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Post Bank. This is one of the fast-growing representatives of the financial services market, which managed to gain a wide audience of clients in just a few years, and appreciated the work of the bank. It works in all areas: lending, opening deposit operations, issuing cards, maintaining accounts, and even provides customers with the opportunity to open a personal account for the most comfortable use of a wide range of services. If you still do not know how to register in the system, log in to it further and use the capabilities of the Personal Account, then here is the instruction for you.

  1. Personal Account Features
  2. Registration of personal accounts on the site pochtabank.Ru
  1. Login by phone number
  2. Login by login and password
  3. Password recovery
  • Login to your personal account Post Bank
  • Mobile application Bank Post
  • Bank contacts
  • System Precautions
  • Billing Services
  • Personal Account Features

    Thanks to the personal account of Post Bank, you can get the following options:

    Registration of personal accounts on the site pochtabank.Ru

    Of course, the service is available to all customers of the Bank’s Post, but first you need to register. This will help to get access to a personal document and access to all bank services. Fortunately, registration is very simple and intuitive, and therefore anyone can use it, even an insecure computer user.

    In order to gain access, you must perform the following steps:

    1. Go to the official website of Post Bank, which is located at
    2. On the main page there will be an Internet Bank button located next to the main menu. It should be clicked on it.
    3. After that, the Internet banking window will open. You can also get to this page if you immediately go to pochtabank.Ru.
    4. Pay attention to the form intended for authorization. Considering the fact that this is the first entry, we are interested in “Registration”. In order to continue filling out more, you need to click on the “Register” button.
    5. In the tooltip, enter your phone number.
    6. Additionally, you will need to provide an email address below.
    7. When the above data is entered, you need to click on the “Next” button. However, it should be borne in mind that when you press this key, the user automatically agrees with the terms of the site. There is a link on the page, following which you can familiarize yourself with these rules.
    8. An SMS with a special confirmation code will be sent to the phone that was specified during registration. This code will need to be specified in the field on the pop-up page.
    9. After the code is entered and the information is confirmed, access to Mail Bank will be open.

    Login to your personal account Post Bank

    So, we turn to the question of entering your personal account. The procedure can be carried out as follows:

  • First you need to go to the site https://www.Pochtabank.Ru.
  • In the field that appears on the page, you must enter your phone number.
  • Enter the password received during registration and come to your phone.
  • Press the appeared “enter” key.
  • You are logged in!
  • After authorization is completed, you can proceed to use your personal account. The bank’s convenient interface allows its customers to track consumer loans and credit art taken at the institute, open and manage debit deposits, create or delete online cards, and so on.

    In addition, in your account you can always see the total balance for all accounts. If you need your personal account first of all to pay for services and bills, then you can always create templates, thanks to which you will not need to enter the same details every time.

    By the way, in your personal account you can change the settings, thanks to which at the entrance you can enter not a phone number, but a login.

    Login by phone number

    For convenience and maximum ease of logging in to your account, 2 authorization methods were provided: indicating the mobile or entering the login you registered. The easiest way is to log in with your phone number:

      Register your own number without specifying the number 8;

  • We enter the invented password for authentication;
  • Click on “input” to go to your personal user page.
  • It is worth noting that your personal data will be suitable for use on the computer version of the Personal Account, as well as in the mobile one.

    Login by login and password

    The second method of authorization. Specify a pre-invented login. As a login, you can use any combination of numbers and letters. You can create a name for yourself or indicate some meaningful, memorable date. You can enter values ​​on the same authorization page, only instead of the number we indicate your username.

    The rest of the procedure remains identical to the entry by number:

    • The first line indicated login;
    • In the second. Password;
    • Confirmed the correctness of the data by clicking on “input”.

    Then, if everything was specified correctly, you will open your user page.

    Password recovery

    Password recovery procedure takes no more than a couple of minutes. To get the opportunity to open his account from Post Bank again, the client will need to do the following:

      Click on the link for direct recovery, after which the system will give a hint about what data you will need;

  • Follow the link to get a new username or password;
  • To get a new password, you need to specify your mobile and e-mail, where the recovery code will be sent.
  • After receiving the code, it is entered in a free column. Next, you need to replace the password or login on the page that opens in the settings.

    Mobile application Bank Post

    The most convenient way to always have access to your personal account. Download the official application from Mail Bank to your smartphone. To enter, you will need to use the same username or number, as well as the password invented for the main page.

