Lenovo G500 How To Turn On A Radiator Fan

How to clean the cooler

Cooler (fan). the device is small, located inside the system unit. precisely, there are several of them, they cool those components of the PC that, without this, overheat, start to fail. Powerful fans are responsible for the temperature of the processor, the hard drive, there is cooling in modern cards, inside the power supply. If household dust gets inside, it can damage the mechanisms, cause a lot of noise, and computer malfunctions. Periodically clean and lubricate coolers.

The process of cleaning computer coolers is not too complicated, you can do it yourself. If the computer is more than a year old, it is not under warranty, then be patient, careful and prepare the following:

  • Alcohol;
  • Water
  • Soft, lint-free cloth;
  • Brush;
  • Lubricating oil;
  • Phillips screwdriver;
  • Vacuum cleaner.

Lenovo G500 How To Turn On A Radiator Fan

Close all running applications, turn off the computer. To get to the coolers, remove the left side panel from the system unit by unscrewing the screws on the back side with a screwdriver. Press the panel, push it a little back, until you exit the grooves. Turn the system unit to the right side. Working coolers suck in dust from the surrounding air, so you can clean the entire inner surface with a vacuum cleaner. Then wipe all accessible surfaces, radiators with a cloth dampened with alcohol.

You can turn on the computer with the lid open and listen to which of the coolers is the noisiest, or clean them all. Most often, the cooler on the card is the most clogged. This is the largest element and stands above other boards. Disconnect the card from the monitor. The cable has fixing screws. unscrew them, remove the connector. Separate the graphics card from the motherboard. It has mounts on both sides. Unscrew the screws, slide the latch-lock on the board. Remove large particles of dust on the cooler with a vacuum cleaner.

To remove fine dust and grease the cooler, it must be removed from the card. At the corners of the fan frame, unscrew 4 screws. They are tiny, so it’s better to take them with tweezers, to unscrew them with a screwdriver or the tip of a knife. Then disconnect the cooler from the power. Bend the latches, pull out the connector. It is designed so that it can not be put incorrectly during assembly. Vacuum the radiator again, cooler blades, wipe them with a cloth moistened with alcohol. It is advisable not to leave fingerprints on the contacts of the card, wipe them too.

Remove the sticker from the back of the fan. The cooler axis and bearing will open. Put a little lubricating oil in the recess, put the sticker back in place. Assemble all the parts in the reverse order: install the cooler, insert it into the power connector, fasten the card on the motherboard with screws and latches, and connect the monitor cable.

There are other fans in the system unit that need cleaning. Clean them from dust with a brush. It is best to do this in the bathroom above the sink. It is difficult to remove the fan from the motherboard; thermal paste is required. Therefore, it is better to perform cleaning without removing the cooler with a vacuum cleaner, brush, napkin. Blowing dust from radiators, make sure that it does not settle again on the connectors on the motherboard. Remove immediately with a damp cloth.

With thermal grease, you can clean the processor cooler more thoroughly. Process the cooler blades, the heatsink walls, and the processor surface with a cloth dampened with alcohol. Remove pieces of old thermal grease from the radiator. Apply a layer of thermal paste evenly on the heatsink and processor, and reinstall them. Attach the side panel of the system unit.

As for laptops, this delicate operation is best trusted by experienced hands of specialists. A layman can damage the compact assembly when cleaning coolers, and the result will be sad.

How to clean a desk fan

The desktop fan collects a lot of dust on itself, especially in the summer, so do not spare a few minutes and clean it to protect your health. If you did not clean the fan for a long time and did not use it, mold could have started in it. In addition, firefighters say that the fan may catch fire during operation from dust. Are you afraid of fan grills and narrow openings? Stock up on small items suitable for cleaning.

Step 1: Using a suitable screwdriver, disconnect the front and rear fan grill. Remove the front grill.

Step 2: Unscrew the fan blades and remove them.

Step 3: On some models, the rear grill can also be removed. However, it is possible that the grill cannot be removed and will have to be cleaned in place.

Step 4: Wipe the fan parts first with a dry rag, then wash them in soapy water. You can wash in the sink or bath. Wipe stubborn dirt with a cotton swab and small brushes. It will take time, but do not regret it! A dishwashing detergent may help remove old dirt.

