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LG TV no picture sound is

No matter how advanced the LG hardware is, it is subject to wear and tear and mechanical damage. This article focuses on a problem such as no picture on the screen when sound continues to be broadcast and channels are switched using the remote control. Here we will consider what can be the causes of this malfunction and how to eliminate these causes.

  • Inverter failure;
  • Matrix failure;
  • Failure of the power supply unit;
  • Blown capacitors;
  • The cable from the screen to the board is damaged or out of socket;
  • Burnt out LEDs;

In fact, all of these problems to diagnose on their own almost impossible, this requires special knowledge and at least a minimum set of equipment. Usually in this case, the owner of the equipment immediately turn to the service center LG, but we will still consider each of the problems in detail.

How TVs with a digital tuner work

Today we are in the era of digital broadcasting. You can forget about the situation when the LCD TV with various problems showed only a worsened image, ripples or loss of color. The devices of modern brands, standing in the apartments of average consumers, work differently. With a weak digital signal or a problem in the TV hardware simply does not show the image.

This applies to all solutions with a digital tuner. For example, the TV screen does not show even with simple problems with the antenna in the models of the following manufacturers:

  • Thomson, Toshiba, Supra, belonging to the middle price category;
  • BBK, Mystery, representatives of the budget segment;
  • expensive Sony, Samsung, LG.

Unexpected for many will be a situation where the most modern solutions turn out to be very capricious. Thus, the experience of operating the Xiaomi range shows that the image on the TV disappears, and the sound works in a large number of situations, more than in the relatively old systems of other manufacturers.

How to make a general diagnosis of the TV

First of all, you need to enter the TV receiver menu, add brightness, check the contrast settings. You must make sure that the display parameters are set correctly, according to the instruction manual of the device. Next, you need to disable power saving, if it is enabled. Also to exit the night mode, if the device supports it.

In addition, before checking the TV itself, make sure the external connections are secure. If possible replace the HDMI cable. Check that the TV signal source. digital set-top box, satellite TV. is functioning properly.

If there are several TV receivers in the house, you can check the work of all peripherals, replacing the TV with a known good. If everything is alright, you need to diagnose the device. For this purpose it is desirable to have some skills in radio electronics or to entrust the work to a master.

No picture on your TV, but the sound is there. how to fix the problem

Nowadays hardly anyone can do without a TV set. Every year the models become thinner, bigger and offer newer and better functionalities. Today’s plasma screens with Smart TV technology have little in common with the devices that were sold a decade ago. However, there are still things in common between the old and new generation. breakdowns and malfunctions still happen. The causes of this can be very different: bumps, falls, ingress of moisture and direct sunlight or an elementary defect. In this article, we will consider in detail what to do if the TV screen is dead, but the sound is there. Let’s look into it. Let’s go!

No picture on the TV

What to do if there is no picture on the TV

First it should be noted that this malfunction occurs quite often in a variety of brands of TVs. All brands of TVs are equally susceptible to this: Samsung, LG, Philips, Sony, Panasonic and many others. That is why it makes no sense to blame the manufacturer.

There are many reasons for the lack of images on the screen, and it is unlikely you can determine it yourself by eye. Most likely you will have to apply to a service center or other repair service. Everything depends on the nature of the problem. about this below.

Sometimes, when you turn on your TV, the startup screen appears with the manufacturer’s logo (LG, Samsung, Philips, and so on), and then the screen just goes blank. You can still change channels and hear the sound. Some users have noticed that after some time the picture appears, but when you turn it on again everything repeats and there is no picture. In this case, try the following suggestions:

  • Check the connection of the receiver cord, as it may have become disconnected. Make sure the cable is connected properly. If there’s no video signal from the set-top box, many TVs simply turn the screen off.
  • The problem may also be in the cable itself. The wire may be damaged or just be of poor quality. This is true not only for HDMI cables, but also for bell cables. They have separate wires for audio and video, and the problem could be a broken wire or bad contact. In some cases, changing the cord can remedy the situation.
  • Check the power cord. It must also be connected securely.
  • Some users have found a rather original way to solve the problem. to increase the volume to the maximum (or close to it). After a few seconds the image will appear and then you can set the volume to an acceptable level.
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Please note that the above tips will only help if the screen is working. This is indicated by a splash screen when the TV is turned on. If the start screen saver is absent and the screen is permanently dark, this already indicates that some component of the TV, responsible for the image, is out of order.

There are several components, failure of which may cause no picture on the screen. Quite often there is a malfunction of the inverter which supplies voltage to the backlighting lamps. The lamps themselves can also malfunction, which in turn causes the power supply unit to break. In addition to the above faults, failure of the matrix or motherboard is not uncommon. The problem can also be found in cables, converter and decoder. In this case the non-working parts and elements will have to be replaced with new ones.

