Latest iOS 12.1.4 Update

As promised last week, Apple today released an unscheduled iOS update under iOS 12.1.4. Its release took place between the releases of the beta versions of iOS 12.2. The update is urgent and aims to fix one single error found in the FaceTime service. It allowed users, exploiting the existing vulnerability, to listen to their interlocutors, even if they decided not to answer the incoming call.

Latest iOS 12.1.4 Update

IOS 12.1.4 is now available for download to owners of all compatible devices. It can be downloaded both by air and using the iTunes utility installed on your desktop computer.

Wiretap through facetime

The vulnerability that iOS 12.1.4 fixes was discovered at the beginning of last week. It allowed a special way to use the group calls feature added in iOS 12.1 to start listening and even peeping at the called party. At the same time, the latter could not in any way protect himself, thereby exposing himself to the risk of divuLGing details from his personal life.

How to sue Apple

Despite the fact that the vulnerability was discovered relatively recently, she managed to become interested in the New York prosecutor’s office. The initiator of the audit was Governor Andrew Cuomo. It was he who turned to the state attorney general with a request to check Apple for the performance of its duties to ensure the safety of users.

However, it is now known that a bug in FaceTime has become the reason for the disclosure of classified information. In any case, this was stated by one lawyer from Texas, who filed a lawsuit against the company. According to him, someone could overhear him at the moment when he testified under oath. As a result, he stated, the information was disclosed, which should have remained secret from outsiders.

Updated: An updated macOS 10.14.3 build has also been released.

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