Lenovo T450 Keyboard Replacement

Lenovo T450 Keyboard Replacement

The ThinkPad line of laptops originates in 1992, then still entering the market under the IBM nameplate. Years passed, laptops changed, new models appeared, but ThinkPads remained within their concept. angular, with a red TrackPoint joystick and recognizable design. ThinkPad T was created exclusively for business. And now the completely green Lenovo T450s enters the market with a claim to leadership in the business sphere. Will the latter be able to gain popularity, we will analyze in the review.

Design, materials, assembly

Not easily soiled plastic prevails among the materials, even the dirtiest hands leave minimal fingerprints on the device. There is no aluminum, beryllium, diamonds and other things, but at the same time the laptop looks good. There are no special complaints about the assembly, except that the screen with minimal frames is very thin and bends, but this cannot be avoided with such dimensions.

The manufacturer claims that the laptop was tested for strength using 11 types of military tests, which include working at high pressure, high humidity, excessive vibrations, temperatures, thermal shock, low pressure, dust, etc.


We decided that this is a business laptop. Okay, what does the average businessman do on his working tool? Hard question, I agree. But if we assume that a busy person is on a regular road trip, and all documents, best practices and other important things should be with him, then Lenovo T450s will not let you down.

Dimensions are 331x226x21 mm. the thickness pleases. The weight of the model is not a record, but it does not cause discomfort. 1.59 kg. The last figures allow you to work in any place and in any position, even while standing. There is no critical heating, you can not worry about the discomfort when working on your knees. The screen opens with one hand and tilts 180 degrees.

Keyboard, touchpad

An island-type keyboard without a NUM panel is used. The keys have a rather long stroke, as for an ultrabook, they are pleasantly pressed. There are no claims to the layout and, in general, to the usability. For most users, this solution will be much more convenient than classic laptop flat keys.

I fell in love with a laptop just because of the keyboard, because I got the device for a test when I needed to write text consisting of 15,000 characters. That’s when I realized that I no longer want to return to my old layout on the Lenovo Y570, although it also has a good keyboard. There is a backlighting of keys with two brightness levels for working in the dark. Also, the keyboard does not leak moisture, which is typical of many Lenovo T-series laptops.

The cursor is controlled by a touchpad and a classic ThinkPad series trackpoint. TrackPoint is not entirely clear to the modern user, but such a solution allows you to move the cursor without taking your hands off the keyboard. The touchpad is standard in size, divided into left and right zones and has a soft and pleasant stroke. Above the touchpad there are three silent keys for use in conjunction with a trackpoint.

Connection, indication

Despite the thickness, Lenovo engineers managed to accommodate 3 USB 3.0 ports, a mini DisplayPort, a combined 3.5 mm jack for headphones and a microphone, slots for SD memory cards and SIM cards for 4G, RJ45 and VGA (even with screw holes).

Everything is great, but not enough HDMI. not all modern screens have DisplayPort. There are only two indicators. on the power button and on the ThinkPad label. To the right of the keyboard is a fingerprint scanner, which works well. fingerprints are detected quickly.


Gigabit Ethernet is responsible for the wired network connection. The Wi-Fi module supports 802.11 b / g / n standards, also in our configuration there is a SIM card slot for providing 4G / 3G Internet. Claims arose only to the latter, because Life operator, which recently introduced 3G, did not want to work on Lenovo T450s, no matter what kind of dancing with a tambourine occurred. There are no questions to other interfaces, in particular, the Wi-Fi receiver surprised me. the signal is stable even through two concrete walls.


Our hero boasts a 14-inch IPS-display with good color reproduction, maximum viewing angles and a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels. The screen worked well both on the street and indoors. The coverage of the sRGB color space is not complete and has a bias towards red and green, but this is completely not noticeable. The brightness level varies from 9 to 302 cd / m² within 15 gradations, the illumination is uniform. The coating of the display and the small frames around it are matte, which minimizes glare.


On the case of Lenovo T450s there is not a single newfangled inscription of Beats, JBL, HARMAN and other famous audio companies and this is certainly pleasing. everyone is already tired of promises of good sound. And even more pleased with the fact that two small speakers are quite good and play loudly. The sound has volume and is great for watchings, TV shows and movies, and sometimes you can listen to music. The integrated audio path is standard and will not reveal anything new to the user, but it is quite capable of spinning such headphones as the Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO with a resistance of 250 ohms to an acceptable volume. But the latest “monitors” immediately clearly make it possible to hear all the flaws in the sound. low frequencies break off somewhere like that at 150-200 Hz, with high frequencies it is still worse, sometimes the bell is difficult to distinguish. The wide-angle camera shoots in 720p resolution and has two microphones near it.


Lenovo T450s has a huge list of various configurations. In our case, the heart of this low-key small is a Intel Core i5 5200U processor with a clock frequency of 2.5 GHz, made using 14-nm technology.

The graphics adapter is integrated into the processor. Intel HD Graphics 5500.

RAM 12 GB, though this amount is achieved is not standard. So 4GB is soldered into the board, and 8 GB is a separate DDR3 bracket, which can be changed to a larger one.

The disk system is built on a 1 TB HDD, which can be replaced with an SSD if necessary. By the way, more expensive versions are equipped with solid state drives. The speed is standard, but after working with laptops on SSD, the difference is felt, especially with a high load on the drive.

In Ukraine, Lenovo T450s are sold with an already pre-installed operating system. It can be Windows 8.1 or Windows 7. In our case, there was a good old “seven”. There is also a whole list of proprietary software from Lenovo for managing various parameters of the laptop.

The system works smartly, the only slowdowns occurred when I opened two windows of the Chrome browser with 10-15 tabs each. then I have to wait. In office affairs and when working with documents, there are no complaints. Benchmarks will help you understand the approximate level of system performance.

Cooling system

We were pleased with the absolutely silent fans, at first it even seems that there is only a radiator, but in fact the coolers are located at such an angle that they provide a minimum noise level. Heat is removed from the left and hot air very rarely comes from this hole. The processor reached a maximum temperature of 73 degrees when exposed to all the benchmarks described above, which is a good result.


The Lenovo T450s has two batteries, one of which is removable. called such Power Bridge technology. It supports battery replacement without turning off the laptop, which is useful if you have multiple batteries. With the purchase of an additional 6-cell 72 W × h battery, an impressive 19.9 hours of battery life can be achieved.

Two 3-cell batteries with a power of 24 Wh were installed in our sample, which allowed us to achieve a maximum of 7:35 hours in Battery Eater in reading mode with minimum brightness, almost 5 hours in reading mode with maximum brightness and 1:50 hours in maximum load mode.


We have before us a working tool that has every chance of falling in love with a large number of people. The latter is promoted by the classic design, IPS-display, minimal dimensions, hot-swappable batteries and system performance. The cost of Lenovo T450s on Amazon starts at 1000, which price we still have is unknown. It is also worth considering the fact that there are almost no competitors in the Ukrainian market in terms of the totality of parameters.