Lenovo Ideapad 320 How to Open a Drive

Despite the active development of cloud technologies and the widespread use of external drives connected via USB-interface, many modern laptop models still have optical DVD / CD-RW drives or, as they are called, disk drives.

They are not used as often as they were several years ago, but sometimes a need arises for them.

Often, laptop owners are faced with an unexpected problem when they cannot open the outgoing optical drive tray to insert a disk. There may be several reasons.

Lenovo Ideapad 320 How to Open a Drive

The most commonplace. on this laptop model there is no drive at all, and in its place the manufacturer installed a decorative plug.

In this case, you should study the instructions and make sure the presence / absence of this option. You can also do this by going to My Computer and seeing if there is a CD drive in Devices and Disks.

Typically, DVD / CD-RW optical drives are located on the right side of the majority of laptops. Drive open button usually located directly on or next to the tray.

The standard designation for a drive button is a triangle with a horizontal line at the bottom.

However, on some models of devices, the button may be located among the function keys of the computer (usually the F4 button) and work when pressed in combination with the Fn key.

It also happens that there is a DVD / CD-RW drive itself, and a tray open button, but it does not react to pressing in any way.

Why doesn’t the drive open when I press a button?

If the optical drive (drive) does not open with a button, there is a high probability that at the moment the computer’s operating system performs a task launched from a CD.

  1. In this case, you must disable the process (remove the task) through the Task Manager. You can run it through the control panel or by simultaneously pressing the CtrlAltDel key combination.
  2. If the list of active applications contains a program running from the disk, just select it and click “Remove task”. After that, you can click on the button and remove the disk without harming the operating system.

It is possible that a process blocking an optical drive is a virus. In this case, you need to install / run the antivirus.

The installation of a special Unlocker program, which allows you to disable all processes that block the operation of the drive, will also help.

How to open a drive on a laptop without an open button

On many modern laptop models Lenovo, Acer, Asus, etc., a mechanical button is not provided.

In this case, you can access the drive in the following ways:

  • By pressing the FnF4 key combination. If the laptop does not have a button on the drive, then it must be present among the function keys.
  • Programmatically. To remove the drive tray, open the My Computer / This Computer folder, select the drive you are interested in. The drive can be called “DVD RW Drive” or “DVD RAM Drive”. Click on it with the right mouse button and select “Extract” from the menu that opens.

If the drive is not visible in the “My Computer / This Computer” section (often this problem occurs for users of Windows 10 version), right-click on the “Start” icon and select Windows PowerShell / Administrator and insert in line:

reg.exe add “HKLM \ System \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ atapi \ Controller0” / f / v EnumDevice1 / t REG_DWORD / d 0x00000001

Press the enter button and reboot the system. After that, the drive should appear in the “My computer / This computer”.

  • Using a paper clip. You can remove the drive from the laptop without a button by mechanical intervention. To do this, a small hole with a diameter of just over one millimeter is provided on the drive cover. To open the tray by force, just insert a thin, hard object into this hole. For these purposes, a straightened paper clip is best suited. It is necessary to push the “key” into the hole until it stops and press lightly. after the click is triggered, the tray should automatically open.

Note! Often, mobile PC users confuse the drive tray with the usual decorative panel (dummy). It really resembles the tray for installing the disk, however, but it does not have any buttons, indicators or other signs. We are talking about budget notebook models, which are designed mainly for working with texts.

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If necessary, you can purchase a separate drive and install it for such a laptop. They are both internal and external. The first ones are installed in a regular place, the others are connected via a USB interface.