Lenovo Ideapad S10 2 Disassemble

  • Operating System: Linux / Windows 7 Starter / Windows XP Home
  • Class: netbook
  • Screen Cover Type: Matte
  • Resolution: 1024×600
  • Diagonal: 10.1. 10.2 ” null, 1,”11748
  • CPU Frequency: 1600.1667 MHz
  • Number of processor cores: 1
  • CPU Code: Atom
  • L2 Cache Capacity: 512 KB
  • Processor Core: Pineview
Lenovo Ideapad S10 2 Disassemble


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Characteristics Lenovo IdeaPad S10

Check with the seller for exact specifications.

Check with the seller for exact specifications.

Pros and cons of Lenovo IdeaPad S10

DESIGN! Speed, dimensions less than competitors

1 Design. Stylish and strict body without showing off. eyes rejoice in calm in the model. 2 great matrix! bright and viewing angles are good. 3 Express-card slot. Although, I would prefer a couple of extra USB ports. 4 fast, in comparison with asus 1000h or wind u120. win7 rated the overall performance 2.2 5. Opening the case does not void the warranty.

Very compact. Matte matrix design with a very bright backlight. Matte finish.

light weight sufficient battery life compatibility with linux distributions performance

Very beautiful and good laptop, fast loading of the OS (preinstalled Linux, rearranged to Win XP SP3). Powerful Wi-Fi, very good neighbor Internet access. In general, I was very pleased

small, lightweight, for office, internet and movie divx enough “above the roof”. I took it mainly for quick and easy moving around the apartment with him, as well as for taking a vacation abroad with the ability to sit on the net via WiFi, since Wi-Fi is now free in many districts and airports.

1. Non-marking case and matte screen. very convenient to use. The display does not glare, the case does not look dirty. 2. Very reliable. He survived several falls, repeatedly understood until the last bolt, used in extreme conditions. and works like a clock. 3. Design, despite its apparent simplicity, pleases the eye. Nothing extra. 4. Tight hinges allow you to choose any angle. 5. Keyboard to 5. Use it. pure pleasure. 6. With an extended (9-cell) battery in intensive mode holds more than 6 hours. 7. Decent speakers and a sensitive microphone. 8. The touchpad. Although it looks small, it bypasses many half-sized laptops for ease of use. even the HP Pavilion dv6. 9. Download speed (WinXP). less than a minute from off and 13 seconds

1. price. took for 13700 (s10-2) 2. weight. only 1.1 kg 3. duration of work (web surfing. more than 5 hours easy) 4. presence of bluetooth and wifi (the ability to connect a wimax and G3 module) 5. bright led screen 6. screen resolution of 1024×600 7. and most importantly stylish

A good bright screen, a keyboard comfortable enough for such a size, the battery lasts for

5 hours, maybe even a little longer, good build quality, Wi-Fi is perfectly caught from another room (for example, an iPhone loses touch).

Price (12,000 shares in Mediamarkt free flash drive as a gift), design (perhaps one of the most beautiful netbooks), a fairly high speed.

no bluetooth, 2 USB sockets

Well, just a very weak sound system. Not the best keyboard performance.
The cooling fan was covered in 5 months!

only 2 USB ports
for some reason, the megaphone-modem began to work only when connected to one USB connector, if connected to another. does not work

Marking the surface of the lid, and that’s it.

Of the shortcomings, first of all, I note the clave. especially the keys right shift and enter. I constantly miss = (well, and in general, of course, you don’t have to expect much, because the buttons are small. But nothing. By the way, I didn’t like the plastic: for 2 months, the touch pad and even the body cover a place where you grab onto it, what would you open it. By the way, I have enough batteries, at least for now.

1. The paint on the sides on the decorative inserts peeled off.
2. Soft plastic back cover. with regular mistreatment, there is a real possibility of damaging the matrix or breaking the cover at the hinge attachment point.
3. The opening angle of the beech is significantly smaller than on similar models. about 135 degrees.
4. Two USB ports.

1. inconveniently located left CTRL
2. uncomfortably located right shift
3. inconveniently located f12 button
you can close your eyes to this if you look at the virtues
there are no more minuses.

The sound from the built-in speaker is not very good, although it is quite loud, but it is noisy in bass, although it would be strange to assume the opposite =)

A terribly inconvenient right shift (to kill those who developed such a keyboard), it is necessary to squander the left shift with all the force. The battery in the most economical mode, when working only in the Wordpad, is barely enough for 2 lectures (3 hours), I plan to buy a larger battery. I advise you to immediately take a model with a large battery.

The regular battery is weak
the cord to the charger could be made smaller