Lenovo Thinkpad Does Not Turn On And Does Not Charge

Has the laptop worked for a year or two and stopped turning on? Or maybe it didn’t work at all # 128521; Well, this kind of trouble happens, and in this article I will tell you what you can do in this situation myself, and when you need to contact specialists in a service center.

All problems with the laptop can be divided into two parts: hardware and software. Hardware. these are physical problems with the device, i.e. when repair is needed “by hand”. And software can be solved on the spot without getting up from a chair. This includes problems with BIOS setup, operating system, and programs.

First, let’s determine our problem a bit. If the laptop does not turn on at all, i.e. does not show signs of life, then the problem is definitely hardware. If it comes to loading Windows, but then something goes wrong, freezes, reboots, then here is 50/50. Next, I will describe the diagnostic steps, and you can skip the problems that you do not have. Accurate fault diagnosis is already half the repair.

The laptop does not turn on and does not show signs of life

In most cases, we have nutritional problems. The first thing to do is connect the laptop to the power supply and check that there is voltage in the outlet :). Usually on power adapters there is a light bulb indicating its operability. And on the laptop there is an indicator signaling the inclusion in the network and / or battery charge.

Most often, the power supply does not work, or it functions inferiorly (just try a similar worker here), bad contacts in the connectors, broken or bent wires. Look at the whole thing and conclude. at what stage the power disappears.

So that there are no problems with the power connector, I advise you to insert the power plug into the laptop first, and then only the power cord into the outlet. Thus, we exclude the possibility of a short-term appearance of a spark at the time of plug connection, which spoils the contacts.

If everything is on, but the laptop still doesn’t turn on, then the problem may not be with the power supply. Try to remove the battery and turn on the device again without it, then put the battery back in 10 minutes. Also disconnect all connected external devices (you can also disconnect the Wi-Fi adapter if the design allows).

Try to turn on, and if it works, then return the devices in turn, and so you can determine what was the matter.

If your laptop does not turn on and there is still a guarantee, then immediately contact a service center!

Perhaps this is all that you can do yourself without disassembling the laptop, if it does not show signs of life at all or shows a black screen. Among the more serious reasons may be an inoperative motherboard, a broken internal power controller, a south / north bridge, a broken contact inside the device, a BIOS firmware failure, and others.

Fans make noise, but laptop screen does not work

Maybe the laptop itself turns on, but the screen does not work. Take a closer look at the monitor, maybe there is something there, but the backlight does not work. Define the backlight hotkeys on your laptop and press them. For example, on many Lenovo models these are “FnF2” buttons.

The screen may really not work, and there are also various artifacts instead of the image. The right way to check the screen or laptop is to blame, you can use an external monitor by connecting it to the VGA / HDMI output. If there is a picture on it, then the laptop screen does not turn on exactly. Read more about this in the article about stripes on the laptop screen.

Lenovo Thinkpad Does Not Turn On And Does Not Charge

Often the cause of the malfunction may be a discrete graphics card, especially for those who like to play games on a laptop. Due to a poor cooling system, dustiness / pollution of it or improper use of your “friend”, cards overheat and break faster. This is especially affected by nVidia cards (GeForce 8400M, 8600M, 9300M and others).

No need to play with the computer on your lap, on your stomach, or in any position in which the ventilation openings close. It is advisable to use cooling stands for laptops. And in general, if the laptop is not positioned by the MANUFACTURER as clearly GAME, then it is not recommended to play heavy toys on it for a long time, even if it pulls them. Watch the temperature of the card.

So, if it’s a card, then try to pull it out, if the design allows, or turn it off using the switch that is present on some models. Without a discrete graphics card, a beech can work, demanding games simply won’t work.

There may be more serious reasons: the processor or memory is missing / not working, the BIOS is broken, the laptop’s north bridge is not working (problems with the motherboard).

It turns on, shows a screen saver or writes something and hangs

It may be that the initial screen saver appears or information is displayed, but then the laptop does not start, something also beeps or writes about errors. The likely cause is problems with the BIOS settings. You just need to enter the BIOS and reset all settings to default. In different versions, this item may be in different places, but it is called approximately the same thing as “Load BIOS Defaults”. the keyword “defaults”. Then exit with “Save Settings and Exit”.

Please note, maybe the system reports some kind of error, but further loading is possible, you just need to press the button. For example, it can write “Press F1 to continue”, which means you need to press F1 to continue loading. Usually this happens when the battery on the motherboard runs out (not to be confused with a large battery), the time and BIOS settings get lost. The battery must be changed at a service center.

This is the simplest thing you can do yourself, because problems can be more serious, for example, a hard disk or RAM crashes. With some dexterity, problems with a hard drive blindly can be diagnosed by listening to a laptop # 128578; When turned on, the working disk spins the engine and crackles for a couple of seconds, reading the information. In case of problems, the engine may unsuccessfully try to start several times, or the heads crack repeatedly, trying to read something from the plates, while everything hangs on the screen.

Some models have open access to the RAM slots. If you suspect it, then you can try to remove the bars, carefully clean the contacts (see how to do this in the article “Why the computer does not turn on”). If this does not help, then leave one memory module (if there are several) and try to start. If the bar is only one, then rearrange it in another slot.

Constantly reboots or shuts down

The laptop may restart indefinitely before attempting to boot Windows. This is a serious hardware problem, the overheating of the south bridge is possible, as a rule, due to a short circuit in it. Most often this happens due to a USB breakdown (remember what you inserted into the USB connectors).

Or processor overheating due to a cooler clogged with dust or a loose fitting radiator. But this happens rarely and, mainly, is accompanied by high fan speeds. In this case, the laptop can turn off or restart at different times.

In the absence or poor nutrition, the following picture can be observed: the device turns on, but quickly goes out due to a dead battery.

Writes that it is impossible to start from a boot device

There may be different messages in English, for example, “Error loading operating system” or something similar, and then the laptop does not boot. First, remove all flash drives and a disk from the drive and reboot. If it doesn’t help, then it’s either a hardware or software problem of the hard disk.

The first is solved by contacting a service center, but first you need to check that the problem is in the disk. The most affordable way is to reinstall Windows yourself. If it helped, then the problem was at the software level.

Starts to load Windows, but everything is bad.

It’s such an option that, as usual, Windows starts loading, but then the laptop restarts itself, errors appear on a black or blue screen. Here again, there may be a problem in the hardware, i.e. hardware failures, and maybe software.

The surefire way to check, again is to reinstall Windows. “Light” test option. start from a bootable USB flash drive with Windows. If a laptop with it behaves similarly badly, then it’s probably rubbish, you need to carry it in for repair. In general, the problems of loading Windows is a completely different story.

To summarize

So what to do if the laptop does not turn on? Think first after what happened what happened to him for the last time. If you have been playing for a long time, then overheating of the card or other laptop chipsets has probably occurred and qualified repair is needed.

If you installed any programs, rebooted and that’s it, then most likely there are errors with Windows. The main problems that can be diagnosed and / or solved by myself in the article I described. In the end, I will advise you not to make rash conclusions and not to disassemble the laptop without the proper experience.