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All about blacklisting contacts on iPhone

Greetings! Do you get bored with calls from strange people? Or is your iPhone constantly bombarded with intrusive SMS spam? A great way to protect yourself from these problems is to use the blacklist on the iPhone. The coolest thing is that for this you do not need to install additional programs and applications, pay any money, use the services of mobile operators. just pick up the phone and just block the subscriber!

Cool stuff? Sure. It will be hard? Not a bit. even a child can handle it. Will it take a long time? No, no, and again no. a couple of minutes maximum. How to do it? Now I will tell and show you in all the details. the instruction is already here. Go!

But first, let’s consider the main advantages of such a blacklist:

  • Integrated into iOS natively. That is, blocking an unwanted number is possible immediately after the first activation of your gadget.
  • The list of “illegal” numbers is saved along with the backup (no difference, it was created using iTunes or iCloud) and will be returned to the device when restoring (from a computer or from the clouds). Attention! With any other method of transferring contacts between iPhone, you will need to enter the numbers in the emergency situation again.
  • Everything is free! Nobody will take the money for sure.

Let’s get down to business and find out how to block a subscriber on an iPhone (if you want to delete it completely, read this instruction). We go to the desktop. select the phone item (“recent”, “favorites”, “missed”. it doesn’t matter, any will suit us) or SMS.

You need to look at the information about the contact (there is an icon opposite any number. the letter i in a blue circle, feel free to click on it!).

Detailed information opens, scroll down the screen and

We see the cherished inscription. block the subscriber.

  • For telephone conversations. the one who will call will hear short beeps (as if the network is busy).
  • SMS just won’t come.
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But what if you added someone by mistake? Everything can be fixed, for this it is important to know where the blacklist is on the iPhone. It’s easy to find it, in the settings we select the item phone, then. blocked. Here they are. “unwanted” people! Editing if desired

Updated! Thanks to Andrey and his comment. Now the menu item, which contains all the numbers added to the emergency, is called not “Blocked”, but “Block. and identif. call “. I won’t change the picture. sorry 🙂

Updated again! In iOS 13, this item is now again called quite normal. “Blocked contacts”. Praise Apple! 🙂

But what if your number is blacklisted, but you really need to get through?

Here you cannot do without the help of the operator, we connect the anti-caller ID service (most likely it will be paid, then check with the operator’s subscriber service here). After that we call who and when we want!

And finally, personal experience of use 🙂

You know, I am practically not annoyed with unnecessary calls and “useful” messages, but the blacklist on my iPhone 7 is far from empty. In the article about making money using the iPhone and iPad, I just talked about what prompted me to add some numbers to the Blacklist. Why do you need a lock? Let us know in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев! And of course, ask your questions. what I can, I will help!


In Messages, open a conversation, tap the contact at the start of the conversation, and then. Tap a name, phone number or email address, scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap Block Caller.

Reporting unwanted messages in Messages

You can mark iMessages as junk in Messages. When you receive an iMessage from a person who is not in your contact list, you will see a “Report Spam” link.

Click it, and then. “Delete and report spam”. Messages will forward the sender’s information and message to Apple and delete the message from your device. After that, it will be impossible to recover the message.

To report unsolicited SMS and MMS messages, contact your service provider.

When choosing a new phone, you may want to consider whether the iPhone has a blacklist. because in some cases the presence of this option allows you to decide whether to purchase this mobile phone or not. And the opinion that there is nothing better than the iPhone, in general, is biased.

Where is the blacklist on the iPhone

To add a subscriber to the blacklist, you must do the following:

Go to the phone book or the list of the last dialed numbers. 2. Find the contact you need 3. Go to its menu. 4. After that, scroll down the page to the end to see the inscription “Block subscriber”. 5. Click on it, and now this person will not be able to call you or send a message.

The main advantage of this option is that you will not be able to see not only SMS from a subscriber you do not need, but also missed calls from him. To find out which numbers are blacklisted on your phone, you need to:

Go to settings 2. Select Phone. 3. Find the Blocked menu. 4. Open it, and you will see all the numbers you blocked.

