Make iPad Second Screen iOS 13

Make iPad Second Screen iOS 13

Detailed instructions for installing iOS 13!

Together with iOS 13 beta 2 Apple has released a beta profile that allows you to install beta versions of iOS 13 “over the air.” This means that installing the beta version of iOS 13 no longer requires a Mac or complex procedures on the command line on Windows! Installing iOS 13 is now as simple as possible. They talked about how to install iOS 13 right now and gave a direct link to the iOS 13 beta profile.

How to prepare for the beta version of iOS 13

Important! Installing iOS 13 beta on major iPhones and iPads is not recommended.. This is a testable firmware designed for developers. It may contain serious bugs that can lead to data loss.

Importantly! Back up your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch before installing iOS 13. How to do this is described in detail in these instructions:

If you accept the risks and back up your gadget, then you can proceed to install the beta version of iOS 13.

How to install iOS 13 right now (profile)

Step 1. From your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to this link from the Safari browser. The link leads to a new beta profile needed to download iOS 13 beta versions.

Step 2. On the request to open the application “Settings“Click”Allow“.

Step 3. Launch the “Settings“, Go to the menu”The main“→”Profile», Select a profile iOS 13 iPadOS 13 Beta Software Profile and press “Install“. In this way, you confirm the installation of a beta profile on your device, which will allow you to upgrade to new beta versions of iOS 13.

Step 4. Confirm the operation by entering the password.

Step 5. Confirm the installation of the profile for the last time.

Step 6. Agree to reboot the device.

Step 7. After completing the reboot, go to “Settings“→”The main“→”Software Update“And start downloading iOS 13.

Done! A beta version of iOS 13 is downloaded to your device. Installing the firmware will automatically begin immediately after downloading. Until the end of September 2019, you will receive new beta versions of iOS 13, which will fix various bugs and errors, as well as new features.

The final version of iOS 13 for all users will be released in the second half of September.

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