Laptop Battery Not Detected Sony Vaio

Rechargeable battery is one of the key elements of any laptop or netbook. The laptop battery is different from the desktop computer. And it is the battery that provides laptop mobility. If it is faulty, then the laptop is immediately attached to the outlet. Therefore, laptop owners are very interested in various issues related to battery operation. Today we look at a few issues related to the laptop battery. The main question addressed in this article is why the laptop does not see the battery. We will try to understand the causes of this problem, and what to do in such a situation.

Why doesn’t the laptop see the battery?

Why the laptop does not see the battery

Battery displayed displayed with a red X

If you move the mouse cursor over the battery icon, a message appears: “Battery not detected.”

Laptop Battery Not Detected Sony Vaio

Message: “Battery not detected”

  • Battery failure;
  • Incorrect battery connection;
  • Laptop motherboard malfunction.

Replacing the battery with a known working one will help to find out what is the matter here. If the laptop sees the battery, then the reason is the old battery. If the problem persists, then ─ this is a malfunction of the motherboard.

But not everyone has a spare battery at hand. Therefore, below are ways to resolve this malfunction using what is at hand.

What if the battery is not detected on the laptop?

In principle, Windows may not detect the battery if everything is okay with the latter. And from the outside, everything looks like the laptop does not see the battery. To check the status of the battery yourself, you can do the following:

  • Reset hardware settings;
  • BIOS reset;
  • BIOS upgrade;
  • Checking the start of the laptop from the battery without connecting to the network.

These operations are described in more detail below. If you need a program to calibrate a laptop battery, read the article at the link provided.
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Reset Hardware

Resetting the hardware removes all the information that is in the temporary memory of the laptop. After that, the Windows operating system will definitely carry out a full check of the laptop. Including the battery.

The following sequence of actions must be done to reset the hardware:

  • Unplug the laptop power supply or dock, if any;
  • Take out the battery;
  • Then hold down the Power button for 15 seconds. Many users are wondering why they should press the power button on a laptop disconnected from the network with the battery removed. This is necessary to remove the residual charge of the capacitors;
  • Reconnect the battery and power supply to the laptop;
  • Turn on the laptop and check the battery status in the Windows taskbar.

Take out laptop battery

15 seconds hold the Power button

BIOS reset

If the battery is not found on the laptop, then you can reset the laptop to factory settings using resetting the BIOS. To do this, take the following steps:

  • When turning on the laptop, press the button (key combination) several times to enter the BIOS on your model. Depending on the model or manufacturer, this may be Del, F2, F10, F12 and others;
  • In the BIOS settings, find the option that is responsible for resetting the settings. These may be the following options: “Restore default settings”, “Reset to factory settings”, “Default settings” and the like;
  • Then you need to confirm the reset, save the changes and exit the BIOS.

After that, check the battery status in the operating system.

BIOS upgrade

If resetting the settings to default values ​​did not help and the laptop does not see the battery, then you can try updating the BIOS. Sometimes this can help if the laptop battery is not detected. To do this, you need to find the latest BIOS for your model on the manufacturer’s website. You will also need a special utility for firmware. As a rule, all manufacturers produce such software. Some manufacturers implement such utilities directly in the laptop BIOS.

Attention! If you do not have experience in BIOS firmware, and do not clearly imagine the whole process, it is better not to take up this matter.

Checking the start of the laptop from the battery without connecting to the network

HP recommends doing this for your laptops. They advise starting a laptop running on battery without connecting to a network. If this succeeds, then HP experts advise you to reinstall the operating system. It is reported that this will help if the battery is not found on the laptop.

Starting a laptop from a battery without connecting to a network

Other problems with the laptop battery

In addition to the fact that the laptop is not detected battery, there are still a lot of problems with the batteries. Even if the laptop sees the battery, this does not mean its normal operation. Let’s look at a couple of common faults.

The laptop turns off if not connected to a power supply

At the same time, the Windows operating system sees the battery. If the power supply is connected, then when you hover over the battery icon, the message “charging” will be written. And when you turn off the power adapter, the laptop turns off.

What could be the cause of this malfunction?

  • Incorrect battery installation. Take out the battery and reinstall;
  • Oxidation and contamination of battery contacts. Therefore, there is no normal contact with the motherboard. Wipe the battery contacts with a cloth moistened with alcohol. Then reinstall it.

If the obviously working battery during installation does not change the situation, then this indicates a malfunction of the motherboard.

Battery charging stops when you move the power connector

The laptop sees the battery. The malfunction is that the power adapter charges the battery only in a certain position of the power connector.

What could be causing this?

  • The laptop power supply is working, and the cable is faulty;
  • The power supply and cable are working, and the power connector is faulty. It must be replaced at the service center.

Some laptop models are equipped with power connectors on a flexible wire. In principle, they can be replaced independently, since soldering to the board is not required there.

Laptop power connector

Fast battery discharge after a certain value

The situation is approximately the following. The battery is detected on the laptop and is 100 percent charged. If you turn off the power supply, the battery works, for example, up to 50 percent and then very quickly discharges to zero.

The problem here is almost always associated with a battery malfunction. In this case, the battery must be replaced.

Imtec Battery Mark Program

In conclusion, I want to say a few words about the program Imtec Battery Mark.

With it, you can check the laptop battery for normal operation and absence of malfunctions. When using the power adapter, tests in the program are not available. To run them, the laptop must be running on battery power.

You can run the test in normal and accelerated mode. After testing, the program gives real battery life and compares it with what the Windows operating system predicts.