Lenovo tablet is frozen what to do

Lenovo Tablet Reboot Methods

To reboot your Lenovo tablet, you can use any of the three methods listed below: Standard Reboot, Dedicated Button Reboot, Factory Reset.

The methods are presented from the simplest to the most categorical. Therefore, I recommend trying them in the order in which they are written.

I also want to give some tips before restarting the gadget if it freezes, for example, the Lenovo Yoga tablet:

  • if the tablet freezes during intensive work (for example, in a game with beautiful graphics or with several dozen open tabs in the browser), leave it alone for 5 minutes, and most likely the device will come to its senses and no reboot is required;
  • a low battery charge can cause slow performance, so first charge the gadget properly before looking for what to do if your Lenovo tablet freezes;
  • Please note that all unsaved data, whether it is writing in a notebook or progress in the game, will be lost due to reboot (fortunately, most of the same notebooks will automatically save any changes made to them).

And do not restart the device with a discharged battery, otherwise it will simply turn off, since there may not be enough energy to turn it on.

Lenovo tablet freezes: how to restart

Tablets, like any equipment, can have various problems, and they, in turn, cause freezes and brakes. In most cases, rebooting the gadget will help effectively.

Therefore, in this article, I will talk about how to restart your Lenovo tablet and what to do if the device does not turn off or turn on.

Standard reboot

The classic way to restart your tablet is by holding down the shutdown button. After a couple of seconds, a small menu will appear on the screen, in which you need to click on the inscription “Reboot” or “Reboot”.

A frozen Lenovo tablet will turn off, then turn on, and in most cases, the device will start up and be completely ready for use. Sometimes the above menu may not appear, but this is not a problem. Just hold the shutdown button longer (until the display turns off).

The gadget will either reboot or turn off. If your device has turned off, turn it on by holding the power button. If your device does not respond to a standard reboot or is still slow, go to the second and third method.

What to do if the tablet freezes and does not turn off

Sometimes a situation may arise when the tablet freezes and does not turn off. The device does not react to anything and there is nothing left to do but turn off the tablet forcibly.

Several ways to turn off the gadget if it freezes:

  • Remove the battery. The option is suitable only for devices with a removable battery, but it will work in any situation, since without energy the device will have nothing to “hang” on. Insert the battery back and turn on the gadget.
  • Hold down the dedicated button. By holding down the Reset key, you can reboot the device. Prepare a needle or paper clip!
  • Perform an emergency shutdown by holding down the power button and the volume up key. Instead of a volume up key, there can be either a volume down or a Home button. The buttons are the same as when calling the recovery menu, but the difference is that in this case the device is turned on.
  • Wait until the battery is completely discharged. The gadget will not be able to work indefinitely, because even in order to display a frozen state, the equipment spends a charge. Sooner or later it will end!

However, I recommend that you just wait and give the device a chance to sag.

Restart with factory reset

The most definitive method is to reset the factory settings. Use it only when there is no other choice. For example, if the tablet is frozen and does not respond to either the classic reboot method or to holding a separate key.

A factory reset is a rollback of the system to its factory state. That is, all applications and other data will be what they were in the initial state of the device.

This almost always solves any software-level problem, but if the problem was a hardware problem, then this method will not help. Keep in mind that after a reset, all user data will be erased, so make a backup. Sync your Google account to keep all your app data.

Backing up in Google preferences

You can use cloud storage or external storage (PC, memory card) to save files. As a cloud storage for photos and videos, I recommend the Google Photos app. It even comes preinstalled on Lenovo tablets.

Step-by-step steps to reset to factory settings:

  • Turn off your device.
  • Turn it on by holding the power and volume up button. On some models, instead of the volume up key, you need to use the volume down. If your device has a Home button, then you need to hold it down instead of the volume.
  • The recovery menu will be displayed. Navigation through the menu items is carried out using the volume up and down keys. The selection is made with the power key.
  • Select “Wipe data / factory reset”.
  • Confirm your choice by clicking “Yes”.
  • Confirm your choice again by clicking “Yes. delete all user data”.
  • The factory reset process begins. This will last no more than a couple of minutes, after which the recovery menu will reopen.
  • Select the item “Reboot system now”.
  • The gadget will reboot and be ready for use.

