LG TV writes no signal what to do

What to do if there is no signal on the TV?

For the user, a system that takes a digital television signal seems simple. Near the TV there is a special prefix or there is a cable connected to the nest of technology. In fact, the system is much more complicated and includes several components: antenna, connection cables, reinforcement contours.

If TV does not involve work with the DVB-T2 format, then the user has to use the external console. What to do if there is no signal on the TV, channels disappear. You need to analyze the reasons and try to figure out which unit the problem.

In most cases, you can correct the situation with your own hands or by contacting the operator. Hardware breakdowns should also not be ruled out. If the matter is in them, then you can not do without the help of the service center.

What can be done in every situation?

If the TV on the screen shows “no signal”, it may be in weather conditions. Strong wind, rain, snow, hail. All this can increase the number of noise. If there are too many of them in the signal, the TV will not be able to reproduce content, it will simply display its absence. The point is not only in the weather, probably the power of the amplifier is too limited. If there was a good signal, even in bad weather it would be preserved, albeit with noise. Since the weather does not depend on us, you will only have to wait, and there, if desired, to modernize the antenna.

All other malfunctions will have to be corrected independently and now how it can be done.

Refract the TV again

Any TV (although some devices are more often than the rest) can discard channel settings. If the frequency of a particular television channel changes on TV, the equipment will not be able to display anything. The screen will show either interference or “no signal“. It is worth trying to search for channels again.

  • We go to the “Settings” section and select “Broadcasting”, “Television”, “channels” or the tab similar in meaning.
  • Here or on one of the additional tabs will be “auto.Building”.
  • We launch the channel search procedure.

Important! The current location of the channels may change, as the TV will add the found television channels in line.

Check the direction of the antenna

The wind very often rejects antennas and even several degrees can be important here. With accurately pointing to the tower, the quality of the signal will be maximum and with any deviations it will begin to deteriorate until it disappears completely. At the time of installation, it is important to ensure a reliable mount and the ability to adjust. These are 2 fundamental requirements during installation. There are several ways to solve the problem: experimentally change the direction or on the map. It is better to use both methods, then it will be possible to achieve the desired result faster.

Cable diagnostics

The cable from the antenna goes to the prefix and from it. Already to the TV. The binding links in each case is the wire, and it simply must be serviceable. Any damage can provoke a “no signal” error. It is not at all necessary that the wire is exposed, the places of pinching and strong bends should cause no less concern. The artisanal method of diagnosis lies in touches, light pressure or bends of the cable. If the signal begins to appear and disappears, the case is exactly in the cable.

Often the problem is the entrance. F-connectors or other cord connection options can be made poorly or violated from time to time. You should check the quality of the connection everywhere: in the TV connector, at the entrance and output of the prefix, on the antenna, in the joints, if there are such.

Check the amplifier

The antenna without an amplifier in remote regions (more than 20 km from the station) cannot catch any signal. If an amplifier is provided in it by the design or it was installed additionally and failed, the lack of a signal will not be something amazing. It is necessary to check the power supply itself, it breaks relatively often, but it costs inexpensively, changes quickly. The amplifier itself is on the antenna, so it is difficult to diagnose. The best way, but not the easiest is to replace the amplifier or antenna with it, at least for the test. So you can definitely find out if it is a matter of it or you need to look for further.

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Make a verification of the receiver

It is important to check the converter or receiver for working capacity. In fact, if the antenna and the cable are workers, we found out during the previous procedures, time to move to the satellite prefix. Whether it is equipment from tricolor or any other, it has either digital indication or display. This is enough to determine the presence of a signal or its absence.

External problems

  • Cases of repair work by the operator. They are periodically carried out and far from always reported in advance. There may also be accidents. Such an external problem cannot be fixed, you can only wait.
  • The signal is drowned out by surrounding objects or terrain. Trees, buildings, buildings, mountains or hills. All of them can prevent a signal. You can either rearrange the antenna, or, if possible, remove the obstacle.
  • The location of the satellite has changed. There are special applications that will help to correctly direct the satellite antenna.

Update the firmware

Sometimes TVs cannot get a signal or process it due to outdated, problematic firmware. It is worth resorting to this when all other reasons are already excluded. We can try to automatically update the SMART TV system, but it is manual reinstalling that is more often triggered.

How to perform automatic update:

  • We connect a TV to the Internet and go to the menu.
  • In the “Settlements” section, select “Support” and click on “Update”.
  • Choose the item “Update now” and wait.
  • Check the result after rebooting.

Flashing is a relatively complex technical process that needs to be described separately. We hope that soon hands will reach.

