Macbook Pro not starting

What to do if your MacBook does not load

Cupertino laptops rarely let their users down, but if you still Your MacBook does not load, it is necessary in order to exclude all possible causes of the malfunction.

When you turn on the screen of your Mac you see a gray folder with a question mark, this means that the system does not have a boot device.

But do not worry ahead of time: most likely, your data can still be saved.

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First of all, you need to exclude the possibility of an accidental system failure, as a result of which error information could be saved in the Mac’s internal memory. To execute reset EFI settings (NVRAM memory), turn off your Mac, then hold down the Command (⌘), Option, P and R keys and press the power button. Continue to hold the keys until the system reappears.

Often, such an operation helps to restore the MacBook’s performance, however, even in a successful case, we recommend that you make a backup of the system, since such a problem occurs periodically. A sign of a hardware malfunction on your Mac.

If, after a hard reset, your MacBook does not boot from its own drive. you need to check the hard drive and the cable connecting the HDD to the motherboard.

Here you can help a pre-prepared bootable media with the operating system (that is, a flash card or external HDD. You can also read about the preparation of such media in our articles). To start the operating system on your MacBook from external media, when you turn on the device, hold the left Alt (Option) until the boot partition selection menu appears, where you can specify your drive. If you have an alternative rEFIt bootloader installed. just wait until the main screen appears and select the desired section.

Once you have managed to load the “external” OS, you can safely discard most of the hardware malfunctions of the motherboard and continue testing the cable and the drive itself.

If there is no item with your main section in the OS selection menu (most often, by default it is called Macintosh HD). this does not mean that the drive or cable is completely out of order.

You can check the health of the disk and try to copy data from it from the most loaded system. To do this, select the root directory of the file system (the Transition-Computer menu item is suitable) and from there go to the disk installed in the laptop. If the drive does not appear in the “Computer” window, try opening Disk utility (Transition. Utilities). In the case when the physical disk is available to work in the utility, you can try to restore the file system using regular OS tools.

If the disk is not displayed in the Utility, it is displayed in gray (it can also indicate a file system malfunction) or in red (in the latter case, the system also displays a message about the hardware malfunction of the drive), for further diagnostics it will need to be removed from the laptop case.

Without the appropriate experience, we do not recommend performing this operation on your own, since even a minor intervention if the technology is not followed may result in malfunction or partial damage to the motherboard (You can damage the connectors and latches on the board or cause a short circuit with any conductive object when power is applied).

Macbook Pro not starting

Try starting your hard drive by connecting it through any dock or SATA-USB adapter. Also, it makes sense to test the drive with Disk Utility from your prepared Flash-card or external HDD.

If the disk is not recognized in the Utility even when connected via external interfaces. most likely, it will have to be replaced (there is a possibility of a partial restoration of its performance through software and hardware systems, for example PC-3000, but the process is very long and not always successful).

The MacBook Pro Unibody series (without Retina display) uses 2.5 ”drives when you are in doubt about compatibility. we are always ready to find the suitable analogue for you or to install original copies according to your desire.

Could you load the OS from disk into the dock? wonderful: your data has not been damaged, the hard drive connection cable is faulty.

Flex cable for MacBook Pro Unibody 13 ”. 17 ”since 2008 have a film structure and even fail for no apparent reason (not to mention the fact that they are very easy to damage, for example, with an independent upgrade of the system) The problem is especially common in 13” models of 2009-2012.

Repair of the loop itself is extremely difficult. In most cases, it comes down to soldering or “reinstalling” a connector connecting the cable to the motherboard or (less commonly) restoring individual pins of the SATA connector (HDD connection). If these operations did not help or you found a mechanical damage on the loop itself (kink, dents, breakage, etc.), you can try to restore some of the conductive tracks. The described techniques require accuracy, patience and the highest qualifications of the master.

As a rule, the costs of repairing an HDD plume are comparable to the cost of a new part, therefore we recommend resorting to plume repair only as a last resort, when there is simply no other way out. It’s easier, faster and more reliable to install a new loop, especially since the part does not belong to the category “rare” and almost always in stock.

The cables are very similar in appearance, but not interchangeable, therefore, in order not to waste money, be sure to consult your supplier, check the year of manufacture by serial number on the bottom cover of your MacBook, or rather, contact an experienced specialist to replace it.

Much less often MacBook Pro not loading due to problems with the motherboard. This may occur due to the failure of the elements in the power circuits or chipset. Malfunction manifests itself in different ways, one of the symptoms. the laptop does not boot from disk drives (USB and other ports, other devices, web-camera may also fail).

Far from all engineers possess the skills of restoring motherboards at the component level, so do not save on qualified repairs. perform it better in equipped workshops, imagining the nature of the problem and the required repairs. To make you feel confident. We are always ready to offer you free diagnostics. We can accurately determine the cause of the malfunction, since we have been engaged in component repair of Apple equipment for more than 7 years, have perfectly mastered the specific circuitry of devices, and have our own knowledge base on typical malfunctions and methods for eliminating them.

It should be noted separately that the problems with the loops and the described diagnostic methods are relevant for laptops of the MacBook Pro Unibody line.

MacBook Air not loading most often due to problems with the software (file system, OS itself), or a proprietary SSD drive. The cable connecting the board with the connector for the SSD and the motherboard is present only in the 13 ”MacBook Pro model with a Retina display, but, as our practice shows, it is extremely rare to fail, mainly. in contact with liquid.

A problem with the boot device and its display as a folder with a question mark can occur on any MacBook.

  • If you have problems loading the laptop, but when you turn on instead of a folder with a question mark, you see a white screen, Read the article about the reasons for the appearance of a white screen.

If your MacBook does not load, but at startup you do not see a white screen or a folder with a question mark, that is image is missing completely, malfunction in 90% of cases is connected with the motherboard (sometimes coolers at higher speeds also start up):

  • elements in the power circuits or the conductive paths themselves fail
  • Multi-controller, graphics chip or chipset may be damaged

This happens for various reasons:

  • in contact with liquid (due to damage to cells by electrolysis processes)
  • with voltage drops in the network
  • in case of incorrect connection of powerful peripheral devices (or when using cheap peripherals with a poor-quality power system)
  • With prolonged loads on equipment

In this case, it is definitely necessary. full hardware diagnostics. MacBook component repairs may require replacement of individual circuit components or restoration of motherboard tracks.

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