Step 5: Wipe the fan base and all buttons.

Step 6: Dry all the parts and reconnect them.

As you can see, this is not as difficult as it seemed at the beginning.

How to clean a laptop from dust: fan, cooler?

This article talks about how to independently clean a laptop from dust accumulated in it. When to carry out this procedure.

What tools to use for cleansing. In addition, about safety measures when cleaning a laptop.

When do I need to clean my laptop from dust?

There are several factors worth paying attention to. It is when these factors occur that it is worth thinking about the speedy cleaning of the laptop from dust.

The following factors are presented:

  1. Braking or freezing a computer system;
  2. Loud noise coming from technology;
  3. Frequent overheating of the laptop;
  4. A sudden logout, that is, a computer shutdown.

Such malfunctions in the laptop cause many inconveniences.

This happens for the following reasons:

  1. Dust accumulation in cooling elements. Dust alone cannot be removed from these places, as a result of which a large amount of it accumulates there;
  2. Dust accumulation on bearings and fan. As a result, a creaking sound may occur;
  3. Dust accumulation on the process and card. As a result, the laptop starts to overheat.

If at least one of the factors listed above occurs, you should think about the fact that it is time to clean the laptop from dust.

Different computer models can be cleaned with or without complete disassembly of the laptop. Both methods are described in detail below.

Dismantling a laptop for cleaning

In order to clean the laptop as clean as possible, it is advisable to completely disassemble it.

For this, it is necessary to carry out such actions:

  • First, turn off the laptop, and turn it off;
  • Remove the cover;
  • Unscrew the main elements and wipe them thoroughly;
  • You can replace the thermal grease, this will be an ideal option in cleaning the laptop;

A prerequisite is a good knowledge of the structure of the apparatus.

That is, you need to know exactly where what and how it was unscrewed, so that after the end of cleaning, to collect everything correctly. If this knowledge is not available, it is best to seek the help of a specialist.

Otherwise, if the assembly is improperly assembled, it may break or not work.

Further in the article, methods for cleaning the computer are described in more detail.

How and how to clean?

In order to clean the laptop from dust, you must use the following items:

  • Hard brushes, preferably made from natural hair;
  • Flat or Phillips screwdriver;
  • Cotton buds;
  • Ordinary syringe;
  • Natural alcohol;
  • Latex gloves;
  • If necessary, thermal grease.

Having collected all the necessary tools and disassembled the laptop, you can proceed to clean it. Start cleaning with a fan.

The following steps are required for cleaning:

  1. As mentioned above, you need to start with the fan. Usually it can be simply unscrewed and cleaned. It is convenient to clean it using cotton buds. The fan has fins-like walls. And just the same between them it is very convenient to clean with ear sticks. Do not flush the fan under tap water. This is an erroneous cleaning option.
  2. Next, proceed to cleaning the radiator. A syringe can be used to clean it. The air stream from the syringe must be directed to the air outlet. If this is not possible, then you can clean using ordinary brushes. With such cleaning, the radiator can not be removed.
  3. You can remove the radiator. At the same time, cleaning may have a slightly different character. Here it will be necessary to replace thermal grease. Wipe the radiator thoroughly. You can use alcohol and cotton wool. Then install the radiator in its place.
  4. Last, but not least, is the use of a vacuum cleaner. He will suck in all the dust that was previously swept away with brushes and cotton swabs.

Knowing all these actions, you can easily clean the laptop from dust accumulated in it.

Notebook cooler cleaning

The laptop cooler needs to be cleaned regularly of dust.

In particular, such a procedure should be carried out if the fan has become very noisy or very hot in the area of ​​the fan. So, first you need to make sure that the cause of noise and overheating is not a breakdown.

And then it is worth doing the following series of actions:

  • Depending on the laptop model, the fan is located in a specific place. It is required to determine its location;
  • If the cleaning is ordinary, then it is quite simple, using a brush, a needle or a cotton swab, to clean all the cooler clicks without removing it;
  • If the cleaning is general, then the cooler will need to be removed for a more thorough cleaning;
  • To increase the efficiency of the fan, the axis of its impeller must be lubricated with oil, ordinary or automobile;
  • If possible, the cooling system can be replaced with thermal grease.

