Mating Of Red-Eared Turtles

The males have on the plastron "dent“Helping them fulfill their marital duties. Their tail is long and thickened at the base (the penis is located here – the copulation organ). On the forepaws of males – long claws. In addition, males are much smaller than females. Two males occupying the same territory may conflict with each other, so it is better to have only one for a group of several females.

Mate rubella turtles can year-round, but more often – from February to May.

    The stimulation for mating is the substitution of water and an increase in its temperature.

Mating is preceded by a very funny courtship of the male. He swims in front of his beloved tail forward, tickling her cheeks with long claws. In this case, the front paws vibrate finely and finely. Males can also hit the carapace of females with the front edge of their carapace. This behavior can be observed very often, even in immature males. If the female is ready for breeding, then she admits the male. Animals mate, as already mentioned, in water. The duration of the act is not less than 5 minutes, usually it lasts about 15. One fertilization is enough to get 4-5 clutches. Sperm can persist in the female genital tract for up to two years.

For mating some experts recommend using a separate aquarium with a capacity of 100-130 l, filled with warm, settled water. The depth of the reservoir should not exceed 12 cm. This is due to the fact that during mating the male can be so carried away that he will not give the female the opportunity to float to the surface of the water and breathe. If mating does not occur, the turtles should be seated for a couple of days and try to connect again.

Mating Of Red-Eared Turtles

The laid eggs should be transferred to the incubator as soon as possible, without changing their initial position. The incubation temperature is in the range of 21-30 ° C. The developmental time of the embryo depends on temperature and lasts from two to five months.

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In order to turtles began to breed – there should be several healthy adult males and females in the same fenced area (large terrarium or street aviary), at suitable temperature and humidity. Turtles mate year-round, but only in satiety and warmth. Males prefer larger females. To stimulate activity, it is worth temporarily seating females and males for several weeks. It is better to plant males to females, and not vice versa, so that males are less aggressive.

Mating Of Red-Eared Turtles

Pregnant female it is better to immediately get away from the male, since during the mating period the males are aggressive and can harm even a pregnant woman. Before laying, the female becomes restless, poorly eaten, encloses her territory. The female lays eggs in a hole in the ground or in the sand, which is pre-wetted with liquid from cloacal bubbles. The laid eggs are transferred to the incubator as soon as possible. In this case, the eggs must not be turned over, and water should not fall on them.

If you have only one female, and she has laid eggs, then they are unfertilized (fat). Of these eggs, nothing will hatch. You can check a fat egg or a fertilized one like this: for the first 1-12 (24) hours – an egg with a uniform lumen and a dark spot in the center (fertilized), if it is simply uniform, or partially dark, partially light – fat. After 2-3 months, the embryo will be visible in the fertilized egg into the lumen.

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