Do the repair yourself is not recommended, because modern televisions are quite complex devices, and you risk aggravating the situation even more. If the above simple tips did not help, then the right decision will be to contact professionals, as you will need to disassemble the TV. This can be a service center of the manufacturing company or a private office, where the repair will be carried out promptly and qualitatively.

Anyway, to determine what the cause of failure of your TV without a thorough inspection is impossible. In any case, the device must be disassembled and diagnosed for non-working parts and components. It is best that it is carried out in a workshop with the appropriate conditions, but if you do not like this option, then many telemasters provide all these services at home.

Of course, replacing some parts may cost a lot of money, but it should be noted that matrixes or motherboards themselves rarely fail. Usually the breakdown occurs as a result of physical damage to the part, such as dropping the TV or getting wet. In general, without a television technician you can’t do without.

Now you know what to do if the TV picture is gone, but there is sound. You will also understand what may be the cause of such a malfunction. Write in Комментарии и мнения владельцев if this article was useful for you, share your experiences with other users to solve similar situations, and ask any questions about this article.

The main causes

The problem is common, and in some cases you can even cope with it yourself. The most common causes when there is sound but no picture in the TV:

To restore the image, you need to diagnose the breakage and make repairs. Of course, you can go to a service center. The technicians will fix the problem, but the cost of their services will be very high.

Check the cable

If the TV with Smart TV does not show the image, but the sound is, you need to carefully check the wires that broadcast the image:

Carefully check all the connectors, integrity of wires. Taking out the plug, check the pins. If the sound appears, but the image is bad, constantly disappearing, it is necessary to check the antenna.

Problems with the matrix

A common problem, why the image on the TV disappears, but the sound works is when the matrix is broken. Signs:

Matrix fails mainly because of careless actions of TV owners. it’s an accidental drop or strong impact. You’ll need a total replacement of the component, in some cases it is better to buy a new TV. The cost of replacing the matrix on some Samsung models will be comparable to the price of new devices.

If the problem occurs without any prerequisites, for example, the picture began to be double, or image quality rapidly deteriorated, then it is possible to repair without replacing the entire module.

To perform an independent repair of the matrix without the proper skills is impossible. Even at the stage of preparation there will be serious problems, as it is very difficult to find the necessary spare parts. You will need to order them in specialized stores, but it will not be easy to choose the right one.

Capacitor burned out

Capacitors are unstable to strong voltage surges, so they fail with enviable regularity. The defect is manifested as follows:

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If you take off the back cover of the TV and look at the board you will see blown capacitors. In special cases it can even explode.

Usually a fuse blows in parallel with the capacitor. When diagnosing it, it must be checked. It is better to entrust the replacement of the capacitor to a specialist.

Testing matrix loop

When LG TV has sound but no picture, inspect the matrix plume. Most often, its failure is evidenced by such moments:

No one will repair the loop, it is much easier to replace it completely. It is impossible to repair the element on your own. The cable is a fragile part, it is easy to damage.


If the backlight bulbs are broken, it is very easy to check. Turn on the TV set in the darkest room and shine the flashlight closely to the monitor. An image must appear in the place where you shine.

Backlight bulbs for televisions in a very wide price range. Can cost very little or very much. You aren’t likely to be able to replace this part yourself, so once you determine the cause, contact a service center.

What to do with the inverter

If the TV Samsung, LG, Sony or any other model has no picture, but the sound is there, the inverter could have malfunctioned. There are too many signs of this malfunction:

  • The broadcast is distorted;
  • sound appears immediately, but the picture only after a few minutes;
  • The picture is too dark, it is difficult to see what is happening on the screen;
  • Constant rippling on the screen.

After a detailed inspection and diagnostics of the faulty inverter any person capable of using a soldering iron, multimeter and having knowledge in electronics is able to repair it.

Power supply

If when you connect the TV to the power supply the sound appears but the broadcast does not or appears with a significant delay, the problem is in the power supply unit. First of all you have to inspect it carefully, and only after that you can make a decision about the repair.

  • Remove the back cover, check all the wires for kinks, examine the fuse.
  • Find all the capacitors, check whether they are blown. If these are found, it is necessary to change them at once.
  • Check the voltage. The parameters obtained must coincide with the ones described in the TV documentation.
  • The TV reacts on light knocks, the image jumps, shades change, it is necessary to check all the contacts.

If there are no visible defects, then you can’t do without a wizard.

A common breakdown, when the TV plays sound, but the screen does not work

On repair forums, TV technicians often discuss breakdowns in which the screen does not light up. The sound and backlighting of the TV control buttons may work. Most often this malfunction is observed on cheap devices of little-known brands.

It is also not uncommon to fake popular TVs from LG, Samsung, Toshiba and others. Inexpensive models are equipped with low-quality backlight modules. As a result of a short use of the TV screen goes out.