General cleaning of the laptop must be carried out at least once a year. And this despite the duration and frequency of its operation, its storage location and other factors.

If the technical device has a warranty card, and it has not expired, then such a procedure can be entrusted to a specialist. If for some reason you want to do it yourself, you should remember the design of the laptop very well, so that at the end of cleaning, assemble it correctly.

How to understand that the cooler needs to be cleaned?

Absolutely everything a person uses needs timely cleaning, and this cooler is no exception. Its cleaning is not a complicated procedure, however, it is very responsible. How to understand that it’s time to clean the fan. It is also not difficult.

There are very few signs that the cooler needs to be cleaned:

  1. Loud noise coming directly from the fan;
  2. Excessive overheating from the cooler.

In the presence of the above signs, it is required to immediately clean the fan from dust.

This is necessary in order to avoid various breakdowns, and to eliminate the inconvenience that causes strong noise during operation of the technical device.

Precautionary measures

The following is a list of these measures:

  • When carrying out cleaning, a prerequisite is to disconnect the device from the network. Especially with a complete disassembly of the computer. Otherwise, you can be shocked and the like;
  • When using a vacuum cleaner, it is not necessary to direct it to various motherboards, this can lead to breakdown of the technical device;
  • Do not clean with wet or sticky hands. It is best to carry out this procedure with gloves;
  • It is not recommended to use your mouth to remove dust. This can cause dust to enter the eyes and lungs;
  • When using a hairdryer when cleaning a laptop from dust, it is important to remember that air can be allowed to be exceptionally cold. Hot air in this case will entail various breakdowns of the device;
  • It is strictly forbidden to use wet wipes and cleaning products when cleaning the laptop.

Provided that the computer will be cleaned of accumulated dust every 6 months, it will serve for the benefit of the owner for quite some time.

Cleaning the laptop without disassembling

You can clean the laptop without disassembling it. To do this, you must first study his system. In the laptop system, you can find information about its temperature. Each company has this function individually.

If the device shows from 60 degrees Celsius and above, then this is a clear sign that a rather large amount of dust has accumulated.

Some firms that produce laptops have taken care of its convenient design. At which, there is no need to disassemble the entire laptop, because without this it is quite easy to get to the cooling system.

In order to carry out internal cleaning of the laptop from dust, while not disassembling it, you must perform the following steps:

  • It is necessary to take a can of compressed air, alcohol, cotton wool, a brush;
  • It is advisable to carry out the procedure in a ventilated room;
  • Now you need to direct the can of compressed air into the ventilation hole of the computer;
  • Push air into this hole;
  • It is advisable to direct a stream of air into each click;
  • However, one should be careful not to damage the cooler itself;
  • Then I use alcohol and cotton wool to wipe the grate, if the dirt is not removed, you can use a brush.

After this cleansing, you can begin to clean the laptop keyboard. In the clicks between the buttons of the keyboard, a certain amount of dirt often accumulates, which in the future can affect the operation of these buttons.

You can clean the keyboard in two ways:

  1. Superficial cleansing. Such cleaning does not require disassembling the laptop.

The following actions must be performed:

  • Be sure to disconnect the laptop from the network;
  • Turn it off;
  • Using a vacuum cleaner, clean the entire surface of the keyboard;
  • Take alcohol and cotton wool and clean all buttons from dirt.
  1. Deep cleansing. This method involves disassembling the laptop.

The following steps are required:

  • Turn off the computer completely;
  • Remove the battery from it;
  • Get rid of the cover by unscrewing all the bolts (it is better to fold them in one place so as not to lose);
  • Disconnect the cable with which the keyboard is attached;
  • Remove the keyboard itself;
  • It is advisable to take a photo of the keyboard in order to remember in which order its buttons are located;
  • Using a flat screwdriver, or something similar, remove each button;
  • Using a dry rag, you need to wipe the surface of the keyboard, and then use alcohol and cotton wool for the same purpose;
  • Wipe all the keys and put them in place;
  • Then put the keyboard back in place.

Knowing these methods, it will be easy enough to clean every part of the laptop.

Cleaning the screen from dust

When buying a laptop, each client thinks about what is the best way to wipe the screen of his brand-new technology.

First you need to determine how dirty the screen is.

