Lumia Rollback To Windows 8 1

The Windows 10 operating system is definitely one of the most successful in the Windows line. However, even she did not suit everyone. If you are also not happy with this operating system and want to roll back to the previous one, then this article is just for you. Here we talk about how to roll back Windows 10 to Windows 8 or Windows 7.

In order to roll back Windows 10 you need to open the “Options” window. This can be done in several ways, for example, using the Start menu.

Lumia Rollback To Windows 8 1

After opening the window with the parameters, you need to go to the “Update and Security” section, and then open the “Recovery” subsection. The Back to Windows 7 or Back to Windows 8 feature will be available in this section, depending on the operating system that you used before. In order to roll back Windows 10 you need to activate this function by clicking on the “Start” button.

After clicking on the “Start” button, the system will ask you to report the reason for the return to the old operating system. Select one or more of the proposed options and click on the “Next” button.

The next step is a rollback screen. Take a look and click on the “Next” button.

Further, the system will warn you about the need to know the password to enter the old operating system. Otherwise, after rolling back windows 10, you will not be able to log in.

The final screen before starting the rollback of Windows 10 thanks you for using the new version of Windows. Here, just click on the “Return” button.

After that, the system will start the rollback. The further process will be performed automatically and does not require your intervention.

I don’t have the “Revert to Windows 7” or “Revert to Windows 8” features. What to do?

If the settings do not have the “Return to Windows 7” or “Return to Windows 8” functions, then you cannot roll back Windows 10. This function is available only within 30 days after upgrading to Windows 10. After that, the system deletes the Windows.old folder, in which the files of the old system are stored, and rollback becomes impossible. In this case, you can return to using the old operating system only with the help of a complete reinstall.

I do not plan to roll back Windows 10. How to delete the Windows.old folder?

The Windows.old folder takes up quite a lot of space on the system drive. Therefore, if you like Windows 10, and you do not plan to roll back to Windows 8 or Windows 7, then you can delete this folder and free up its space.

The easiest way to do this is through the Disk Cleanup feature. Right-click on your system disk and select “Properties”. After that, the “Disk Properties” window will open in front of you. Here you need to click on the “Disk Cleanup” button.

Next, the system starts analyzing your disk. Do not close this window, wait until the analysis is complete.

After the analysis is completed, a window for cleaning the disk will open. In this window, you need to click on the “Clear system files” button and wait for the system to analyze your disk again.

After that, the “Disk Cleanup” window will open again. In this window, the item “Previous Windows Installations” will be available. Activate it and click on the “Ok” button.