Marsh Turtle

In this article I will tell you about Marsh turtle. You will learn how to keep her at home, what kind of terrarium she needs and how to equip it, what conditions should be in the terrarium, and how to feed her Swamp turtle.

My story about keeping a Swamp turtle began when I went fishing tonight. It was a rather shallow lake, very muddy. It was necessary to walk very carefully along the shore of that lake, otherwise one could fall into the silt to the waist. There were a lot of algae in the lake, as well as small fish and shellfish. It is precisely in such conditions that the Swamp turtle lives in nature.

We caught two swamp turtles quite by accident. We combed the lake with a net and caught silver carp. Two turtles also got on the net, and I decided to take them home. At that time, we still did not have the Internet, but a book on the contents of aquatic turtles was well at hand.

I put them in a large tank, filled two thirds of the tank with water, put a large stone at the bottom so that they would not move it, and an incandescent lamp on top to warm the stone well.

In general, to maintain a Swamp turtle, you need a terrarium, the volume of which is about 100 liters. A layer of water for adult turtles should be about 30-40 centimeters. There is simply no need to do it anymore. In such a terrarium must be land. Turtle, although water, but without land it can easily drown. Therefore, be sure to make sure that the turtle can easily climb onto land. One third of the terrarium should be occupied by land.

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In order for the turtle to bask over the land, you need to install an incandescent lamp. You can not worry about the water temperature if your turtle has the opportunity to warm up well.

Marsh turtle it is a predator by nature, and it will not eat any dry food. No matter what they are balanced. Trachemys can still eat such food, and the marsh only needs live or frozen. An excellent food for the Swamp turtle is aquarium mollusks. Large individuals of turtles eat them very much, so buying them is not profitable. It is much better to breed them yourself. The mollusks contain calcium, which is very necessary for the health of the turtle and hard shell. In no case should the turtle have a soft shell. Soft shell – this means that the turtle has either calcium deficiency or it is seriously ill. In order for reptiles to hurt less, a UV lamp must be required.

Small crucians also serve as an excellent food for a swamp turtle. They can easily be found on the market in the fish department. Small fish can be obtained almost always. For one adult turtle, it is enough to eat two fish about 10 centimeters in length once a day, and it will be full and satisfied.

The perfect food for your turtle is a combination of shellfish and fresh fish. If you cannot find fresh fish, frozen ones will do. Only before feeding should it be thawed to room temperature.

Marsh Turtle

Since the tortoise has a very good appetite, the water in the terrarium will deteriorate very quickly. Therefore, the water in the terrarium needs to be changed as it becomes contaminated. For a marsh turtle it is not necessary to defend water.

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