That is, it is just dust, or greasy spots, dirt.

  • To get rid of ordinary dust, you can use a plastic bag. It is desirable that it be as thin and soft as possible. Simply put the cellophane on the monitor and all the dust that has accumulated on the screen is moved to the cellophane.

However, it should be remembered that during such a procedure, a prerequisite is that the laptop must be disconnected from the power and cooled. That is, before the procedure, you should disable the laptop in advance.

  • Also, to clean the screen of dust, you can use a regular cloth, always dry. It is enough to just walk along the surface of the screen with a slight movement. In addition to napkins, you can use a regular cotton pad or a special napkin made of microfiber.

Do not use alcohol or alcohol-containing substances when wiping the screen. Also, do not use wet rags, wipes, cleaners.

Notebook operating rules, pollution prevention recommendations

In order for the laptop to last as long as possible, it is important to know the following rules for its operation:

  1. Careful handling of wires. If any cables are connected to the laptop, for example, a cable from a Wi-Fi, printer, etc., you should carefully hide them so that no one trips over these cables;
  2. Caution with liquids. In view of the fact that a laptop is portable, it is almost always with you, there is an option to spill liquid on it. This incident will certainly lead to breakage;
  3. Good cooling. Some laptop elements tend to heat up. In this regard, he should have a good system that will not allow overheating of equipment. Otherwise, overheating can lead to certain types of laptop breakdowns;
  4. Do not charge the laptop battery endlessly. If you constantly keep the laptop connected to the network, the battery will deteriorate quickly. And in a year without a network, he will stay on the strength of 15 minutes.
  5. Backup. An integral part of any unit, whether it is a phone or tablet. Very often there are times when the necessary information for an unclear reason is simply deleted from the laptop. For such cases, backup is provided;
  6. Careful attitude to the display. The display is a pretty fragile laptop element. In this regard, you should not constantly poke a finger at him, give children to play. This can lead to damage to the matrix, as a result of which dark spots will remain on the screen forever;
  7. Accuracy in handling the drive. The main rule is to always check whether the drive is closed or not. If you often leave it open, a large amount of dust will form on it, which will enter the laptop mechanism through the drive, which in turn is fraught with bad consequences;
  8. Bag for the laptop. With frequent movement of the laptop, you should get a special laptop bag. It will prevent all kinds of mechanical damage;
  9. Control over dust accumulating in a laptop. Every 6 months it is advisable to clean the laptop from dust.

Observing these rules, the laptop will serve its master for a rather long time.

In order to prevent contamination of the computer, you should regularly clean it. And also be more careful about technology.

How to clean a laptop fan from dust: instructions, 4 tips

For a laptop to work long and properly, it should be cleaned regularly. Dust is the scourge of modern electronic devices: when dust settles on mechanical parts, electronic circuit boards, etc., dust creates difficulties in the operation of the equipment, which leads to its rapid wear and complete decommissioning. As for laptop computers, dust is the main reason for the decrease in performance, overheating of the device. How to clean the laptop from dust, and which components of the equipment are most in need of cleaning. read below.

Experienced users of electronic equipment have long known that cleaning and purging equipment from dust are mandatory measures to keep the laptop in working condition. On average, laptop dust needs to be cleaned every six months. In some cases, cleaning activities need to be carried out more often. For example, if a program begins to “freeze” for no apparent reason. The frequency of cleaning depends on the number of dust collectors in the room, the quality of cleaning.

Use a screwdriver to disassemble the laptop.

You will understand how often you need to clean your laptop as soon as you disassemble the equipment: the amount of dust will tell you whether it is worth increasing or decreasing the interval between cleanings.

To open equipment, at the same time, it is necessary only after the expiration of the warranty period. Otherwise, in case of breakdowns, you will be refused a warranty repair of the laptop.