    To find applications on the official software pages, just follow the direct links from the authorization page on the computer:

    From a computer, you can also give permission to install software on mobile:

    • Click install on the application page;
    • It will be offered to choose a device if the Google account is common for the computer and phone;
  • And then you will need to allow installation on a mobile.
  • After confirmation, the application will be reflected on your phone.

    Bank contacts

    Unified customer service phone: 8 800 550 0770.

    Telephone for customers making a call from abroad: 7 495 532 13 00.

    Head office: Preobrazhenskaya sq., D. 8, Moscow, 107061. Phone: 8 (495) 646-5814.

    Press Service: 8 (495) 646-5814, pr@pochtabank.Ru

    Staff recruitment service: 8 (495) 228-3888, rabota@pochtabank.Ru.

    System Precautions

    Despite the fact that the bank’s website does not list the precautions necessary while working with a computer and mobile devices, you need to follow the basic rules in order not to contact fraudsters. Not bad these rules are listed on the page of Sberbank

    So, the precautions should be as follows:

  • In order to get into your personal account you only need a phone number and password. In the event that you are required to enter some other information (bank card number, passport details, etc.), you should immediately stop using your personal account and contact the bank.
  • In order to cancel the operation, you do not need to enter a password in Mail Bank. If in your personal account you are prompted to enter a password in order to cancel the operation, then again close your personal account and contact the bank via a hotline.
  • When you receive a one-time password on your phone, carefully read what is written in SMS. So, you need to enter the password only if the operation is really initiated by you, and the details of the recipient of funds correspond to the details of the operation in the message that you received.
  • You should never tell anyone about the composition of the message that you received and which contains the password, even to bank employees. The password received to enter your personal account is first of all your confidential information.
  • In the event that the mobile device to which messages with a password are received is lost, or if the SIM card suddenly stops working, you will need to contact your carrier as soon as possible and block the SIM card.
  • Do not install applications received from unknown sources on a mobile phone to which the bank sends messages with a password. And remember that under no circumstances does the bank send its customers links to install applications.
  • The bank’s official contact number is 8 800 550 0770. Do not call other numbers, even if you are asked about it in an SMS message.
  • In the event that there are suspicions that unauthorized operations are being performed from your account through your personal account, Post Bank may, on its own initiative, block access to your personal account. And in order to resume work, you will need to contact the Bank and confirm the legitimacy of the operations performed.
  • Billing Services

    Using a personal account by bank customers is completely free. However, starting in 2015, SMS informing is paid. This service will cost you 49 rubles per month.

    Post Bank, which managed to quickly gain the trust of a wide audience of Russian citizens, is a young company that has been operating in the financial services market for only a few years. The Bank is actively developing, serving several areas at once: issuing loans, deposits, making cards, the ability to maintain accounts, etc. For the most convenient use of the services of a credit institution, customers are given the opportunity to register in their personal account on the online bank page. The functionality will be available from any PC or laptop, and a simplified application is implemented for mobile phones.

    Mail Bank. Access to your personal account by phone number

    The main page of the site provides all the necessary information for users, including the site map. Some of the remote features are available to unauthorized users. However, only after registering on the company’s website, users can log in to their personal account. This can be done not only with a username and password, but also using a mobile phone number. To do this, you must:

    1. Go to the website https://my.Pochtabank.Ru.
    2. Indicate the phone number on the page that opens (without a figure eight).
    3. Click the “Next” button.
    4. Enter the password that was used during registration.
    5. Click the “Login” button.

    This simple authorization method is available both from a personal computer and from a tablet or smartphone. If necessary, it is possible to restore access to your account. To do this, you can contact by phone hotline (free service). If you want to log into the user account by login, you should indicate this in the settings.

    Mail bank. Cash loan: online application

    On the company’s website page there is a convenient opportunity to send an online application for a loan. This allows you not to waste time traveling to the bank office to find out if they will give you a cash loan, adapting to the mode of work.

    Enough for this:

    1. Follow the link
    2. In the upper menu on the right, select “Online Applications”.
    3. From the drop-down list, select “Cash loan”.
    4. On the new tab that opens, indicate the necessary loan parameters. Amount, terms;
    5. Enter personal data.
    6. Choose a convenient client center address.
    7. Confirm consent to data processing.

    Consideration of applications sent via the Internet is carried out within a few minutes. To withdraw credit money in cash, you can use any ATM.

    Functional of your personal online banking account

    Thanks to the convenient and ergonomic interface of the online bank, each client gets the opportunity to conveniently use the services of the company without visiting the office. Through the office you can:

    Use the entire wide functionality of the cabinet is completely free. As an additional service, you can connect paid SMS-informing.

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