This method is suitable for solving almost all system problems, including cleaning from viruses. If you did not have the opportunity to back up your data before resetting, then you can restore some of the files using special programs on your PC.

lenovo tablet stuck on logo done | lenovo tb-7304i hard reset

Among them there is also Russified software with an intuitive interface. All you need is to install the program on your computer and connect the gadget to the PC via a USB cable.

Using the button

All tablets from this manufacturer have a separate reset button. It is usually located next to the power button or just above the SIM card slot.

On older models, this special button is no different from the others, only much smaller, but on modern devices it is built into a small hole. This is done to avoid accidental clicks.

You can deliberately get to the key with a needle or a paper clip, which always comes with the tablet. On some models, next to the special button there is an inscription “Reset”.

If you hold down this special key for two to three seconds, the device will reboot or turn off. In the second case, just turn it on with the standard key.

Try not to hold down the dedicated button for too long, otherwise an unwanted factory reset will occur.

Special button

Some Lenovo devices have a dedicated button that allows you to restart the device. It is usually located next to the power button. Can be color coded or just slightly smaller.

This button must be held for a couple of seconds, after which the device will reboot in normal mode. However, you need to be careful, as on some models this button may still be responsible for an emergency reset. If you “overexpose” this button, then instead of a regular restart, you risk getting a factory reset and loss of user information.

Sometimes this button can be hidden from the user under the body of the device. In this case, you need to press it with a special needle, with which the slots for memory cards and SIM cards are opened. The hole giving access to this button is always located next to the power button. In some cases, it is required to “crank” the needle to activate the button.

Finding out what is the reason

Most of the time, the tablet freezes and won’t turn off for some good reason. It doesn’t just happen. You need to try to remember what actions or operations took place before.

Among them, special attention should be paid to such as:

  • Installing a new application or automatic software update
  • Any mechanical damage. For example, dropping, getting wet, or heating the device.

If the tablet begins to freeze and does not respond in any way to your actions, try to pay attention to the circumstances under which this happens most often.

When and why the tablet freezes in most cases:

  • at the time of loading
  • while working with the Internet
  • when multitasking
  • on a specific application

Understanding the cause means quickly finding a way to fix the problem. It is clear that the tablet filled with hot morning coffee needs to be carried for repair. In other cases, a simple reboot of the device helps. This is the very first action that any happy owner of a “stubborn” tablet should take.

Hard restarting didn’t help? Then let’s try together a few proven ways to fix the situation.

Virus attack

What to do in this case? The solution is very simple! You just need to remove the problematic software and deal with the problem once and for all. At the same time, it is a good idea to clean the device with an antivirus program through your home PC. The easiest way to do this is by connecting via a USB cable.

In the case of simultaneous downloading of several applications at once, it is difficult to find out which of them is malicious. Then you need to try to conduct test diagnostics.

  • In the “Settings” menu, follow the path “Settings”. “Applications”. “Running applications”. “Running applications”.
  • Find the application that slows down by successive disconnections. For convenience, use the “Stop” button.
  • Find out what exactly interferes with your work? Delete without regret!

Happy iPad owners

Failures in the hardware or software of Apple devices are quite rare. This is because most of the price of these devices comes from a security-enhanced operating system. Developers are very scrupulous about their brainchild and do not allow punctures and virus attacks on applications.

How to restart iPad? Hold down only two buttons Power and Home at the same time and hold them for a few seconds. That’s all! Nothing scary and critical.

The tablet is frozen and does not turn off. What to do?

There are several options for the development of events:

  • A. The gadget boots, but cannot turn on completely.
  • B. The backlight comes on, but the tablet does not give out other signs of operation.
  • C. The device does not react at all to any of your actions.

Let’s try to analyze all these events thoroughly, starting with the last one.

If the tablet freezes and does not turn on, does not show any signs of life at all, it will be difficult for you to figure it out. It is better to contact a service center or an equipment repair workshop.

If only the backlight is turned on, there is a possibility that the device has a mechanical breakdown, but it is quite possible that the situation is with the freezing of some software. It is recommended to complete all the steps that will be described below. If the measures did not help, we turn to the service center for help.

