LG TV not enough memory

Not enough memory on Smart TVs when watching videos in the browser

Smart TV technology continues to actively develop on modern TVs. But still not without problems. Today we’ll talk about a problem that occurs on some models of LG TVs and not only. The essence of it is that when you, using the built-in TV browser trying to run a video, music, or games, in online mode, an error pops up saying that there is not enough memory for this.

In general, not only owners of TVs with Smart TV can encounter this problem, it can also occur with equipment from other manufacturers. Although we will make the main focus on LG products, owners of other TVs may also find this article useful.

Why do we need the Smart TV function

When a user buys a smart TV, he first of all expects to use the device not only to watch TV channels, but also to access the Internet. Using such a machine, you can:

  • Visit any websites on the Internet;
  • Watch movies online;
  • listen to any tracks and watch clips
  • View photos and various images;
  • Correspond with friends on social networks;
  • communicate with acquaintances via special video-communication applications.

As a result of all these actions the memory of the device overflows.

How to clear the cache

Cleaning the cache can be done in several ways. The main methods include two:

Clearing the cache using the TV menu

It is worth noting that clearing the cache is a completely safe procedure for all files stored in memory. After cleaning is complete, nothing will disappear because the cache stores temporary data that is automatically reloaded by the operating system if necessary. The only thing that will happen is that the user will log out of their account, so they will have to log in again.

The first method is suitable for those who have a lot of applications installed, and it will take too long to clean each one separately. Instructions for RAM cleaning:

  • Find the “Smart” button on the remote control (in some models, this button is labeled as “Home”), thus switching to Smart TV mode.
  • Find the “Change” section and click on it.
  • Go through the items: “Information about the TV”. “General”.
  • In “General” find the “clear cache” line and click on it. Then confirm the clearing again.

After that the cache of all installed applications will be cleared within a few seconds or minutes.

The second way will suit those who have almost no programs installed, and viewing all the content is carried out through the system browser.

  • Press the Smart/Home button on the remote control.
  • Then select the browser icon and press.
  • The next step is to go to the “Settings” section.
  • Under this section, locate and select “Clear cache” and confirm the clearing.

The third way is the fastest of all. reset to factory settings. You have to go to “general” according to the plan described in the first method. After that select the line “Factory reset”, enter the password from your account and confirm the operation. After that all new applications will be deleted and the cache will be cleared.

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Using an ordinary flash drive

You can free the memory not only by clearing the cache, but also by using a flash drive. You can use a USB flash drive of any size.

USB flash drive must be inserted into the USB slot at the back of the TV. Flash drives can be used not only as extra space to install various programs and applications, but also as temporary storage. This is because the TV sees the flash drive as suddenly freeing up memory, so it can load the cache (for example, when loading web browsers) onto it.

In addition, some modern TV models have special slots for memory cards, which can also be used as internal memory.

Is it possible to increase the memory size

If you don’t have enough memory, it makes sense to buy a flash drive or a hard disk, which can be easily connected to Smart-TV via USB input from the back or side of the TV, but only if it’s not LG. This manufacturer did not provide for the possibility of expanding the memory of the device.

To avoid inconveniences in the future you should pay attention to the Smart-TV memory size when buying. It won’t save you money, but it will make you feel more comfortable.

Expert comment!

To clear Smart-TV memory in most cases it’s enough to delete unnecessary apps, clear the cache and cookies. If it’s not enough, I recommend to reset to factory settings and install Wi-Fi and applications again.

Cleaning the memory on your Smart-TV is simple enough: follow the instructions and wait while the TV software performs all the necessary actions. And the main thing is not to overload the memory with extra files, which can be stored on a flash drive or an external hard drive.

How to clear the cache on Philips Smart TVs

All Philips TVs released after 2014 have the Android TV operating system installed. It has a built-in feature to delete cache of all installed applications (including system cache) in a couple of clicks. To do this, you need to:

  • Open the settings and select “Storage” (in some models the menu item is called “Mass Storage” or “Memory“);
  • click on the bar with the size of free memory;
  • select “Clear data storage”; and.

There you can see immediately how much memory was freed. Philips up to and including 2013 installed WebOS. In them, the TV requires an update to software version 2 before you can clear the app cache.0 and above (available for all models). The necessary function can be found in “Network Settings” (select “Clear network data”).

Can I increase the memory on my Smart TV?

Smart TV often can be connected to the additional memory, which can be used for storing files. For this purpose, you can, for example, use USB sticks. However, in this case the amount of available cache memory will remain the same. This is due to the fact that in this capacity you can use only the cache memory, and its size can not be increased by connecting additional devices.

However the memory in LG, Philips, Sony and other televisions can be increased in another way. In modern computers, including Smart TV, multitasking is a standard feature. However, you should not forget that simultaneously running applications actively consume system resources, including the internal memory.

