LG TV does not play a video in a browser

Why does LG Smart TV not play a video from the Internet: reasons, what to do?

“Soft discharge” completely turns off the TV and reboots it, and not just puts it into standby mode. This can help solve the problems arising with the applications. There are two ways to perform a “soft discharge” of the TV.

  • Press and hold the power button on the remote control until the TV is turned off and turns on again. It will take only about 5 seconds.
  • Disconnect the TV from the power outlet for 30 seconds, and then connect again.

Setting Style Use Box: on. Setting Style Use Box: Off.

The remote control does not react

If the remote control does not respond to the user’s actions, then you need to check the following:

  • The use of an original remote control for a specific TV model;
  • The inclusion of the VCL/slope button on the device;
  • The functionality of the remote control;
  • TV operability;

Often malfunctions arise due to sowing batteries or from the cable, which disconnected. It is noteworthy that the lags are observed not only with the image, but also with the sound.

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ATTENTION! Tvs released before 2012 are no longer supported, and YouTube will not work on them. Such devices include TVs of series C, E and D.

On newer TVs Samsung Smart TV, YouTube may also not start, bug, hang or even disappear. There are several solutions that should help:

  • Turn off and turn on the TV again-for a longer time, better for 30-40 minutes.
  • Go to the settings and open the “network state”. Then go to the “IP parameters” and click next to the “DNS settings” on the “Enter manually” button. Enter: 8.Eight.Eight.Eight.
  • In the settings we walk along the way: “General”. “Network”. Click “Reset of the network settings” and confirm.
  • If nothing helped, then you can try to make a overall reset. Click on the wrench and select the “reset”. If you are asked to enter a password after that, then enter four zeros.

The main reasons why YouTube does not work on Smart TV

Youtube application is installed on most TVs with Smart-TV function. It allows you to watch videos and clips on a large format screen without opening a browser and third.Party programs. As you know, now the UTube service is owned by Google. The developers are constantly entered into the update software, making it perfect and functional. Therefore, the most common reason is the outdated TV firmware. This applies to devices released earlier 2012. Many owners of such televisions received messages from Google, where it was reported that their support support was stopped. What way out to find from the situation, do you really have to buy a new TV? We have selected several solutions that will help you return YouTube to the screens,

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Lack of Internet

In this case, we are talking about interference during wireless connection or mechanical damage during wired connection.

An obsolete version of the application

Quite often programs that have not passed updates stop working on devices of any type.

Mistakes of reproduction

The reasons why YouTube does not show

does, play, video, browser
  • Temporary technical work on the service, because of which the video can slowly be loaded or not play, in general;
  • Removing the program from an official application store;
  • It is required to update the program or firmware of the TV;
  • A large amount of data in memory;
  • Workload of the processor of the TV receiver;
  • Low signal of the Internet connection.

If YouTube does not work on the Samsung Smart TV TV, then you do not need to panic. To eliminate problems, you must first use a simple method. You need to remove the application and install it again. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Go to Play Market and select YouTube in the “My Applications” catalog;
  • Click on the icon and press the “delete” key;
  • After a deinstal, click the “Update” button.

Then you need to start the application. If the application refuses to play video after updating, you must download the YouTube TV utility in APK format. In the future, watching the video will be carried out through this program.

And also for Samsung Smart TV TVs there is another program for watching video hosting. To do this, you need to activate YouTube Activate in the TV settings:

  • At the same time open the settings of the TV and YouTube;
  • Select the item “Bind the devices”;
  • Enter the code;
  • In the YouTube settings, select the “Connected TVs” section and re.Enter the activation code in the “New TV” line;
  • To confirm actions, press the “Add” key.

If the application still does not load or gives an error, you need to clean the cache:

Play Store in LG Web Os smart tv / how to install play store in LG smart tv

  • On TV, open the Home section;
  • In the settings, click on the “Appendix” item and select YouTube from the list;
  • Click on the “Data Cleaning” item and confirm the “OK” button.

The cause of the malfunctions may be that the program was previously disconnected. To launch YouTube, click the “Turn on” button and confirm the actions “OK” button.

After turning on, you can notice how the YouTube widget has changed. As a rule, such manipulations are enough to eliminate problems.

In extreme cases, you need to reset the TV settings. Samsung SMART TV TV procedure for the TV:

  • Select “Support” in the menu;
  • A window opens, where you need to click on the line “reset of settings”;
  • The TV will ask for the code, default protective code. 0000;
  • After entering the code, confirm the actions by pressing “OK”.
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Then you need to turn off the TV receiver from the network, then turning it on after a few minutes. Most often, zeroing of settings helps solve problems in YouTube.