The option when the tablet does not turn on completely is the most common. As you know, now there are many viral programs that harm smartphones and tablets. In addition, the Android operating system is complex and vulnerable to any unstable program. The system could turn off as a result of incorrect shutdown of the device.

lenovo, tablet, frozen

Standard reboot

Here the algorithm of actions is as simple as possible:

  • Hold down the power button for a few seconds. Usually 5 seconds are enough.
  • After that, a menu with a choice of actions should appear on the device screen. Select the “Restart” option.

On some Lenovo models, or in the event of a severe freeze, the screen described in the second step may not appear. Then just hold the power button a little longer. After that, the tablet will reboot automatically.

If after the actions taken, the tablet does not turn on, then you should not panic. Perhaps instead of rebooting, it just shut down. Try turning it on with the power button. Sometimes, after a strong freeze or an emergency shutdown / restart, the button needs to be held for a few seconds for the tablet to start “showing signs of life.”.

Preventive measures

Most often, the tablet hangs on loading, glitches and slows down from careless handling. Use the device with care. Then it will serve you for a long time and trouble-free. Equally care should be taken with devices from well-known brands such as Lenovo and Samsung, as well as Chinese manufacturers.

The list of simple rules and requirements is quite capable of depriving you of the need to enter the query into the search engine “how to turn off the tablet if it suddenly freezes?”.

  • Do not clog your device memory with unnecessary applications and an excessive number of games
  • Install software from official sources such as Play Store
  • Install a licensed anti-virus program
  • Handle the device with care. Do not leave it in direct sunlight, do not give to small children, do not drop
  • Do not disassemble the device yourself in case of mechanical failure. For this, there are many service centers that can solve the problem in a short time for a reasonable price.
  • Don’t use emergency reboots too often. There is no need to remove the battery from the switched on device. There is a dedicated shutdown button for this.

There is nothing wrong with the one-time freezing of the tablet. When this process is repeated constantly, this is a reason to consult a specialist. Do not skimp on the services of a good master. He will be able not only to identify the problem, but also to conduct a deep diagnosis of the device. Prestigio and Huawei tablets run on the same Android operating platform, however, they differ in hardware. They are not familiar to the common man. Do not risk. carry the device to specialists!

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Lenovo tablets are quite common in the market. Despite the fact that this is one of the best manufacturers in the world of electronics, Lenovo devices (in this case, tablets) can deadly freeze during operation without responding to user actions. In such cases, a simple reboot saves. Let’s see how to do it.

Hardware failure or software failure?

First, you need to figure out what the breakdown really happened, since all our subsequent actions to resuscitate the device depend on this.

First of all, inspect the gadget for any significant damage. Think back if you dropped your device anytime soon. Or maybe it was used by someone else who could have dropped it by negligence.

So, having examined the tablet and found damage on it, you should take it under warranty or without to a service center. Even a slight shock can cause the contacts inside the device to come loose. In this case, it is strictly forbidden to repair the tablet yourself. If a gadget has a damaged screen, its inoperative state can be easily explained. Here, the fact that the tablet is frozen and does not turn off does not play any role.

If no damage is found, the device looks intact, and the scratches were inflicted before the problem, then we try to turn on the gadget again. You have already done this procedure many times, but now you are closely watching what is happening when you try to “breathe life” into the tablet.

What to do if the tablet freezes and does not turn off

If a Lenovo, Samsung, ASUS tablet hangs, prestige, digma and so on, and even at the most inopportune time, there is certainly little joy. Then a reboot usually solves the problem.

But the trouble is. it does not turn off. What to do? There is a solution, or rather there are several of them.

The process for shutting down your tablet may vary depending on the make and model of your device, but in most cases it looks the same (if it’s on Android).

To properly shutdown, you need to hold the power button for a few seconds until the menu appears.

Then select “OK” when asked if you want to turn off the device. After a few seconds, the tablet will be turned off.

This is the right way. Thanks to him, no data will be lost or damaged. If the shutdown occurs improperly, then although rarely, but still the data contained in the device’s memory may be lost.

By the way, you can easily fix your tablet freezing problem so that this does not happen again in the future. here is a description of how and how to do it.

