LG Smart Share Windows 10 Not Working

SmartShare allows you to view content over the network from a PC, tablet or smartphone. As part of LG TVs, the technology is called Smart Share Plus and even allows you to transfer TV broadcasts to an external device using the Screen Share function. To get content from a computer, the Korean manufacturer provides PC SW DLNA software, the installation and configuration of which we will discuss today. We will also briefly consider other features of this technology.

Since this program works rather unstable, we recommend using HMS according to our new instructions: setting up Home Media Server as a DLNA server for LG.

LG Smart Share Windows 10 Not Working

Computer connection

To set up your PC to work with the LG SmartShare interface, firstly, make sure that they are connected to the same wired or WiFi network (to the same router or switch), otherwise, you need to connect them in this way. Secondly, you need to install SmartShare PC SW DLNA software. You can find and download it on the official LG website. To do this, go to http://www.LG.com/en/support/smartshare and click on the “Download Software” link in the corresponding column with the DLNA heading. There will also be a link to MediaLink, but we will not consider this application.

Our download speed was terrible. 10 Kbytes / sec, I had to wait more than 3 hours until everything was downloaded. This is Koreans access to Software. Therefore, we decided to post it for you on our website so that you can download it at normal speed. The Windows version is available at the following link: SmartShare PC SW DLNA.

Next, unpack the archive and run setup.Exe. The installation process is standard and should not cause difficulties. We need to click only 5 buttons: Install, Next, Yes, Next and Finish.

At the end of the installation, launch SmartShare from the desktop and do the following:

  1. In the main window, wait until the inscription “Update” disappears and an empty file table appears.
  2. At the top right, click on “Options” and wait until a picture with a blue ON caption appears.
  3. Go to “My shared files” by clicking on the corresponding button on the left. You will see that the standard Windows shared folders are already “shared”. In order to open access to other folders, you need to add them to this list by clicking on the button with the folder in the upper right.

You can also install MediaLink software for sharing media files, but in our opinion it does not present any useful functions, a DLNA server is enough, it is more and more simple with it.

Now we return to the TV, go to the Smart Share menu item and select “DLNA Devices”. Setup is complete! Using the Network File Browser application on the TV, we can fully use the data from the computer.

Other Smart Share Features

LG TVs still have a number of technologies that allow you to exchange information with various devices, but these are topics for individual articles. We offer you to watch a short with an overview of these functions.