Almost all TV developers release the software update on Smart TV. For the device to function normally, you need to periodically update its software.

Internet connection and configure on Chinese Smart hours

But it happens that the updated version of the software for “Smart TV” cannot be installed due to the low speed of the connected Internet. In this case, you need to use a PC or laptop to download updates, which can then be transferred to a flash drive. After that, the data flash drive should be connected to TV and safely update the software.


Another reason for the poor operation of the TV is overheating of its internal details. Because of this, the Internet slows down on the TV Samsung, LG and Philips.

does, play, video, browser

For the normal functioning of TV, it should be periodically turned off so that the temperature regime of the device will return to normal and not overload the system.

Note! After five hours of operation of the TV in continuous viewing mode, you need to let it rest at least 30 minutes.

Solving problems arising after updating

Changing the old version for fresh usually means to improve the work of the web program. However, malfunctions are also possible that can be easily fixed. If after upgrade the baruser does not open, you need to go into its settings (through the Smart Hab menu) and reset the settings. After that, the program will work, but the user parameters will have to be entered again.

The second common problem is a lack of memory, the cache is filled, and the applications are constantly flying out. The only way to deal with this is not to clutter up the memory with unnecessary applications, as well as regularly clean the cache. This can be done in the browser settings, and it is better to carry out the procedure regularly.

Installing a browser on a TV with a Smart TV function is no more difficult than any other application. Just have enough free space in memory and access to the Internet. You can choose third.Party or built.In browsers, as well as use them at the same time. You just need to remember the need to update software. Either together with the firmware, or separately.

Streaming Internet Video on LG Smart TV

One of the most common inconveniences faced by LG TV owners is the inability to watch videos from sites through a built.In browser. In most cases, the video simply “crashes” after 30-40 minutes. And although many believe that this is done specifically in order to direct the attention of users to the paid content of the LG Smart World applications, the reason for this problem is quite banal and there is no conspiracy the. In fact, the video flies out due to a simple lack of resources: “heavy”, not optimized Internet pages of the Flash player consumes the memory of the TV too quickly, which sooner or later leads to departure. In the application, the same video will be reproduced quite calmly, t.To. It is sharpened and optimized for this kind of task.

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In the fall, we added to SS IPTV the ability to work with video files posted on the Internet. T.E. In fact, we made a universal video player for Smart TV, in which the user could reproduce any Internet recording, sending him a direct link to the file.

  • The inability to form playlists. A sequence of reproduced records
  • Lack of the ability to work with several devices
  • Lack of “feedback” with the application. The browser part does not “know” anything about the application
  • Run/add to the playlist video from sites, YouTube, Rutube. Additionally for a friend, a fan of the show “Voice”, added the ability to work with the video from the Channel One website, for the Spaniards, support for their popular hosting videos Allmyvideos, StreamCloud etc was added
  • Add, delete, edit elements of an already uploaded playlist of videos
  • Connect several devices for work at once-it is very convenient to add videos to relatives living somewhere far away
  • To generate an archive that on 2012 TVs can be used to automatic application of the application

Bottom line: For a month and a half, 1660 copies of expansion were installed from the Chrome online store. Than a thousand people use it daily. The most obvious drawback of the solution used is the lack of cross-browser: in fact, for each of the browsers you need to write a new plugin, delve into the nuances of development and distribution, but, it seems to me, the effect is still justified.

“Soft reset” of TV

Setting Style Use Box: on. Setting Style Use Box: Off.

“Soft discharge” completely turns off the TV and reboots it, and not just puts it into standby mode. This can help solve the problems arising with the applications. There are two ways to perform a “soft discharge” of the TV.

  • Press and hold the power button on the remote control until the TV is turned off and turns on again. It will take only about 5 seconds.
  • Disconnect the TV from the power outlet for 30 seconds, and then connect again.

Setting Style Use Box: on. Setting Style Use Box: Off.

The decision to remove the application and install again

[Adace-AD has an option to delete the application so that after rebooting TV, the system automatically downloaded a new version. To do this, you need to go to “Settings”. “Applications” (depending on the model, the path may vary)

Find YouTube there and try to delete:

There are two disadvantages of this method: a ROOT access may be required to remove the system application (and YouTube is just that is, by defending), the second-the version of the application can be established far from the latest, but at least it will work

How To Use The Internet Browser on LG Smart TV

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