To reduce costs, you should limit the simultaneous use of several programs, especially those that require a lot of resources. Another way to solve problems is to use special software that sequences the use of a valuable resource.

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Cleaning the cache and memory on LG Smart TVs

After a while owners of LG Smart TVs encounter errors in the operation of the device: installed applications are slow to open or do not open at all, new applications are not installed, video and Audi playback often stops. It doesn’t matter if you have a cable or a Wi-Fi connection to the internet. These signs indicate that you need to clear the memory on your LG Smart TV and delete unnecessary data from the cache. Cleaning is the only way, because the amount of memory is factory set during manufacturing of the Smart TV and it is impossible to increase it.

Most often, the system warning line about LG Smart TV memory overflow occurs when trying to use the Internet for:

Sometimes an error message pops up on the screen when you browse a website. This pauses image playback and displays a loading icon: an hourglass or a flickering circle.

After a while the playback resumes, but for a short time, and then stops again. The situation repeats itself many times, making viewing impossible. Inexperienced user in such cases often make claims to the provider in connection with the low speed of Internet connection. However, the real reason is something else.

The internal memory in a Smart TV is used in two ways:

  • For installing applications and storing system data needed for their correct operation.
  • To store the cache. temporary files formed when running installed applications and playing streaming video and audio content.

It is especially important to remove data garbage when watching films and listening to audio tracks online. The speed of access to streaming services is usually very irregular due to their load and can sometimes drop to zero for short periods of time. That’s why to play back video and audio in good quality the Smart-TV operating system preloads the data received from the Internet into the storage device and from there displays the image and sound on the device. If the memory is not enough. freezes and slows down the picture and sound.

With a large number of installed applications the physical amount of free memory decreases significantly, making it impossible to install new programs and operate correctly the previously downloaded ones. In this case the only way to free the memory is to clean some of the installed applications.

If the lack of memory is a consequence of temporary files and other garbage, you need to clean the cache on your Smart TV with the operating system or third party applications.

The user should make it a rule to clean the operating system memory regularly, because it affects the operation of the receiver with Internet content.

Cleaning with applications

If you have considered all the ways how to clean other files on Samsung, and the proposed options are not satisfied, use one of the numerous applications. Let’s highlight a few popular programs that help clean your phone memory from junk:

  • SD Maid. an application that allows you to clean the system of your device and keep it in working order. The functions of the program allow you to create failure reports, delete unnecessary files, get a detailed analysis of the device, detect duplicate music and photos. In addition, you can automatically run applications at a certain time (if required). The software has a simple interface and can work without ROOT rights. In the presence of the Superuser rights expanded capabilities. These can be increased even more if you buy a paid version.
  • CCleaner is one of the best programs to clean your phone and memory card on your Samsung phone. With this software it is possible to quickly delete unnecessary data, speed up the mobile device, remove the cache and browser history. In addition, the software successfully copes with the removal of software, analyzing the impact of programs on the phone and solving other problems. This is a powerful assistant that copes with all the tasks assigned to it and helps clean the device.
  • Clean Master is a quality software designed to optimize and secure your smartphone. With its help it is easy to clear your Samsung phone from unnecessary data, protect it from viruses, save battery power, speed up the device and solve other problems. Additional features include charging wizard, Wi-Fi security and more.
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Users have dozens of applications that allow you to clear the operating space on your smartphone. There is no sense to list them all. In all cases the interface is simple, the download is available on Play Market and the use is free. You can always buy a paid version to extend the functionality.

TV does not see Wi-Fi

D-Link Dir-320 Modem Review and Tuning LG TV set can’t see Wi-Fi if it doesn’t have this feature. But this is not the only reason. There are a lot of nuances, associated with this problem. TV may not see the network if it is outside the range of Wi-Fi.

If a particular network does not appear in the list, then you must first check whether the router gives out a signal and whether the network is available on other devices.

If there is a network on other devices, the problem may be a router failure, you should try to reset it. Also can help to cope with the problem by changing the settings of the router channel and its width.

On the 5 GHz frequency

When LG TV does not see the network on the 5 GHz frequency, the problem may be that it does not support this band. If such a situation arises, you must first check whether the device supports the 802 standard.11as. You can read this information in the specs or contact LG Support for advice.

If it was possible to find out that the model supports the standard, but the problem persists, in this case you need to check in the settings of the router, in the section with Wi-Fi settings, that the channels for the band are set correctly. It corresponds to the 36, 40, 44 or 48 channels. If you have set another region, you should change the settings manually, save them, and then reboot the router. This problem can be solved by changing the region in the service menu.

Wi-Fi cannot be turned on

There are situations when LG TV Wi-Fi does not turn on and a message appears that it is turned off. In this case the switch is disabled. You can try to fix the problem by resetting the TV. This problem can also occur as a result of Wi-Fi module breakage or in case of the board malfunction. In this situation, if your TV is under warranty, you should contact a service center to replace the module inside the TV.

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