Lg TV How to Watch Movies Over the Internet

Hello. Today we are having a discussion on Smart TV again, and this time we will deal with LG TVs. Specifically, we will analyze all the steps using the example of the LG 49UK6400 model, which has a version of WebOS 4.0 on board. And specifically in this article we will analyze how to watch movies on TV from a computer. This is very convenient. I downloaded movies, and then you watch when you want. Yes, of course you can watch online movies directly from TV and we will talk about this in the next article, but in this case:

  • no need to waste time searching for a movie. this time,
  • sometimes, there’s simply not the right quality, in high resolution. these are two,
  • and thirdly, the Internet can trivialize or be slow at all, so this option is very convenient.

So what do we need for this?

  1. First, you need the TV and PC / laptop to be connected to the same network. It doesn’t matter by wi-fi or via cable.
  2. The second is to set up special sharing on your computer so that the TV can “see” these multimedia files.

With the first paragraph, I think, everything is clear, so immediately move on to the second.

Setting up a program to transfer images from a computer to a TV. LG Smart Share

Other useful articles on setting up Smart TV on LG:

To display an image from a PC to a TV over a local network, we need a special program. LG has. LG Smart Share. You can download it on the official site or from my site, at this link.

Download, install, everything is standard, everything, as usual, will proceed to a small setup. When you first start the program, select any item, no matter which one, it does not matter:

Lg TV How to Watch Movies Over the Internet

and then in the upper right corner click on “Parameters”:

on the “Services” tab (point 1 in the screenshot below), enable shared access. “ON” (2):

Next, switch to the “My Shared Files” tab and click on the folder icon with a green plus sign, as in the screenshot below:

and indicate the path to the necessary directories with your Photos ands, at one time you can select several at once, check the box:

Also, if you wish, you can change the network name of your computer. the tab “My device settings”. item “Name of used device”:

That’s all, LG Smart Share setup is over.

Now go to the TV, go to Smart TV and select Smart Share, for newer TVs starting with WebOS 3.5. you need to go to the item “Photos ands”:

and if you did everything correctly, you should see your PC:

Come here and select “All folders” (here it is more convenient for someone, it’s more convenient for me personally to look in the order in which the files are stored on my laptop):

Then everything is like on a regular computer, select the desired directory with music, film or photos:

And here they are all the films that I have on my computer:

We click on any and look at a large TV photo or film that are on the computer.

That’s all. In fact, everything is quite simple, and can be set up in a matter of minutes. But if you suddenly have any difficulties, please contact us, we will try to figure it out together.

If the TV does not see movies that are on the computer or does not see your PC on the network at all

The reason for this is most often it can be a standard Windows firewall or Anti-Virus / firewall.

First, turn off the standard firewall: Control Panel. Windows Firewall:

– and turn it off:

It happens that it is turned off, but still the TV does not see your computer, in this case the reception may help. go again to turn off the same firewall and. go around the circle and click “OK”. Or you can turn it on first, confirm (by clicking OK), and then go in and turn it off.

The second problem may be the installed firewall. In this case, just try temporarily disabling it and if it works, then add the LG Smart Share program to the exception.

In some cases, try just restarting your PC; sometimes it also helps # 128578;

Here is another article on how to connect a TV to a computer via WiFi using Home Media Server. read here. For me personally, this particular option, with HMS, is more convenient and more stable, so if things are not going smoothly with LG Smart Share, try the option with Home Media Server, once again a link to the article.