How to restart the tablet if it freezes

In most models, this process involves pressing a dedicated button responsible for restarting the device.

See if you have a very small diameter holes on the case, located on the back (sometimes on the side).

Its diameter is for a pin or needle. If there is, then to restart, press and hold this button with a sharp object for a few seconds (about 3-5 seconds).

If the tablet freezes once, this is not scary, but if the process is repeated, it is not only annoying, but there is a possibility that it will not start soon.

Therefore, you need to establish the cause, and there are many of them, but it all comes down to two: hardware and software.

The latter, as a rule, are eliminated on their own, but with the hardware one cannot do without service (diagnostic equipment is required).

Situations happen not only when the tablet freezes and does not turn off, but vice versa. Rehabilitation of the device is possible only if the correct diagnosis is made, but there are also basic solutions.

How to turn off the tablet if it freezes

Sometimes there are situations in which the tablet is frozen and does not react to anything. In this case, normal shutdown is not possible.

If this situation arises, press and hold the power button for a long time (usually 10 seconds).

This is an emergency measure and should only be used as a last resort. If such situations need to be repeated too often, then the device must be “treated”.

Although, there is another option: the tablet is not turned off and on, but forced to restart. On many devices, the manufacturer has provided for this.

Why the tablet freezes and does not respond to anything

The tablet may freeze due to a software conflict. Why? Because the firmware may be updated, and installed applications may be incompatible with it.

Lenovo tab stuck on logo 100% RESOLVED

Of course, you can’t do without a forced reboot. If the options described above do not help, you will have to grip the device more rigidly.

Only all the data will then be destroyed (you can save some of it if you pull out the memory card).

Only for all devices the same option will not work. The most common option is when the tablet is on, simultaneously press and hold the “Power” and “Volume Up” buttons.

Sometimes you need to use the third button “HOME”. Then a menu will appear, where with the volume button select “Settings” and then “Format System”.

When you click on “Reset Android”, a reboot will start, as a result of which, the tablet will be reset to factory settings.

NOTE: it has been noticed that viruses can freeze, like in a computer. a full reset will fix it.

Conclusion of the article. “what to do if the tablet freezes and does not turn off

The process of shutting down the tablet is simple and it’s safe to say that even a child can handle it.

Only this does not mean that he is not important. This is one of the key processes and proper execution affects the correct functioning and reliability of the device.

Remember that your device, like everyone else, can be in three different states:

can work in normal mode. activated, for example, watch movies via the Internet, sleep mode, when it goes into sleep mode after a few seconds of inactivity and off (in fact, if the battery is not completely pulled out, it does not turn off).

All this, of course, can be changed in the settings: when asleep, it consumes less battery power.

During the day, he is usually in sleep mode, so that he can access it literally a second after the power button is pressed.

ATTENTION: in an Android tablet, as in a computer, you can enable Safe Mode.

Using it, it will be much easier for you to find the cause of the hang, more accurately determine whether it is software or hardware. Success.

Finding out what is the reason

Most of the time, the tablet freezes and won’t turn off for some good reason. It doesn’t just happen. You should try to remember what actions or operations happened before, among them you should pay special attention to such as:

  • Installing a new application or automatic software update
  • Any mechanical damage. For example, dropping, getting wet, or heating the device.

If the tablet begins to freeze and does not respond in any way to your actions, try to pay attention to the circumstances under which this happens most often. When and why the tablet freezes in most cases:

  • at the time of loading
  • while working with the Internet
  • when multitasking
  • on a specific application

Understanding the cause means quickly finding a way to fix the problem. It is clear that the tablet filled with hot morning coffee needs to be carried for repair. In other cases, a simple reboot of the device helps. This is the very first action that any lucky owner of a “stubborn” tablet should take. A forced reboot didn’t help? Then let’s try together a few proven ways to fix the situation.

Heating problem

With a noticeable braking of the gadget, you should check if it gets warm during long work. If so, then the processor heats up so much that with its heat it affects the microprocessor and other elements that are not designed to work in high temperatures.

It is necessary to give the device a “rest” from work in order to allow it to cool down a little and return its performance to normal.

