Macbook Pro 2012 Key Replacement

MacBook Pro Retina Keyboard Does Not Work

Macbook Pro 2012 Key Replacement

Keys not working or not pressing on MacBook Pro Retina? He needs to clean or replace the keyboard.

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We will return your Mac Pro Retin to its perfect appearance, and printing again will be convenient and pleasant!

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Keyboard replacement MacBook Pro Retina A1425, A1502, A1398 2012-2015

Apple products are quite durable. MacBook Pro Retina. not an exception.

The most common reason for need MacBook Retin keyboard replacement is the ingress of fluid. Buttons start sticking and stop working. Tu just needs a keyboard replacement.

Official service centers offer a replacement for the entire topcase, but years of our practice have proven the opposite. In most cases, it is enough to replace the keyboard, which is much cheaper.

Bring your MacBook Pro Retina to us and we will return it to working condition as soon as possible.

Our tip: even with a small flood of the MacBook, even if it turns on and works, do not save. order a Macbook cleaning. This procedure is not expensive enough, but after it you will be sure that nothing will break in your Macbook. Indeed, for microcomponents, water. the biggest enemy.

We guarantee:

  • High-quality repair MacBook Pro Retina

Replacing the keyboard on a MacBook is a service that not all service centers provide. And we provide, and even give a guarantee.

  • As soon as possible

Replacing a keyboard requires a full MacBook. But we have such a great experience that we do it in 1-3 hours.

The lowest in Moscow! Do not believe it. see for yourself.

  • The most experienced professionals

We have already changed more than one hundred keyboards on the MacBook and, as they say, we already ate the dog on this. Giving your Macbook Pro Retina to us, you can be sure that it will return to you intact, safe and ready to go.

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