Me Inaudible While Talking On The Phone

Recently bought a brand new mobile phone and immediately decided to call and tell about your successful purchase to all your friends and buddies? But then, bad luck, as soon as the interlocutor picked up the phone, interference began to be heard from the speakers of the device, clicks, and the subscriber’s voice was practically inaudible? Do not despair, this article will help you solve this situation.

Me Inaudible While Talking On The Phone

Why is there interference?

The reasons leading to malfunctions in the operation of a mobile device are quite numerous and varied. The situations due to which you cannot hear the interlocutor on the phone are:

  • incorrect settings for the volume of the device, perhaps your device is set to the minimum volume of sound playback in conversational speakers;
  • The phone’s audio clogged up. Anything can clog them, for example, dust;
  • there was a short in the speaker coil or it was burned.

For all of the above reasons, you may be very hard to hear the interlocutor, but the voice will sound.

How to solve the above problems?

If the phone is not configured correctly, you just need to increase the volume of the spoken speakers. This method is the simplest.

If the passages along which the sound goes are blocked, then opening the case of the mobile phone or smartphone, thoroughly cleaning it and, if necessary, replacing worn parts will help. Solving the problem is not as elementary as increasing the volume, so if you do not have sufficient qualifications in solving such issues, it is better to return the phone to a service center.

If the coil of the speaker is out of order, then it is only necessary to completely replace the defective part. Without experience in this type of repair work, it is better not to undertake this task, to entrust the repair to an experienced specialist.

And if there is no sound at all?

If you don’t hear the interlocutor on the phone completely, then there are several culprits for the problem:

  • there is a break in the loop or its contact, which is responsible for the sound of the speaker, or its coil is torn;
  • if the phone crashes, then one of the reasons, because of which the interlocutor in the phone may not be heard, is a break on the main board of the mobile phone or smartphone;
  • a microcircuit or elements that ensure stable uninterrupted operation of the phone may fail.

In all these cases, you just need to contact the master for help.

No sound in Samsung Galaxy phone

One of the reasons for the poor performance of the device may be a software failure. The option to fix the phone can be a complete reset of all data to the factory settings. During this process, all the information contained on the smartphone will be erased, including the application that violates its normal operation.

Also, the reason may lie in the microphone of the device. In order to understand what is happening to him and how to fix the accessory, you should go to the service center and show the defective mobile phone to the master.

If at school you received five in computer science and are versed in firmware, then one of the options for solving the question is why you can not hear the interlocutor in the phone “Samsung”, will reflash the device. But this must be done with great caution: there is a considerable risk of making a mistake and getting a lifeless brick instead of a normally working mobile phone. If there is no confidence, it is better not to experiment, but ask for the services of a qualified programmer who is versed in such things.