try, a torn grenade will finally knock Tommy down.

The tasks in the training camp are simple. Follow the instructions of the instructor. In general, this is not even a level, but a training mission.

While the captain is driving and talking about the base, you can relax and explore the surroundings. During a conversation with three sailors watching a magazine. hmm dubious content, the Japanese will begin the bombing. We must pay tribute to the captain. Unlike many, he did not panic and decides to break through to the pier. There is a boat equipped with anti-aircraft guns. Help, of course, is small. but what is.

You cannot reach the target by car. Halfway you will be overtaken by an air bomb. but everyone is alive, and not far from the boat. Run from cover to cover only when the captain runs. During breaks, you can beat Japanese planes flying overhead with the Tommy. However, realism. Not reaching a couple of meters to the ship, the captain will die from a stray bullet. He can no longer help, so jump aboard and take a seat behind the machine gun.

Hell has opened in the bay, and no one can help the doomed fleet. but still try to bring down at least part of the aircraft. Especially those that attack your ship. After a dashing swim, you will climb one of the sinking ships.

The first task is to have time to open all the valves in the allotted time. Otherwise, you can’t get out of the ship. There is only one road, so you cannot get lost. The main thing. do not substitute for steam, beating from pipes. And do not go into the flames. When you turn the last valve, run into the corridor. Soon you will stumble upon a sailor. Follow him.

Once in a flame-lit room, remove the ax from the wall and knock the cap off the gas bottle. He will knock the door, kicking the sailor along the way. In the room, talk with the doctor and drag the wounded man to him. He is behind you. Run on. Along the way, you will find another wounded sailor. Drag him too. True, to another doctor.

To get out of the room, knock the door with an ax. The corridor is in flames, so climb up the stairs. Upstairs is no better than downstairs. Fire, smoke and piles of corpses. Having run a couple of rooms, you will come across a sailor littered with boxes. Cut them with an ax (or maybe it’s easier to pull them off) and take the wounded. Carry it to the doctor. He sat next to the stairs. There is nothing more to do here, so get out onto the deck.

Upstairs there is a desperate battle for the survival of the ship. So, you have nothing to stand idle. Run to the anti-aircraft gunners and get up for the machine gun. The first goal is to protect the Nevada ship while it swims past. They attack him sluggishly, so this is unlikely to be a problem. As soon as you complete the task, they will politely ask you for a machine gun and send you to an anti-aircraft gun. Now you need to defend your ship. This is a lot harder. A lot of planes fly, but finding them in the sky is difficult. the sun is striking.