How to blacklist on iPhone

Now you know if there is a blacklist in the iPhone, and where exactly it can be found. For those who believe that the only thing for which you need an iPhone is to make calls, this option is more than enough.

You can make a blacklist yourself on your mobile, for this:

Switch on the Phone program and find Contacts. 2. Add one contact. 3. Write it down in such a way that you are aware of it being blacklisted. 4. Add to this contact any numbers you would not like to answer calls. At the same time, there are no restrictions on the number of numbers entered. 5. After that, set the zero vibration type and silent mode to the created contact. You can record a blank ringtone to your phone using iTunes. 6. Save the created contact. Now unwanted numbers will no longer bother you.

In some cases, installing special applications from the AppStore helps, but they are not always free. You can also use your carrier’s service, which provides a blacklist option on a paid basis. To find out the details, you will need to call the call center of the network in which you are served.

Filter iMessages from unknown senders

You can filter iMessages from people not saved in your contact list.

To filter iMessages, go to Settings in Messages and turn on Filter by Sender.

The Unknown Senders tab will appear in Messages, but you will not receive iMessage notifications from people on this list.


Go to the “Settings” “Phone” menu. Under Call Silences & Contact Blocking, tap Blocked Contacts to view a list of.

How to blacklist an unknown number on iPhone?

Bank employees and collectors sometimes infuriate with annoying calls. especially when they turn to the wrong address. They always call from different numbers. if all these numbers are added to contacts for the purpose of subsequent blocking, the phone book will “swell” to such an extent that it will be completely inconvenient to use it.

Fortunately, an unfamiliar number can also be blacklisted on the iPhone. How it’s done?

In the “Phone” application, go to the “Recents” section.

Find the number from which they annoy with regular calls, and click on the icon with the letter “i” opposite this number.

On the next screen, find and click the “Block subscriber” button (already familiar to you). Next, confirm the lock.

The number will appear on the black list, however, this will most likely not solve the problem with calls from the bank. You will simply begin to annoy you with calls from other numbers, of which the collectors are above the roof.

How to see blocked contacts on iPhone?

If one of your acquaintances asks why your cell phone is not available all the time (and you are not a fan of long telephone conversations), it is worth checking if you have sent this person’s number to the blacklist by mistake. You can view the contents of the blacklist like this:

Go to “Settings” and find the “Phone” section. Follow into it.

In the “Calls” section of the “Phone” section, select the “Blocked” subsection.

In the “Blocked” and contains a list of all numbers that you recognized as undesirable.

Using the “Add new” button, you can add to the list, but only with those numbers that are present in the phone book. If, on the contrary, you want to remove any number from the black list, click on the “Edit” button in the upper right corner, then on the red circle with a minus opposite the contact.

Do not forget to confirm your desire to remove the number from the unwanted number. click “Unblock”.

After that, you can please your friend by saying that you are “in touch” again.

How to block a caller from iPhone contacts?

One of the numbers contained in the phone book should be sent to the blacklist as follows:

Open the built-in application “Phone” and go to the section “Contacts”.

Find the contact you want to block and click on it.

Scroll down the subscriber card. you will see the “Block subscriber” button. Click it.

Confirm your intention to send the contact to the blacklist. in the menu that appears, select the option “Block subscriber”.

You will not receive any phone calls or SMS messages from the person whose number was included in the Black List. Even through the Face Time application, he will not be able to reach you.

You should enter the phone book exactly through the “Phone”, and not through the “Contacts” application. In “Contacts” the option “Block subscriber” is absent.

How to add / remove contact from iPhone blacklist?

Together with iOS 7, iPhone owners got the opportunity to create blacklists with built-in means of their “apple” gadgets. The article will tell you about different ways to add a number to the blacklist, as well as why third-party applications do this better.

Previously, an iPhone user who wanted to blacklist a pesky number had to download and install paid apps. However, since the appearance of iOS 7, this need has disappeared. all modern versions of Apple’s operating systems have a contact blocking function, which allows you to do without downloading third-party software.

There are several ways to block a contact on iPhone. all of them are equally simple.

