Lenovo Ideapad 330 Is There a Drive

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Lenovo Ideapad 330 Is There a Drive

Open button

The easiest option is to open the drive using a special button. Everyone knows about it, but it is worth touching on this issue in more detail. If you purchased the device recently, it is important to pay attention to the presence of a rectangle and the inscription DVD. This means that the model is equipped with a drive. It is worth noting that such a button can be placed not only on the right side of it, but also in another place. If there is no drive, an ordinary stub is installed in its place, which does not have any designations.

If there is a button, you should click on it, after which literally a few seconds later the drive will open. Sometimes you have to click on it more than once to make the laptop respond. The second option is to open My Computer and select the drive. Then you need to right-click to open the menu and point to the “Open” item.

This is with regard to traditional options, when everything is in order with the drive. But sometimes there are errors and failures in his work. As a result, the user does not see a reaction to his actions. How to open the drive on a lenovo laptop in this case?

Software bugs

In the case when the above actions do not give any result, you need to check whether the drive is used by programs. To do this, go to the “Task Manager”. You can also use the special Unlocker program. When it is installed, when you right-click on the drive, its icon will be displayed. At this point, you can see if any components are using the drive. If so, they must be closed.

It is worth noting that in some cases, the operating system is capable of losing contact with the disk drive. Even restarting the laptop does not help. It is necessary to completely disconnect the device from the network and get the battery. After a few seconds, you can install it in its original place.

If “My Computer” does not display the drive, you should check in the “Device Manager”. When yellow icons or unidentified devices are visible there, you should install drivers that are suitable for the model you are using. Sometimes after updating the operating system, the drive does not open. In this case, the solution to the problem is to edit the registry. Usually after that the drive opens.

Mechanical problems

In the case when everything is in order in the program plan and the drive does not open, most likely, it just got stuck. In this situation, a special hole provided on the cover of the device can help. It is enough to insert a thin wire or other similar object into it and apply a little effort. When the lid is ajar, the device can be opened manually.

You can use a sharp object, but this is somewhat risky, since there is a possibility of damage to internal parts. If the reason is hardware failure (cable, cables, contacts, etc.), you should seek help from professionals.

To find out how to open the drive in a Lenovo laptop, you need to establish the exact cause of the failure. First, it is recommended to try to find the problem in the software part, and then only open the device by mechanical intrusion.