All the main reasons for why there is no signal on the TV are listed above. The actions that should help. Of course, some of them can be associated with unforeseen difficulties. In such situations, you will have to call the master or manually experiment. We, in turn, will try to tell you and answer Комментарии и мнения владельцев under this article.

Repair work of the operator

If you use television services provided by the provider, and the prefix writes there is no signal. Maybe the provider conducts preventive or repair work.

When turning on the digital console, there may not be a video signal due to the usual freezing of the technique. Restart the TV setup and check the work. If it does not help, contact Support with the specification of data on repair work. You can see other warning channels:

How digital channels work

The image and sound in digital quality are broadcast through compressed encoded signals. They come from the source to the receiver that decodes information and expands it for showing films on the TV screen.

The broadcast of digital television itself is carried out in 3 ways:

  • Essential television. Free 20 channels that can be connected without payment of a television package package. They are transmitted through cables stretched from the entrances to apartments or antennas aimed at the source. Translator.
  • Cable digital enters the multi.Core HDMI cable with high speed and high throughput. Through it you can watch films with Full HD resolution and good sound quality. Modern HDMI adapters are able to transmit videos in the new format 4 to.
  • Satellite television. The signal passes from satellites to special antennas installed on the roofs or outside the apartment. Then, goes to the console and enters the TV.
writes, signal

Air free television is broadcast using ground towers (relayers). It takes an antenna to receive it. It can be private or common to apartment buildings. The quality of the signal is affected by the range from the translator, the presence of external interference (high.Rise buildings, trees) and the integrity of the cable itself.

Lg Tv No Signal Please Check The Input Connection/ Lg Tv No Signal

Advice. For satellite and cable television, users make a monthly fee. It includes free maintenance. Therefore, if the TV does not catch digital channels, you can call a fishing line for a trimmer for technical support and get a detailed voice instructions for configuration.

Software Update

Some TVs, such as Philips or Sony, work under the control of the Android platform. Others, for example, Samsung and LG use their own OS. But the principle of updating itself remains unchanged. The main thing is that the TV is connected to the network.

Consider the firmware update on the example of LG devices:

  • Open the main Smart TV menu Settings on the PU.
  • Click at the “Settings” item and open “support”.
  • In the section “Update PO”, click the “Check the availability of updates”.
  • Next, the current version of the firmware will be displayed.
  • Click “update”.
writes, signal

If, after checking the presence of a new firmware, nothing has happened, then this means that the current version is relevant, and any actions are not required. The window “installed the latest version of the software” can also surfacing.

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Problems of the transmitting side

If the TV is configured and works as usual and does not seek channels, then a possible cause may be a malfunction in signal transmission:

  • Cable cliff. To make sure of this, you need to ring the cable laid in the apartment. If the cliff is not found, then it is worth checking the cable to the distribution shield. If there is no cliff there, contact the company providing digital TV.
  • Satellite or etheric supplier of television may fail. Consumers are always notified of this, posting information on the official websites of companies, where the time of repair work indicates.

If you have completed all the above recommendations, and the TV does not find digital channels, this indicates a malfunction of the TV itself. Call the master by phone: 8 (495) 777-19-19.

Reasons for the absence of a signal

Digital television significantly exceeds analogue. Firstly, it provides the transfer of a better image. Secondly, there are no all kinds of interference, the broadcast never “snow”. However, if the signal is very weak or it is completely absent, then the broadcasting is interrupted.

The main reasons that the TV writes there is no signal:

writes, signal
  • Equipment malfunction: antennas, receivers, cable or TV;
  • Prevention. More applies to cable and satellite TV subscribers;
  • Weather conditions. Strong precipitation or wind can become a catalyst for a decrease in the quality of reception;
  • Smart TV firmware version is outdated. It is necessary to establish the current version of.

Now we will consider each of these reasons in detail, and also find out how to correctly eliminate problems to restore TV show.

Technical problems of the device itself

Equipment problems are the most logical explanation of the absence of a signal. Due to the malfunction of the cable, telegresses, tuner or television connectors may be absent all channels. In some situations, problems arise only with channels of a particular multiplex. Conditionally, this type of breakdown is classified into 3 categories:

If there is no signal on TV. Then first check the antenna cable. Problems with the quality of admission often indicate the presence of violations in this connecting unit. Start diagnostics with a thorough examination of all connectors. Make sure that the wires are not broken and cut off. The condition of the cable is directly reflected in the quality of the broadcast. To avoid such malfunctions, it is extremely important to know how to choose a coaxial cable. It largely depends on the type of gasket. External or internal. You can purchase an option with an additional level of protection.

Another reason for a weak signal or its complete absence is the failure. If you have a satellite plate, then you need to check whether it is really directed towards the relay? It is possible that the initial direction has changed due to a strong wind or breakdown of the bracket.