How to set up “Do not disturb” mode on iPhone?

Do Not Disturb is a useful iPhone feature that does not miss any calls to your device during user-set hours. Typically, iPhone owners set Do Not Disturb so that no one can reach them at night or during a work day. However, the option can be used differently. as a whitelist that allows calls only from selected subscribers.

The parameters of the “Do not disturb” mode are set in the section of the same name in the “Settings”.

On older versions of iOS, the function settings block is located in “Notifications”.

In addition to the main toggle switch. “Manual”. in the “Do not disturb” section, you will find a lot of other settings:

“Planned.” This setting allows you to adjust the length of time that Do Not Disturb will remain active.

“Call admission”. Here you can determine which subscribers will be able to reach you when the Do Not Disturb mode is activated. If you select the “From all” option, all calls will be blocked; if you check the box next to “From the elite”, the people most important to you will be able to contact you at any time of the day.

The main thing is not to forget the contacts of important people to assign the status of “Chosen”.

“Repeated calls”. If this toggle switch is activated, the call of the subscriber who showed persistence and called the second time within 3 minutes from the moment of the first call will not be muted.

“Silence”. In the “Silence” block, there are two options. “Always” and “Only while the iPhone is locked.” If you check the box next to the second, the unlocked iPhone will skip calls. Choose the Always option and stop worrying about whether your device is locked at night or not.

How to Whitelist Do Not Disturb Option?

Set this option to work around the clock and deactivate the “Repeated calls” slider.

Go to the “Contacts” application and open the card of the person whom you would be glad to hear. Find the item “Add to Favorites” in the card and click on it.

In the “Call admission” section of the “Do not disturb” option settings, check the box next to “From favorites”.

With such an iPhone setup, no one can reach you except the person you are waiting for. From selected contacts and a whitelist is formed.

How to add a number from “Messages” to the blacklist?

You can block the number from which tons of spam and advertising offers come via SMS directly in the Messages application. This is how this procedure is performed:

Go to the “Messages” application and open the correspondence with the number that sends spam.

How to Check Your Blocked Numbers on iPhone

Click the “Contact” button, which is located in the upper right corner of the screen.

A panel with additional buttons will appear. among them there will be a round icon with the letter “i”. You need it. click on it.

Further. according to the standard scheme: we are looking for the “Block subscriber” button and send the number to the “Black List“.

Blocking numbers from SMS messages

It is also easy to get rid of spam in messages. The lock option is found directly in the Messages menu. First, go to “Messages”, and then open a dialog with the number from which spam and other garbage was sent. Select “Contact” at the top of the display. The same icon with the Latin letter i will appear. After that, in the menu that opens, find “Block subscriber”. After confirmation, the contact will be moved to the blocked list.

How to see blocked numbers on iPhone

If one of your friends is wondering why it is unrealistic to get through to you, you may have blocked his number by mistake. Let’s figure out how to see the list of blocked numbers on the iPhone. In the settings of your smartphone, go to the “Phone” section. In the “Calls” menu, click on the “Blocked” subsection. You will see all the contacts previously sent to the ban. You can fill up the list of unwanted numbers by clicking on “Add new”. If you plan to move this or that number back to the “White List”, click on the “Edit” item, and then on the red circle next to the required subscriber. Then just click on “Unblock”. As you can see, it is very easy to unblock and view blocked numbers on iPhone. After that, you will again be in touch with your loved ones and acquaintances.

Many people have a question about how to view blocked numbers on “iPhone-5”. Which model of the smartphone does not really matter, it is important that the installed operating system is not lower than iOS 7. Otherwise, it remains only to use paid programs. Fortunately, all new iPhones have a built-in contact blocking feature, so you don’t have to rack your brains about where to download the auxiliary software.

Now you know how to view blocked numbers on iPhone, regardless of the smartphone version.

Do not disturb mode

If you are very busy at work and do not want outsiders to call you, you can set a mode that will not miss any calls or messages. You will be able to call and write only those whom you have placed on the “White List”.

