Log Windows 10 Updates

If, in previous versions of Windows, the log file in which all the stages of installing this or that update are fixed, you could look without any special difficulties. just by finding a file in the Windows folder of the system drive called WindowsUpdate.log, then in Windows 10 this file is missing.

But this does not mean that this information in Windows 10 cannot be obtained, you just need to use the instructions that will be given in this material. Let’s get started.

Get the update log file in Windows 10

  1. To get the update log in the Windows 10 operating system, use the PowerShell tool built into the system. It opens quite simply: by clicking on Windows Search and entering the command PowerShell (without quotes) click on the item of the same name that will be highlighted above in the results.

Log Windows 10 Updates

In the PowerShell window that opens, enter the command below:

And press the key Enter, so that the command was executed.

The execution of the command may take some time, up to 30 seconds, so do not rush to close the window. The end of the procedure will be the conclusion of the inscription “The team completed successfully”.

After a successful command, a text file will be generated on the desktop WindowsUpdate.log. open it with notepad or any other text editor.

The required result has been achieved.

You can also see the update log using the system tool “Event Viewer”, more on that below.

Viewing the update log file in Windows 10 using Event Viewer

  1. We need to run this tool, for this we will use the same Windows system search. Opening it and entering the command in the search line “Eventvwr.msc” (without quotes), click on the displayed result.

In the window for viewing events in the left part of the window, click on the item Application and Services Log and wait until the list with subitems opens (this may take time. up to a minute). Next, go to the submenu Microsoft.Windows.WindowsUpdateClient.Operational

Being there, on the right side of the window you will see a log with events during the installation of a particular update in the Windows 10 operating system. By clicking on an item, you will see details with technical information.

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