Keyboard Replacement on a Dell Latitude Laptop

Repair Dell

  • Diagnostics
  • Prevention and cleaning
  • card repair or replacement
  • Motherboard repair
  • Matrix replacement, matrix loop repair
  • Keyboard repair or replacement
  • Technical upgrade of the device
  • Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • OS installation and setup

Warranty repairs and after-sales service for Dell equipment are performed by Ai-Vira based on the status of a Dell Warranty Service Center. Repair of laptops, monitors, Dell computers for our craftsmen is not difficult, because they have passed the necessary certification of the largest IT company in the world.

Keyboard Replacement on a Dell Latitude Laptop

High build quality, attractive design and excellent performance. Key features of Dell laptops. Since the company uses only the most modern technologies in its devices, Dell laptop repair is mainly due to careless handling or due to wear of parts. The situation is similar with Dell tablets, because in most cases they break after drops and exposure to water. Repair of Dell tablets in Kiev is mainly aimed at replacing the glass and screen of the device. This is a complex procedure that only the wizard will perform correctly.

We make repair, upgrade and service of laptops of a line:

  • XPS
  • Alienware
  • Vostro
  • Latitude
  • Inspiron
  • Studio

When you contact the service center, the first thing you say is what the problem bothers and how it manifests. If the laptop does not turn on, we will analyze and establish the cause of the breakdown for an accurate diagnosis. Within 30 minutes, it will already become known what the next steps will be for the Dell laptop to work. If the cause of the breakdown is standard and does not raise doubts among the craftsmen, you will immediately be presented with a Dell laptop repair plan. We use only original spare parts. even after the repair, the Dell laptop will be like new. We reduce the time and cost of repairs due to the availability of all necessary parts in our warehouse.

In case of visible mechanical damage, we replace the broken parts. Most often this is a broken screen or a damaged matrix, although the Dell laptop hard drive also falls into this list. In a similar situation, before replacing the disk with a new one, we extract the client files and transfer it to the new device. Information does not disappear without a trace, our engineers will get it so that it does not happen.

Solve the problem of each client. The main task for the engineers of the service center Aivira.

Repair DELL laptops or buy a new one?

DELL Notebook Service It is carried out according to the established base for eliminating breakdowns and shortcomings by the American manufacturer. The laptops manufactured by the company are quite reliable and not expensive, which was able to win a large number of supporters. They are considered stylish, productive and functional laptops. The series of game models is equipped with good high frequency graphics adapters, provides unsurpassed performance during games, as well as reproducing excellent image and sound quality.

Frequent calls to a service center are problems due to careless handling of a laptop. This may be overheating of the motherboard or liquid getting inside the case. Therefore, it is imperative to follow the simplest safety precautions when operating the device. Another common problem is not attentive to your computer during the workflow. If you notice that the laptop has become poorly charged or does not recover at all, it is advisable to take it to a service center for diagnosis. Alternatively, you can check the charger for your dell laptop on a similar working model to find out the reason at home.

Laptop repair DELL It is recommended to trust competent specialists who are able not only to find the cause, but also to correct deficiencies or breakdowns correctly. Since the first problems can begin from the moment when the battery level drops very quickly, this largely indicates a battery failure. In this case, the specialist after the diagnosis will help make the right decision whether to buy a new battery or try to start repairing the old one.

Tip: when after replacing the battery and connecting the charging to the laptop, the battery does not start charging, and when checking the plug connection, the charge resumes, try cleaning the contacts a little or replacing the laptop’s power connector.

A situation in which there is a problem with the keyboard due to spilled liquid should attract special attention. Slowness can play “a cruel joke” and disable the entire laptop. It is urgent to take the computer to the service. Do not do it yourself, as the liquid very quickly gets on the motherboard.

Sometimes urgent may be necessary repair monitors DELL, which will help the master even after the warranty period of service. Specialists in this area name several types of the most common breakdowns:

· Fading of the image some time after switching on;

· The monitor turns on, but the image does not appear;

· After turning on, the backlight only blinks on the monitor screen.

In most of these cases, the result of the examination reveals the reason. monitor inverter failure. But when the power supply fails, you can not expect the power indicator to light up. If there are problems with the color rendering and the image, streaks or various spots appear on the screen, noise and color distortions are possible, so replacing the matrix will help to replace the matrix. To prevent the laptop from malfunctioning due to mechanical damage, try to carry it in the folded state in a special bag-cover for transportation. So you can prevent a number of unpleasant moments that can occur through negligence.

When the cause of the malfunction is found and the decision is made to make repairs, we strongly recommend that you use only original spare parts, otherwise there is no guarantee of a further service life.