Do Not Disturb is set in iPhone settings. You can adjust the time during which the mode will be active. When you select “From anyone” in the column “Calls admission”, then absolutely all numbers will be blocked. If you click on “From the Favorites”, people from your “White List” will be able to contact you.

How to add the required person to the “White List”? Find in “Contacts” the number of the person with whom you want to always be in touch. Open his card, then click on “Add to favorites”. Then in “Allow calls” in the “Do not disturb” menu, check the box next to “From favorites.” After the performed manipulations, only those with whom you need to communicate will be in touch with you.

Blacklisting iPhone unknown numbers

Employees of insurance companies, banks, advertising agencies call us almost every day. They are stubborn and tend to call from different phone numbers. In order to add them to the blocked list, it is not at all necessary to save them to the phone book. You can even block unfamiliar numbers. In the “Phone” menu go to “Recents”. Find in the list the number from which you are regularly disturbed, click on the icon with the Latin letter i. The button “Block subscriber” should appear. Confirm blocking. This method will not completely eliminate the problem, because people working in the service sector have several phones, and they can change the number every time.

How to view blocked numbers on iPhone: editing black and white lists

What to do in situations when advertisers or unpleasant people constantly call you? The correct choice would be to blacklist these persons. But not every owner of an “apple” gadget knows where to look at blocked numbers in the iPhone, moreover, does not know how to use this function. In this article, we will look at how to block an annoying subscriber, see the list of blocked ones, and much more.

How to block a person who is in your contact list

It is very easy to send any number from the phone book to the blacklist. You need to open the “Phone” menu, and then go to the “Contacts” section. Find the person you want to block in the list and click on his name. At the bottom of the subscriber card there will be an item “Block subscriber”. It remains only to click on this button to confirm the action. From this moment on, the blocked contact will not be able to call you or send SMS messages: they simply will not reach you. Even using the Face Time app, the blacklisted caller will not reach you.

It should be noted that it is necessary to open the list of contacts through “Phone”, since if you go to “Contacts”, then there will be no option “Block subscriber”.

You can create a black and white list on the iPhone without using paid applications. Although the creators of third-party programs offer extended capabilities to owners of “apple” gadgets, the built-in options of a smartphone are more than enough for everyday use.

As you know, you can view the blocked numbers on the iPhone in the above way in the “Settings” and you do not have to download anything for this. In addition, even paid software is not able to protect against telephone spammers and fraudsters, because they can make calls through an anti-identifier. In this case, the “Black List” will not help.

Block unwanted spam SMS senders

To add a number from “Messages” to the blacklist, go to the application and open a conversation with an unwanted interlocutor. Now click on the “Contact” button at the beginning of the conversation, and in the panel that appears on the information icon next to the handset. A new window will open in which you need to find the item “Block subscriber”. Recall that the “blacklist” is general, so a contact added from “Messages” will not only be able to write messages, but also make calls.

How to see blocked contacts on iPhone?

We talked about the inclusion of numbers in the “black list“, and now we will figure out how to find blocked contacts in the iPhone. The list of such contacts is located in the “Phone” section of the smartphone settings. Full path to the blacklist: “Settings”. “Phone”. “Call blocking and identification”. In addition to the list of phones, there is a button for manually adding new entries to the “black” list.

How to see blocked contacts on iPhone

The network often encounters complaints from unfortunate cell phone owners who have received a SIM card with a “bad” history from an operator. It is unpleasant when unknown people call with incomprehensible requirements and questions. To exclude intrusive calls and not flinch from the call of your own smartphone, you can block the subscriber on the iPhone. But the opposite action may also be required. You had a fight and added a friend to the blacklist, but then you made up and want to return him to the list of available ones. This is exactly what the article is about. we will tell you how to block a contact on an iPhone, how to view blocked numbers on an iPhone and how to “restore them in rights”.

How to block a caller from iPhone contacts?

You won’t be able to block the number directly from the “Contacts” application. this functionality is absent there. But if you go to the phone book from the “Phone” application (“Phone”. “Contacts”), then when you click the information icon next to the contact number (letter i in a circle), a window will open, at the bottom of which there will be an item “Block subscriber”. After clicking on it, the contact will be added to the “black list” and will not be able to reach you.