Conclusion: a few tips for the user

To prevent the tablet from “dulling” and freezing, it is enough to follow a few simple rules:

  • The device must have a high-quality antivirus program.
  • You should not install applications from questionable sources. this is fraught.
  • Modified firmware is not always a good thing. Better to avoid using them.
  • Falling from a height will not be pleasant to anyone. Mobile devices are no exception.

During the operation of smartphones on the Android platform, errors, glitches and freezes often occur. The article will tell you what to do if your Lenovo tablet is frozen.

The tablet stuck on the splash screen when turned on

If the device turns on, but hangs on the Lenovo manufacturer’s splash screen or Android logo, then there are only a few ways out: restarting the device, if this does not help, then you need to reset the settings or flashing. It is worth noting that you first need to save all the data on a memory card or other removable media. If, after resetting the settings, the tablet still freezes when turned on, then you should take it to a service center.

Hard reset

What to do, how to restart Lenovo tablet? On different devices, different key combinations are responsible for this, these can be:

  • Power and volume up button (Volume);
  • volume down button (Volume-) and Home;
  • Home, Volume and off key;
  • the same, but with Volume-;
  • Volume, Volume-, Power.

After pressing and holding the key combination (the buttons must be pressed simultaneously), a window with various items should appear. Look for “Wipe data”, “Factory reset” or something similar. Switch between items using the volume down / up buttons, select the desired item using Power. Choose Wipe data, then Yes. Wait for all data to be deleted. After that, look for an item similar to Reboot and select it. The computer should restart.

When the main screen appears, I advise you to make another reset. through the settings (“Reset data” or something similar).

Well, now you have done the main thing to bring your gadget back to life. If the described actions did not help, I am very sorry for you. apparently, you will have to go to the service center or give it to some technician for repair. If a mechanical failure has led to similar results, you cannot fix anything without specialized knowledge.

Removing accessories

To solve the problem when the lenovo tablet freezes and the power off button of the device does not help, you will have to remove accessories from the device, such as SIM card, battery, memory card.

After that, it is necessary to withstand a few minutes and install these elements back to their rightful places. Then an attempt is made to turn on the device.

How to unfreeze an Android tablet or phone

Disable and Enable

The first thing that is recommended for users who are faced with a freeze tablet, turn off and then turn on the device. Thus, an ordinary reboot is performed. It is enough to turn off the device for five minutes. To carry out such an operation, you will have to use the Power button. In addition, you can reboot the tablet by pressing Reset, but this requires a sharp object.

Hard reset

If none of the above makes it possible to achieve what you want, you will have to take extreme measures. It’s about Hard Reset. Of course, this procedure is not easy for a tablet, but there is no other way out. Its essence consists in pressing a certain combination of buttons, which are provided by the manufacturer. There is a hard reset, in which all settings are completely erased, leaving only those that were set at the factory. This procedure is sometimes called reinstalling the operating system, and they are very similar. After performing a hard reset, the user loses his personal data, as well as all programs that he installed while using the device. But, unlike flashing, Root will remain. And the update itself at the software level will not happen. Thus, if a hard reset is planned, it is recommended that you back up your important data.

When a situation arose in which a Lenovo tablet freezes, the second option, called Soft Reset, is more suitable. This is a soft reset, which is a normal reboot of the device. It is performed using a menu or a combination of power and volume buttons, which are held down for a while. Before deciding on a similar procedure, it is recommended to get a memory card, although it is believed that it does not participate in the reboot.

If the cause of the hang is a software failure, every user can fix it. As for hardware failures, in this case, you cannot do without specialists. Therefore, if none of the above helps, there is nothing else to do but to carry the device to the service center and pay money to restore its working capacity.

When it becomes clear that the cause of the failure was due to a certain program, you must try to disable it, and subsequently delete it altogether. This is done using the Settings menu by navigating to Options and Running Applications. Then you need to select a specific application and click on “Stop”. It is also suggested to delete it. When it is not clear which application is interfering with the normal operation of the device, you will have to turn on the programs one by one until the answer to this question is found.

As you can see, it is not very difficult to bring the gadget to life when it hangs. Although, you will have to spend a certain amount of time. But there is no other way to solve the problems.