And you can save it only by replacing the diode strip or the equipment associated with backlighting. The tape usually consists of an aluminum sheet with a few diodes placed on it (5, 6 or 7 pieces).

Ribbons are placed on a substrate at a certain distance from each other so that the light is distributed throughout the screen. If the test determines that one of the diodes is out of order, it is replaced with a new one. To quickly fix the breakage, they sometimes impose a cut diode from the other ribbons.

But this approach can only temporarily fix the failure. Since each ribbon may have a certain voltage. If you change this equipment, there is also a need to adjust the backlight inverter driver. If one or more diodes are out of order, dark spots may appear on the screen.

Black screen on the TV when you turn on, as well as the presence of sound does not mean that the breakdown may be serious. Before you get to the internal modules of the device, you need to check other possible causes.

Checking the LEDs on your LCD TV

Often the TV does not display due to broken LEDs or lamps (depending on the TV).

You can check them in a fairly simple way. Hold a light source to the TV screen. If the image is even a little peeked at, it’s just the failure of the LED strips. Of course, there are options and breakage of other parts of the TV, but this one is the most common.

Surely, if you are reading this article, then you are not a TV repairman. In this case, I sincerely do not recommend trying to replace or repair the LED tapes yourself.

Only a professional in the field can do it qualitatively. It is better to apply to the master, because in this way you will guarantee yourself a quality repair technique.

It is necessary to know:

How and what to wipe the TV screen at home from dust and streaks?

How to remove broken pixels from your monitor or TV at home?


No matter whether it is a plasma or kinescope TV, the breakdown can manifest itself only in these ways:

  • The screen will not light up, although the indicator is lit or flashing, as usual;
  • The LED indicator lights up and goes out immediately when you turn it on;
  • clicks and unusual noises appear after starting up.
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To find the problem we need to proceed step by step. First of all inspect all external elements, and then the internal parts. Starting with the remote control, which often breaks and the power cable. If you have the skills, you can open the TV and check the internal elements. If you don’t see any visual damage, then the diagnosis should be made by specialists.

Indicator light is on, but TV won’t start

Quite often users wonder why the LG TV does not turn on, although the indicator light is on. It happens when the device is in the standby mode, it must be turned on. For this purpose we use the remote control or press the button on the device.

If the TV continues to ignore commands and the remote control is in fully working order, then the failure is related to the power system:

In a situation like this, the power supply may show that power is coming in, but not enough, to start the device. In this case you should contact the service center, unless you know how to do it yourself.

LED is blinking

Now let’s figure out what to do if the LG TV does not turn on, but the indicator blinks. In almost all LG models, before the image appears, the indicator blinks red several times. If the screen has not appeared a picture, most likely the problem lies in the voltage.

For stable operation, TV must be connected to a network with a stable voltage of 220V. Regular power supply voltage fluctuations may cause the protection device to work. Even if the voltage is subsequently reduced to the correct value, the device will not turn on. It will need to be completely disconnected from the network for 30 minutes, and then restart. Although this approach will not help with all models, in some models only a master can disable the lock. You can avoid such problems by installing special protective devices, such as a voltage regulator.

No indication at all

If the TV is plugged in but shows no sign of life, you will most likely need to take it in for repair. However, pay attention to the following factors beforehand:

  • Power button. All models have a power button. Is it near or close to the power indicator. You just have to push it to start the TV. After that, the indicator light should start to glow red or green shade, and the device itself will respond to commands from the remote control.
  • Sleep Mode.LG company cares about its customers, making their devices as economical as possible. That is why the latest models have a power-saving mode. It is activated automatically after a few minutes of inactivity. Also, sleep mode is triggered if the AV/HDMI/TV connector is not active.
  • The voltage in the power system.Check the functionality of the power outlet to which the device is connected. Connect to it another electrical device or use a screwdriver indicator. If you use special surge protectors or extension cords, be sure to check their performance. And you need to check not only the devices, but also the wires.

If all these actions failed, then the TV requires professional diagnostics. It is quite possible that the power supply or the motherboard is broken.

Unusual sounds

If when you start the TV you can clearly hear various specific sounds, clicks, the display does not turn on for a long time, then:

The safety interlock works, such things can happen during a thunderstorm.

The fuse might be burnt out. And the similar breakdown is peculiar to all LG TVs.

Often break down after a strong thunderstorm, since during this period there are strong surges. As a result, a protective lockout is triggered, preventing serious damage to the microcircuits. Only specialists can repair TV.

The firmware is out

It should also be noted that LG Smart TV models working on the WebOS platform, can break because of a software error. It happens after a failed update installation.

The problem is solved quite simply. the firmware is installed from a flash drive. Any user can do it. Carefully study the TV manual, read the recommendations on the Internet. If categorically do not feel confident in their abilities, then it is better to immediately call the wizard.

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