How to open the blacklist if you have an iPhone 3 model

The functionality of blocking unwanted contacts appeared only in the iPhone 4. The younger models do not have this demanded function. On such phones, you can independently create a kind of “black list”, which, although it does not protect against unwanted calls, at least warns about them. Go to contacts and click the button to create a new one. Enter the numbers that you want to “mark” as unwanted and then set a silent ringtone on this contact. This will not save you from the calls themselves, but at least you will not be distracted by them.

Caller blocking: blacklist on iPhone

The iOS operating system offers a number of ways to add a contact to the blocked list. Which one is right for you depends on the situation in which you need this feature. Let’s analyze the possible cases in more detail.

How to block unknown or hidden number on iPhone and put it in the blacklist of contacts

You can block a number on the iPhone even if it is not in the phone book. Open the Recents section in the Phone app, find the number you want to block, and click the info icon next to it. Scroll through the list and select “Block Caller”.

But adding a hidden number (not displayed when calling) will not work that way. Special third-party programs will help you to complete this procedure. The tasks of such applications include recognition of telephone spam and protection from it. It is not necessary to select one program. iOS sparsely allows multiple applications to manage blocking. Download and install them from the App Store. Then go to “Settings”. “Phone”. “Call blocking and identification”. At the top of the window, you will see a list of installed programs that can manage blocking. Move the slider to the “Enabled” position for applications that will be used to protect against telephone spam.

These programs are integrated into the operating system, and when a call comes in, iOS will verify the number against the phone bases of these third-party applications. Depending on the settings of a particular program, if a call is detected as spam, a corresponding label will be displayed on the call screen, or the call will be automatically blocked.

What applications allow you to create a blacklist?

The iBlackList program has the widest functionality, but it is paid. The application allows creating several independent lists, setting the barring of outgoing calls to unknown numbers within the framework of parental control, viewing and exporting the history of blocked messages and calls. In addition, it is possible to check unknown and hidden numbers for being in the databases of spam mailings.

System tool

If the blocking of phone numbers was carried out using the function provided in the standard Phone application, you can view them in the parameters of the mobile OS.

    Open iOS Settings and scroll down to the list of preinstalled apps.

and select “Blocked contacts”.

Immediately after that, you will see all the numbers that were previously blacklisted.

and see. in this case, standard actions for contacts are available, as well as the ability to unblock.

To block any contact, scroll through the list and use the item “Add new” provided at the end of the list.

You will need to find it yourself in the address book.

How To Block And Unblock Numbers On The iPhone. iPhone Tips

Remember that not only will you not receive phone calls from blacklisted callers, but also messages, emails, and FaceTime calls.

Third party applications

If one of the third-party applications was used to block phone numbers, you need to search for the corresponding entries either in its settings or in the menu of your profile. Let’s consider the solution to our problem using the example of one of the most popular representatives of this segment. Truecaller.

    Launch the application and, being in its “Home” tab, tap the profile picture.

All numbers added to the blacklist will appear in front of you.,

In the main window there is an option “Add new”.

in this case, you will need to specify the number and name yourself.

The blocked numbers are viewed in the same way in other similar applications.

How to unblock a blacklisted phone number. on Android and iPhone

Probably, every owner of a mobile phone once faced a situation when an obsessive number did not give a minute of respite, calling at different times of the day and night.

In most cases, the consequence of such actions was the blocking of a certain number. adding to the black list and getting rid of the problem.

Sometimes we want to cancel such an operation and unblock unwanted calls, since we accidentally blocked another person’s number.

Accidentally blocked number of someone from your family or friend, for example in Android phone Samsung j1 or j3, like on iPhone, you can unblock it from the blacklist at any time.

I will describe how to do this, but something also depends on the smartphone itself, so, for example, if you have a huawei, then not all parameters may exactly coincide. I will be based on the most famous. Samsung Galaxy.

A slightly different situation, when it was not you who did it, but the operator, for example, tele2 or mts. then the actions are different.

