Lenovo P700i Keyboard Setup

Review smartphone Lenovo P780. Analysis of all the advantages, disadvantages, a detailed review of the case, the main characteristics, sound, camera, etc.

Does not catch the network

What to do if the phone stops catching the network? Or does your connection disappear from time to time? They dropped the phone and after that it doesn’t catch the network? There used to be a good signal, but now it just isn’t there? How to repair a female, at home and improvised means? It’s simple, follow the detailed instructions.

The Lenovo P780 has a weak mount on the coaxial cable, most often this is precisely the reason for the bad signal from the Lenovo p780 phone. Look at the photo, the coaxial cable is on the right, and is connected to the lower right corner of the motherboard, it often happens that during operation it just goes away, and the reception becomes much worse, or even disappears. In addition to the coaxial cable, as well as other physical effects on the radio module, there may be other reasons that the phone has stopped catching the network.

To get started, check if you have an imei address. Checking this is simple, in the dialer menu, enter # 06 #, and if everything is in order, your imei will be displayed.

Lenovo P700i Keyboard Setup

Also, this phone model was produced for the domestic (Chinese) market, and for export to Europe. Such phones can be easily distinguished by removing the back cover and looking at the inscriptions. I think it’s not difficult to understand which and for which market was made. Still, on the left is Chinese, on the right is European. There are differences in the radio module, but still there is firmware for the Chinese, and it does an excellent job of working in our networks.

When disassembling and assembling:

The top (power button), as well as the side buttons (volume control) are separate parts of the case, they are small and often lost, be attentive to the details of your device, it is extremely difficult to select such buttons from another phone.

Be careful when inserting the battery cover at the bottom of the smartphone, it enters under the body of the phone. If it is not installed correctly, the phone will not close. Will be

Display replacement

You dropped your phone and your display crashed? Screen not working? Does the touchscreen not work? Is it possible to repair the phone at home? Perhaps, but for this you need special tools, such as a hairdryer, some manage to do it with a building, but they don’t observe the thermal profile and, as a result, burn the matrix. Therefore, we use specialized. Double-sided tape, it is better to use 3M for gluing the display module. And of course a set of screwdrivers. As you can see in the photo, the loops are very delicate and easy to damage, just on the touchscreen ribbon, there is a controller with which it is also worth being careful, it is much more dense than the loop, and it can be easily damaged with unwanted bends.

Please note that it’s worth removing the display with safety glasses and doing it at the table, as small fragments of the screen fly apart in different directions, and it’s better to warn yourself against this. Do not forget about coaxial antennas, connect them so as not to resort to the point above about poor reception of the network.

Replacing the battery (battery)

The reasons for replacing the battery may be different, you may have a reduced time for portable work with the device, or it may be swollen and have worked all its cycles. In any case, replacing the battery is a popular service and often becomes problematic in uninformed hands.

When replacing the battery, you need to be careful both about its capacity and pinout on the cable, so as not to burn the power controller, and not to make a short circuit in the smartphone’s power circuit.

And so, here is what the cable and the battery itself look like:

Replacement itself is not difficult. Attention. it is worth stocking up with double-sided tape and sticking a new battery to avoid subsequent unnecessary movements in the smartphone case. And also, if something began to rattle in your phone and make extraneous sounds during operation, you can do the same procedure, only without replacing it, just glue the battery.

If you have any questions, or if you need qualified help from a service center, you can call the number above, or get acquainted with the services here.

Lenovo phone repair

Faults and repair of Lenovo phones

Everyone knows the high quality of Lenovo technology. However, even such reliable and time-tested phones can periodically break down. There can be many reasons for this, from factory defects to accidental circumstances. But most often the cause of problems with mobile phones is precisely the incorrect and careless operation of the device. People often just don’t think about the fact that electronic equipment is a very fragile thing that requires a certain delicate attitude. If warranty cases are not taken into account, then among the malfunctions and their causes, the following most common can be distinguished. Moisture in the phone By accident or by negligence, water may get into the phone. often than not, we simply drop it, inadvertently bending over or turning it, to the bathroom, puddle, river, and so on. In this situation, the first thing to do without fail to any phone user is to disconnect the battery. The faster this is done, the greater the likelihood of a favorable outcome. This is due to the fact that it is the lack of power that guarantees the elimination of short circuits during the “transfusion” of liquid on the circuit board under the influence of the notorious gravity and in no case do not connect the mains charger. The following are two possible scenarios. In the first case, the wrong one, a person tries to dry the phone on his own. Hair dryers are often used, in the worst case, radiators and so on. In this case, you can get the most negative result. The ideal solution is to contact a specialized center where professionals work. The service center will use special methods to clean the device to prevent the effects of destructive corrosion. Sound problems Very often, Lenovo mobile phones with the phrase “poor audibility” arrive at service centers. In this situation, two malfunctions are possible. The speaker does not work. In this case, they hear you perfectly, but you cannot make out the speech or, in extreme cases, hear silence. It is clear that in this case, it is necessary to replace the speaker. But here a small problem arises. finding a speaker from Lenovo is not always easy. Contacting a specialized company will help solve this trouble. Microphone is not working. Fundamentally, the actions do not differ from the previous paragraph. Problems with the screen. Broken glass. As a rule, problems with the phone screen in phones are very rare, and they happen even at the stage of warranty service. By the way, this malfunction is characteristic of all brands of smartphones without exception. But there are times when the owners of the apparatus drop it corny. In this situation, streaks on the screen or black spots or broken glass may appear. Sometimes owners try to disguise it as a factory defect. In fact, it is not difficult for a specialist to determine the real reasons. Therefore, it is better to tell the truth right away. this will significantly speed up the process of restoring the gadget’s health. In conclusion, it must be said that independent troubleshooting is fraught with serious problems in further repairs, which, of course, will lead to additional costs. Everyone must do their job. If your Lenovo smartphone needs repair. make the right choice. Contact a Lenovo Service Center. iTSev