Lenovo Yoga 720 Screen Replacement

Transformer laptops have become increasingly popular in recent years. Due to their unique technical capabilities and unsurpassed functionality, they are excellent for both work or study, and for entertainment. Lenovo Yoga 720. an innovative transformer, which is one of the most daring solutions of the Chinese concern. It was presented at MWC 2017. The company called it “an ultramodern and innovative tablet,” and let’s try to figure out what exactly these words mean and why Lenovo developers described their product that way.

Options and appearance Lenovo Yoga 720

Lenovo Yoga 720 Screen Replacement

Lenovo Yoga 720. a device that comes in an attractive box, which in size is slightly larger than the usual options. Transformer package includes:

  • the gadget itself;
  • technical documentation;
  • power supply with support for Quick Charge function;
  • USB cable
  • a rag for the display.

Lenovo Yoga 720 is a tablet that transforms into a laptop. The device is equipped with innovative Yoga joints. They connect the two halves of the device and make it possible to rotate it 360 degrees. This model comes in two varieties. with displays of 13 and 15 inches. A distinctive feature of the gadget is a metal case made of durable aluminum. This not only ensures the device’s resistance to mechanical damage, but also gives it a prestigious appearance.

The developers did their best and were able to create a quality product: the design is reliable, looks thin and light. The Lenovo Yoga 720 by 13 inches version weighs 1.3 kg with dimensions of 310x213x14.3. this is quite an acceptable result, but the 15-inch transformer is characterized by dimensions of 364x242x19.9 with a weight of 2 kg. All connectors are located both on laptops. on the side faces of the device. On the right side you can see a single USB 3.1 port, and on the left are the USB 3.0 ports and the USB Type-C port, which is used for charging. Both versions are also equipped with fingerprint readers, which allows you to log into Windows Hello. The surface of the device is very concise and strict: here you can see only the company logo. The developers also decided to make the lower part clean, without any legs or replacement elements. Despite this, during use, the transformer does not slide on the table.

The metal surface of the gadget is treated with special substances, so fingerprints do not remain on it. Even after years of use, such a product will not lose its pristine appearance. Lenovo Yoga 720 is available in gray and silver colors. The device is ideal for relaxation and entertainment, and a unique design allows you to securely fix it on any surface.

Hinges and keyboard Lenovo Yoga 720

One of the features of the Lenovo Yoga 720 is the presence of a rigid hinge, which is designed to make the gadget stable in any position. Thanks to him, the transformer can be rotated 360 degrees and placed in any form. To open the cover you need to make an effort. In justification of the developers, we can say that this approach allows us to make the tabletbook more stable and convenient to use when turned.

Among the advantages of this part are:

    The excellent feedback that previous Lenovo Yoga models lacked so much. Now the device can be used not only to reply to messages in the messenger, but also for continuous printing.

Possibility of additional customization: replacing button functions, installing hot keys, etc.

  • Pleasant tactile sensations made possible by the use of high-tech materials.
  • Also worth noting are the smart keyboard features. It’s about adaptability: innovative software is able to memorize the features of keystrokes by the user and adapt to them. In addition, during the typing process, prompts will appear at the bottom of the display that can be seen using the regular on-screen keyboard. Peering at them is not very comfortable, but some may like this option. Lenovo Yoga on Android with this feature might look good, but on Windows it is quite unusual.

    Display Lenovo Yoga 720

    As already noted, the device comes with 13 and 15 inch displays. Both versions of the transformer boast a high-quality and bright screen with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. It is based on the IPS matrix with UHD, it is covered with a protective glass. The Lenovo Yoga 720 is devoid of oleophobic coating.

    Among the main advantages and features of the model screen are the following:

      Vibrant color and excellent detail, made possible by UHD resolution.

    Unique screen design that enhances your movie viewing experience.

    Medium color rendering. The colors are a little more saturated than in reality, but this is a problem for all devices that are equipped with an IPS matrix.

  • Excellent viewing angles. Regardless of how many degrees the gadget is rotated, the viewing angles are impressive: the picture will be clear, without any distortion and color loss.
  • During the test, it becomes clear that the brightness margin is enough to use the device on the street without any problems. Even under the scorching rays of the sun, every detail will be clearly visible on it. The only drawback is that with battery life, the brightness gradually decreases, this can cause some discomfort when using.

    Specifications and autonomy Lenovo Yoga 720

    When choosing such a device, first of all, you need to pay attention to technical specifications. It should also be borne in mind that this model is presented in several trim levels.

      Chipset. The transformer was developed based on the Intel Core-i7 processor, which is an ideal option for modern devices. It is thanks to him that the stable operation and speed of the gadget is ensured. It has excellent performance in terms of power and copes with any tasks assigned to it. Regardless of whether the Lenovo Yoga 720 is running on battery or on the network, the device has high performance and all this thanks to the Intel Core-i7.

    Graphics adapter. It is in it that the main difference between the 13 and 15 inch models is. The first version of the transformer is equipped with an integrated graphics card Intel HD Graphics 620, but the 15-inch model boasts a powerful graphics adapter NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050. This is enough to play the latest and most demanding games.

    RAM. At the user’s choice, the Chinese company offers Lenovo Yoga 720 variants with 8 and 16 GB of RAM. With such a filling, the device shows excellent performance. You can open many windows in the browser, watch movies in high resolution or use gluttonous programs: the device will cope with all this without any problems.

  • HDD. Unlike previous models, the new transformer boasts a capacious drive. An SSD up to 1 TB can be used on a gadget, and such a solution is not often found with such devices.
  • The autonomy of each configuration is different. The 13-inch version of the Lenovo Yoga 720 is equipped with a 48 Watt battery, which is enough for 8 hours of watching movies in Full HD resolution and 7 hours of watching in UHD. The 15-inch version of the transformer received a 72-Watt battery, thanks to which the time for watching films in various resolutions is 1-2 hours longer than the previous configuration;

    Multimedia and Wireless Modules Lenovo Yoga 720

    Special attention should be paid to stereo speakers, which boast the presence of Dolby Atmos technology. The sound is very pleasant, and the volume margin is enough to watch movies or listen to music without any problems. In headphones, the quality is slightly better, but for devices of this level this is quite normal. As for the webcam, it is capable of taking photos ands in a resolution of 720 p.
    Lenovo Yoga 720 received the following interfaces:

    Advantages and disadvantages of Lenovo Yoga 720

    Among the advantages of Lenovo Yoga 720 are the following:

    • innovativeness;
    • attractive appearance;
    • excellent technical stuffing and performance;
    • high-quality screen;
    • the presence of Windows 10;
    • functionality.

    At the same time, the gadget is not without drawbacks, including an integrated card in the 13-inch version and automatic brightness reduction during battery life.

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