In order to clean the laptop from dust you need:

  1. Unplug the device and remove the battery. Depending on the model, you can remove the battery either by unscrewing the bolts or by pressing a special latch (for example, as on a Asus X51RL laptop). You can pry the latch both manually and with a screwdriver.
  2. Remove the back cover from the device. To do this, unscrew all the screws that hold the cover from dismantling (do not forget about the bolts in the area of ​​the battery). To do this, for example, as on Asus laptop, you can use a screwdriver with a Phillips slot.
  3. Dismantle the keyboard (if the cooler is in front of the laptop, for example, like the Lenovo G780). In most modern laptops, the keyboard is held by special plastic locks. By clicking them, you can pry the keyboard with tweezers, disconnect the cable, and dismantle it.
  4. Disconnect all loops (using a flat screwdriver), unscrew the bolts of the metal plate, and dismantle it.

You can clean the elements of dust with a vacuum cleaner at low power or a brush with a soft pile. In this case, special attention should be paid to the cooler and the exhaust ventilation shafts in the housing around it.

Do not forget about the USB ports and the CD-ROM of the device: you can clean them with the help of ear sticks or a can of compressed air.

At the same time, the flow should not be directed to the optical lens of the CD-ROM. The keyboard and laptop screen can be cleaned with a special wet towel.

Cleaning a laptop cooler

The laptop cooling system, which is called active, consists of a fan, a radiator and ventilation holes on the case. In order to clean the laptop cooling system you need to get to its main element. the cooler. There are two ways to do this. So, for example, to get to the Acer Aspire 5560G laptop cooler, you have to remove the keyboard, disconnect all the cables, and open the upper, metal part of the laptop case. In some models (for example, a Samsung NP350V5C laptop), the cooler is located under the motherboard. So, to clean the part, you will have to remove it too.

You can clean the laptop cooler with a vacuum cleaner or a rag

In most low-power models, such as the Lenovo G500, the cooler is located under the back cover of the laptop.

To get to the element, it will be enough just to unscrew the bolts holding the back panel. Do not remove and disassemble the fan for cleaning. Additional equipment for cleaning is also not needed: it will be possible to get by with improvised means.

So, you can clean the element of the laptop cooling system from dust with a construction brush for painting, blow it out with a vacuum cleaner.

At the same time, the vacuum cleaner should not be in the “washing” mode. Hard layers should be removed from the part with a hard bristle brush. The ventilation shafts around the cooler can be cleaned with a toothpick.

How to disassemble a laptop cooler and when there is a need

Disassembling the laptop cooling system may be necessary if the cooler began to work incorrectly (cranking with effort), make a lot of noise. This may be due to the ingress of a foreign object into the fan, the skewing of one or more fan blades, severe contamination of the system, twisting of a thread or hair onto the fan, etc.

You need to disassemble a laptop cooler if it makes any extraneous sounds

In order to disassemble a laptop cooler you need:

  1. Remove the bolts holding the upper protective panel of the panel element;
  2. Remove the metal panel;
  3. Remove the working blade with motor from the plastic cooler case.

After that, it is necessary to assess the degree of breakdown. If the problem is mechanical. the blades are distorted, then the fan will have to be replaced. In other cases, it will be enough to clean the part.

How to lubricate a laptop cooler and how to carry out a cleaning procedure

To lubricate the cooler, you can also choose machine oil for high-speed equipment, silicone grease.

At the same time, the grease should be a little thicker than petroleum jelly. You should not choose liquid oils, non-flowing grease for lubrication of the part: they will be pushed out of the part by centrifugal force.

To lubricate a cooler it is necessary:

  1. Clear item. Lubricating a dusty part can achieve the opposite effect: a grease with dust will turn into dirt, which will interfere with rotation, and which will be difficult to remove.
  2. Remove the sticker from the central screw part of the cooler.
  3. Remove the rubber plug leading to the fan axis.
  4. Pour grease with a syringe and slowly pour it into the hole under the plug. At the same time, do not pour too much grease. approximate volume. half the cube.
  5. Turn the fan a few times by hand so that the oil is well distributed over the part.

Install the cooler in the laptop case should be dry. Before installation. apply thermally conductive paste to the outer surface of the radiator abutting against the processor. Bolts must be tightened carefully without pulling them.

Instruction: how to clean the laptop fan from dust

Cleaning and purging the laptop from dust are important steps to keep the laptop working properly. They are responsible for protecting the system from overheating. You can clean your laptop yourself. The main thing is to be patient and be attentive. Indeed, the promotion of the bolts and the dismantling of structural elements takes a lot of time, and requires concentration. Otherwise, the above instructions and tips will help you!