Lg Smart World Register For TV

LG from South Korea is a well-known electronics manufacturer, which also produces smart TVs. It supplies its “smart” equipment with proprietary software, which, in addition to traditional broadcasting, allows you to watch IP-TV channels, movies and online, communicate on social networks and perform other leisure activities. One of these software products will be dedicated to our review. this is the LG Smart World service, thanks to which you can download and install alternative software in addition to existing applications. It will be interesting for owners of LG smart devices to learn in detail what it is, how it works, and what is useful in practice.

Lg Smart World Register For TV

A brief tour of the sections of LG Smart World

We begin our service overview with a brief introduction to navigation. The program menu is composed of two sections: the first is “Recommended category”, the second is “Category”. Switching to them opens access to the sections where all the content of LG Smart World is collected:

  • LG special offers
  • user settings;
  • staff selections;
  • events;
  • entertainment;
  • games;
  • instruments;
  • education;
  • life style;
  • my page;
  • support

The names of the headings succinctly reveal the topics of the applications collected in them, which can be either free or require a deposit.

At the top of the program screen is a button (see figure). It is designed to search for the necessary software by name or other criteria by entering the name in a special line. For convenience, the user can sort the results of the search query by genre, date or popularity.

How to configure and activate the service

Just because the application LG Smart World does not open. For its full operation activation is required, implying the presence of a valid account on the company’s online resource https://ru.lgappstv.com.

In other words, access to the program is carried out by login and password after registering the corresponding account for the TV.

Registration in your account

You can register an account either on the site (the link is indicated above) or directly from the application.

Advice! If the procedure is performed on a SMART receiver, it is recommended to connect a smartphone, mouse or keyboard to the TV with a touch-sensitive cursor control panel. It’s more convenient to manipulate the actions on the screen than through the remote control.

The sequence of transitions on the main page of the application is as follows:

  1. first you need to open the authorization window. the “Login” button;
  2. Next, initiate the process of registering an account. the “Registration” button;
  3. then you need to familiarize yourself with the text of the user agreement and give consent, if something does not suit you, you can interrupt the process of creating an account. the “Agree” / “Disagree” button;
  4. after accepting the user agreement, the system offers to fill out a form with information. you need to enter E-mail, as well as a password invented from numbers and letters (register twice);
  5. the last step is to send the information for processing with the “Register” button.

After these manipulations, the system sends a letter of greeting to the specified mailing address and the offer “Complete registration”. Then you need to open an electronic message on your smartphone or computer, and, acting according to the instructions, go to the website where you will need to fill in the information in the fields of your personal account. This is necessary in order to manage subscriptions through the application, as well as purchase paid content.

Service Setup

After creating a profile, you can already log into the program’s account on the television and use its capabilities to install and uninstall applications, arrange paid and free subscriptions. For their own convenience, the user can customize the start page and other windows to their preferences in the service. The profile is configured in the section of the client program “My Page”.

Problems in the application and methods for resolving them

During operation, the LG Smart World application activated on Smart TV for some reason may stop working stably. At the same time, freezes can be observed, various errors are displayed, applications, for example, YouTube, SS IPTV or any other, are not installed. Most problems are related to the following points:

  • malfunctioning or outdated software version;
  • breaking your Internet connection;
  • irrelevant version of the TV receiver firmware;
  • overloaded device memory.

You can fix individual problems on your own. On the thematic forum of w3bsit3-dns.com, users of “smart” technology share their own troubleshooting experience, and here you can search for a suitable solution.

Advice! If you can’t find a way out of the situation, we recommend that you contact the technical support service of the official LG resource through the feedback form.

Reinstalling a program

To reanimate the service in question, for starters, you can try restarting SMART-TV. There is a possibility that the application does not work due to a failure in the system. If it’s not about the OS, then you can reinstall the software. It is possible that the version of the program is outdated, or some service files are corrupted, then reinstalling can help solve the problem.

Check your internet connection

The Internet connection may be “lost” for a trivial reason. the service was not paid on time, and the provider suspended its operation. If this is possible, you need to make sure that there are no problems on the side of the service provider — maybe the line is undergoing repairs or maintenance.

The next step is to verify that the router is working. Sometimes rebooting the device solves the problem. If not, it’s possible that the settings on your WiFi access point are lost on the router. In this situation, updating the modem firmware may be the solution.


The habit of setting up the TV functions empirically by indiscriminately pressing the buttons on the remote control can lead to a problem situation with the SMART-TV settings. And this is one of the reasons why LG Smart World may not work. It is almost impossible to figure out where a random failure occurred and return everything as it was before. In this case, we recommend resetting the system to factory settings in order to reconfigure it.

DNS replacement

It is possible that the source of all problems in the application is irrelevant firmware. The easiest way is to update the software over the Internet. Also acceptable is the option to install the firmware via a USB flash drive, on which the current version of the software for a specific TV model is recorded.

Other actions

In solving the problems of incorrect operation of LG Smart World, the procedure for cleaning the memory of a SMART device can help. How to do this is described in the relevant material.

So, in order to fully utilize the “smart” functionality of LG’s SMART TV receivers, you need to activate and configure the Smart World application for your needs, which allows you to manage all installed software and download new ones. And for the correct operation of the service, it is recommended to update the firmware in a timely manner, with which the latest versions of the program in question are downloaded.