LG TV writes not enough memory

Not enough memory on Smart TV when watching video in the browser

Technology Smart TV, on modern TVs continues to actively develop. But still it does not do without problems. Today we’ll talk about the problem that occurs in some LG TV models and not only. The essence of it lies in the fact that when you are using the built-in browser of your TV trying to run a video, music or games, online, an error message pops up saying that not enough memory for this.

In general, not only owners of TVs with Smart TV can encounter with this error, it can occur with equipment from other manufacturers. Although we will focus on LG products, owners of other televisions may also find this article useful.

How to avoid memory overflow?

It is possible to take measures that will help prevent this difficulty without cleaning. One way to use the functionality of the TV is to install additional software, which will solve the problem of memory overload and allow you to watch and listen to any content without crashing.

Using web portals where files are saved in blocks also helps avoid cache overflow.

Another way is to update the Web OS. Perhaps in later versions, such failures will be eliminated, as the TV software is constantly being improved by the manufacturers of equipment.

If you have a different TV or still have questions, post in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Our team is always happy to help readers!

Cleaning the cache in LG TVs

You can also clean the internal memory of the browser itself, not the applications. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Press the Smart button on the remote control to bring the TV to the Smart main menu.
  • Launch your Internet browser and go to the settings mode by clicking the button in the right corner.
  • Select “Clear Cache” in the menu to delete all saved files

After cleaning it is recommended to reboot the TV. All temporary files will be completely deleted, and the problem with playing any files will disappear. The operation will have to be repeated periodically if you often use Smart TV functions. reliable way. timely updates of the browser and other software. It is an opportunity to increase memory size, hence the problem with cache overflow will occur less often.

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Deleting applications

If after cleaning the cache is still not enough space for the stable operation of web browsers, then you should remove some applications. Some important programs are built into the TV system and cannot be uninstalled, but user-installed programs can. To do this, you need to:

  • Enter Smart mode on your TV by pressing the Smart/Home button on the remote.
  • At the bottom will be a row with different applications. Use the buttons on the remote control to switch between them. The icon of the selected program will slightly increase in size.
  • Once the application is selected, press the “OK” button on the remote control. A cross will appear above the application icon.
  • Use the up arrow to go to this cross, then the face icon appears at the top.
  • Press “ОК” again and a menu with the words “Delete” and “Cancel” appears.
  • Using the same buttons on the remote control press “Delete” and confirm the deletion.

How to Clear Cache on a Samsung TV

Here you need to know what year the equipment was purchased. Depending on this, the methods and built-in functions will vary. If you can’t find how to clear the memory on your Samsung TV, just use these instructions:

  • For 2020 and newer models, using the remote control select: “Home”. “Settings”. “Support”. “Take care of the device”. “Start taking care of the device”.
  • For earlier devices, press the “Smart” button, select “Reset” from the menu. Wait until all applications have cleared cache.

To clear the browser, select the desired function in the right corner and perform the removal of unnecessary data from the memory.

How else to increase memory

To increase the size of available memory, here are a few tips

  • Remove all unused applications. Most of the memory is taken by games, web browsers, music streaming and video services.
  • Update the firmware. For example, Google frees up 150-200 megabytes with every update of Android TV.
  • Connect an external drive and merge it with the internal memory. The function is available for Samsung and Philips TVs (Android TV based). You should keep in mind that you cannot remove the flash drive or the hard drive, because some of installed applications will simply stop running.
  • Delete unclaimed video, music, photo files from the built-in memory (using the built-in explorer).
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Cleaning the cache and memory on LG Smart TVs

After a while LG Smart TV owners encounter some errors in the device operation: installed applications are slow to open or don’t open at all, new applications are not installed, video and Audi playback often stops. It doesn’t matter if you connect to the internet. via cable or Wi-Fi. These signs indicate that you need to clean the memory on your LG Smart TV and remove unnecessary data from the cache. Cleaning is the only way, because the memory size is defined by the manufacturer of the Smart TV and it can’t be increased.

Most often the system warning line about LG Smart TV memory overflow occurs when trying to use the Internet for:

Sometimes an error message pops up on the screen when you browse any website. The picture display pauses and a loading icon. an hourglass or flickering circle. appears.

After a while, the playback resumes, but only for a short time, and then stops again. The situation repeats repeatedly, making it impossible to watch. Inexperienced users in such cases often make claims to the provider in connection with the low speed of the Internet connection. However, the true cause is something else.

The internal memory in a Smart TV is used in two ways:

  • To install applications and store system data needed for them to work properly.
  • To store the cache, i.e. temporary files resulting from the operation of installed applications and the playback of streaming video and audio content.

It is especially important to delete informational garbage while watching films and listening to audio tracks online. The speed of access to streaming services is usually very irregular due to their load, and can sometimes drop to zero for a short time. So to play back video and audio in good quality the Smart TV operating system preloads the data received from the Internet into the storage device and from there displays the image and sound on the device. If you don’t have enough memory you will see freezes and slow down the picture and sound.

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With a large number of installed applications the physical amount of free memory decreases significantly, making it impossible to install new programs and operate correctly the previously loaded ones. In this case the only way to free the memory is to remove some installed applications.

If the lack of memory is a result of temporary files and other debris. you need to clean the cache on your Smart TV with the operating system or third party programs.

Users should make it a rule to clean the operating system memory regularly, as it affects the performance of the receiver with the Internet content.

How to avoid memory overflow?

Measures can be taken to prevent this difficulty without clearing. One way to use the functionality of the TV is to install additional software, which will solve the problem of memory overload and allow you to watch and listen to any content without failure.

Using web portals where files are saved in blocks also helps to avoid cache overflow.

Another way is to update your Web OS. Perhaps in later versions such failures will be eliminated, as the software for the TV is constantly being improved by the manufacturers of equipment.

If you have a different TV, or still have questions, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Our team is always glad to help our readers!

To summarize

The problem with the constant rebooting of the application on your TV is easy to solve, and to do this you just need to clear the memory.

  • Not only the cache may be full, but also the physical memory of the device;
  • some utilities (due to incorrect operation or malicious purpose) may quickly accumulate an unrealistic amount of temporary files in a short time (most of which are garbage or dangerous libraries).

In these cases clearing the cache will not be enough and additional measures (uninstalling or updating the program) will be necessary.

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