How to unblock a phone number. blacklisted by the operator and in the application

If restrictions are imposed by our operator tele2, mts, beeline, megaphone, in order to cancel the operation, you will need to contact him or send the appropriate SMS code.

Each such activated service can also be deactivated. Information on the content of codes for individual operators can be found on their websites.

Not all phones have a built-in functionality, the so-called “Black List” (who has how to unlock, I will describe below), then such users will need applications from enthusiasts of third-party software developers.

In the case of blocking by a “third party”, this is done by adding them to the “black list” using additional applications.

In this way, unlocking is done by nothing more than deleting it from the list in which you placed it and restoring its full ability to contact us.

Therefore, each decision can be reversed at the right time when you want to talk to the person.

How to unblock a blacklisted number on iPhone

As with transferring data to another device, iPhone users are again in a slightly better position than Android owners. The fact is that, starting with the operating system iOS 7.0, the option to block unwanted numbers is a system option.

list, blocked, numbers, iphone

Thanks to this, the blocking does not require the installation of any special application. It is enough that in the list of incoming calls we find the one from which we do not want to receive calls, then we press the information symbol (lowercase letter and in a circle). it is next to the unwanted contact or number.

After opening the next view, we have various options. however we are interested in the last item on the list: block number. We click on it and it is ready. The function works the same in the message list or in Face Time mode.

If by mistake we have blocked the right one or are no longer angry with the blocked person, we can remove this number from the blacklist. The list of blocked numbers can be found in the settings.

We need to click on “Phone” and then select blocking and call identification. This allows us to display a list of all blocked numbers. to remove a number from the list of blocked calls, simply click “Edit” in the upper right corner and select the appropriate contact to remove from the list.

As with Windows Phone, this was not the case until recently. Only exclusively, if we did jailbreak, we could use third-party programs, such as iBlacklist, which allowed us to block unwanted calls.

How can you block someone’s number by adding to the blacklist

Depending on the phone number that makes our life uncomfortable, we can use several options to block it.

In the case of “SPAM”, operators who have “black lists” come to the rescue and, upon our request, can block incoming calls from these numbers.

The situation with private and institutional is somewhat more complicated. Operators have no authority to block such connections.

Then each user must take the appropriate steps to exclude certain numbers from the list of received incoming calls and add it to black.

How to unblock a blacklisted number on Android

As with iOS devices, Android smartphones can also systematically block unwanted calls. Unfortunately, this option was only introduced in the latest version of the operating system. Android 7.0 Nougat.

To unblock the blacklist, you just need to click on the “Phone” icon, select settings “(three dots in the upper right), select” Block numbers “and click on the” red minus “icons, opposite those you want to unblock.

For those who don’t already have this feature, before your device gets. if any. a proper update, you must manage it somehow.

It turns out that the major manufacturers have already introduced the lock option in their system overlays. An unwanted number can be blocked on Samsung, HTC or even LG phones.

This function is most often available in the Settings menu. Then go to connection settings and find the corresponding tab. How the menu item is described depends on the model and version of the operating system.

If you don’t have a device that has an incoming call blocking system, one way is to permanently store the unwanted number in your voicemail forwarding list.

To do this, for an unwanted contact in the menu, select the option to forward the connection to voicemail. Thanks to this, every call from this number will go to your mailbox.

This simple trick can also be used to create your own blacklist. Just create one contact, described, for example, as a “black list”, add unnecessary numbers to it and apply the above scheme. The best thing about this method is that this method works on most phones.

Among the call blocking programs, we find many that will help get rid of the intruder. Avast is recommended! Mobile Security, which, in addition to permanent number blocking, has functions that allow you to block numbers at a certain time.

We also find other, much simpler apps on Google Play. just type the phrase “call blocker” into a search engine. One of the most popular and simplest is the free Blacklist Call Blocker program.

Many Samsung Android phones have this option available by default and we can use it without installing additional apps. If we do not have such a function in the phone, we can always use additional applications that can be found on Google Play. On Google Play, there are many applications of this type. Success and pleasant communication.