Make Phone Calls Online

Do not tell me, is it possible to somehow call for free from a computer to a regular mobile or landline phone? I know that this service is in the Skype program (but the service there is paid, although not so expensive).

Good day to all!

Hm, to be honest, I resorted to such services and programs a couple of times (when I got the battery off the phone, but I needed to make one necessary call).

The article selected the best (in my humble opinion # 128076;) services that allow you to call from a regular computer to your phone. For a conversation, it is necessary that you have a microphone and headphones connected (and a high-quality Internet).

1) The services below. Often require an updated version of Adobe Flash Player. Therefore, if any service gives an error, I recommend updating the flash player.-

2) If your interlocutor does not hear you, for example, your microphone began to work somehow strange. I recommend see this note.-

3) If you have headphones with a microphone with two plugs, and there is only one audio connector in a laptop (PC), check this out.-

Ways to call from computer to phone (over the Internet)


Very simple and pleasant service. To get started, you must register, or log in using your VK account. You can call around the world!

We call on calls online!

By the way, sometimes the service does not allow calling in Russia, it displays a message, supposedly the free minutes have ended. It’s a shame.

Note: The phone number must be dialed in international format. A call can be made not only to Russia, Ukraine, but also to any country in the world (by the way, some countries are available only for a fee).

How to dial a phone in international format: code 7. For Russia, 380. For Ukraine, then dial the city code or mobile phone number (code 495. Moscow city code, code 812. This is the city code of St. Petersburg, code 44. Kiev code, then the subscriber number).

Telephone codes Cities for Russia and the CIS countries can be found here.-


One of the leaders in Internet telephony in the Russian-speaking segment. It offers free internet calls (including to phones that are not connected to the Internet). It is possible to receive and send SMS, choose a beautiful virtual number, activate an unlimited tariff (this is already paid), etc. Services.

Zadarma. Call and write SMS

At the moment, you can make free calls to 40 countries! Among them: Australia, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Israel, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Canada, China, Portugal, Russia, France, Sweden and others.


A popular foreign resource that provides the ability to call to various countries of the world! I note right away that all the information on the site is in English. Fortunately, the user only needs to register, and then you can start making calls.

Note: by the way, the service always requires an updated Adobe Flash Player (which I warned about at the very beginning of the article).

Call from Flash2Voip service

To make a call, just enter the subscriber number (in international format) using the keyboard (do not forget to adjust the volume of the microphone and headphones), and press the button Call (i.E. Call). The amount of time for free calls is small, up to 5 minutes! For the rest. You need to pay extra.

For a small fee / Cheap

A pleasant service that allows you to call for free to some individual countries (Russia, unfortunately, does not apply to such countries). But for a small fee, you can call anywhere and talk a lot. For example, a minute of a call to Megaphone costs 0.039, i.E. 100 minutes will cost 3.9. Which is approximately equal to 240 rubles. (at the current rate).

Call to Megaphone costing 0.039 dollars

You can replenish your account in many convenient ways: using a card, Yandex money, Qiwi, etc.


Probably one of the most famous programs for talking on the Internet. By the way, calls between PCs over the network are free, even if you have a large audio or conference.

Skype main window (as an example)

Calls from a PC via the Internet to landlines or mobile phones are subject to a small charge (you’ll have to fork out a bit # 128526;).

The cost is not high: only 1.7 cents per minute for landlines and about 7 cents for mobile phones (there are also unlimited tariffs).

Thus, putting only a few dollars. You can provide yourself with a convenient backup communication channel with the whole World!

Skype: tariffs / For users from Russia


A very popular application for mobile phones: it allows you to make free internet calls to all those who have the same application installed (you can save on international calls).

In addition, in Viber it is convenient to create conferences and chats, communicate in your circle of interests, among a dozen (hundreds!) Like-minded people.

Viber main window / as an example

To start calls, go to the manufacturer’s website and download the client for your OS version. Then run it, and enter your account details. Calls to mobile phones cost some money, for example, in Russia they will cost about 6 rubles per minute.

Note: For calls to landline and mobile numbers over the Internet, use Viber Out. Viber Out is available on iOS, Android, and Windows devices, as well as Viber for computers.

Mail.Ru Agent

A rather old and well-known service from a Russian manufacturer (it was published in 2003. Then the Internet was a curiosity in some cities.).

Using the Mail.Ru Agent, you can freely communicate in audio and format with everyone who also has this program installed. For calls to mobile via the network. You need to pay some expenses of the company # 128526 ;. Over, the price is not so big, for example, in Moscow it is only 0.65 rubles per minute!

Mail.Ru Agent. Stylish, beautiful, comfortable! / Screenshot provided as an example

Note: you can install the agent only on computers (laptops) running Windows or Mac OS. By the way, there is a browser version of the program.


Unfortunately, free call services often change their rates, disconnect some countries from “free of charge”introduce restrictions. Therefore, the information presented in this article is current at the date of publication / adjustment.

How to call from your computer to your Android phone to find it by sound. https://ocomp.Info/pozvonit-s-kompyutera-na-android.html

By the way, if there are additions on the topic, then the comments are always open!