Quite often the antennas are covered with a thick layer of dust, dirt. In winter, an ice crust is formed on the structure. Of course, all these factors have a negative impact on the quality of the signal. Gently clean the surface of the antenna to restore high.Quality broadcasting. Be sure to check the integrity of the antenna. Certain elements could break as a result of a strong gust of wind. In this case, the only way out of the situation is to replace the telegress.

Quite often, the inscription “No signal” appears on the TV screen due to the failure of the digital tuner. The receiver is responsible for regulation. It is very difficult to repair the prefix yourself. To do this, you need to contact specialists with experience in conducting such work.

Check the operability of the antenna TV connector. It is possible that its contact platform was oxidized, because of this there is a “no signal” error. Such problems may also arise due to the incorrect connection of the tuner to the TV.

Systems of systems at the operator

Prevention of ethereal broadcasting is extremely rare. Therefore, the technical work carried out by the provider is more urgent for cable and satellite television subscribers. Where to go to find out why channels disappear on the TV. And when they will be restored?

To find out how long prevention will be carried out, go to the official website of the operator of the cable or satellite TV, the services of which you use. Mostly providers notify customers in advance about technical work. You can diagnose such a problem as follows:

  • Take a remote control for a digital tuner.
  • Open the main menu and go to the settings section.
  • Check if there are notifications about the absence of a signal in the decipher menu.

If it is not possible to turn on the TV channels, and a notification appears in the digital tuner menu that there is no signal. Most likely, the provider is preventing.

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Practice shows that cable TV subscribers have problems with receiving the signal due. Sometimes the problem can be solved by rebooting equipment. De.Energize the device for about 30 seconds, and then connect it to the power source again.

Do not forget that you can always call Support customers. Ask the operator, he will confirm or refute preventive work. Managers will consult a user for free.

Lack of signal due to weather conditions

Quite often there is no signal on the TV and the image disappears after a strong wind or excessive rainfall. What to do in such situations? Start with the restoration of the correct vector of the direction of telegress. It should be directed towards the relay. It cannot be ruled out that the problems with the broadcast were the result of the appearance of new barriers: trees, buildings, etc.D. If possible, then eliminate the element that blocks the signal. For example, cut a branch.

It is much more difficult to solve the problem if there are obstacles that prohibits you to eliminate the law. For example, a neighbor built a garage or erected another building. The easiest way to solve the problem is to change the position of the satellite plate or ordinary antenna. It is advisable to raise it as high as possible.

Settings of digital channels

Imagine that the channels on the LG TV are gone, how to set them up? Remember that, regardless of the manufacturer, there are only two options for leaving the current situation.

The channels on the LG TV disappeared, how to configure them? Use YouTube. Quite often, users of different TV models independently upload video instructions on their own.

Set on the Samsung TV and not only missing channels for each user. This process requires about 10 minutes. You can use an automatic search or manually set up all channels on your own. The first option is considered more popular, since it minimizes the intervention of the subscriber. In general, often after disconnecting analog channels, digital. And their setting is required.

Automatic search

Immediately consider the most popular way. So, you need a remote control and the TV itself. When all digital channels disappeared, auto.Building requires such manipulations as:

  • You need to find a button that will transfer us to the “menu”. Keep in mind that this button can change its location on the remote control depending on the manufacturer. To simplify the search, you can use the instructions for the remote control.
  • Then we move to the “Settings” section, after “automatic settings” and select them.
  • The search begins, it is important to wait for the search to end, and at this time you can’t turn off the TV.

If the search is made without interruptions and the signal is normal, the subscriber should get at least 20 channels. There are situations when, after such a process, almost all TV channels can disappear, or half from the list, which was and until the moment of updating. Accordingly, in such a situation, an alternative solution is manual setting.

Manual search

Keep in mind that before proceeding with the manual search for channels, it is necessary to find out information such as:

  • The frequency of broadcasting of the channels that are interesting to you, or they were not found during auto.Building.
  • The speed of the channel, everyone interested in you.

Having received such data, you can proceed to the setup procedure, you also have to use the remote control:

  • We move to the “menu”.
  • We are looking for “manual setting”.
  • Then you will need to enter all the data that you learned from the provider into the fields. Be sure to save them.
  • Activate the search.

Such a process will need to be performed for each channel that you want to find. It happens that it is required to make changes to the digital series to improve the image quality. This process will take more time than auto.Building, but you can configure the channel as efficiently as possible.


When the problem is saved, the TV still does not find and does not set up the free channels “numbers”, there is a chance that the cause of the breakdown is that the signal format does not meet the standards of the prefix. It also happens that the channels simply leave the television range, in other words, close. In this case, no settings and actions will help.

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