Jbl headphones don’t work one earpiece

What to do if one earphone on a wired or TWS headset does not work

If your favorite headset stops working properly, you don’t have to throw it away right away and buy a new one. in most cases you can solve the problem yourself. We figure out what to do if one earphone doesn’t work, and how to fix a wireless or wired model.

The plug is not fully inserted; dust or debris in the connector; dirty or oxidized contacts; damaged speaker diaphragm; mismatched wireless headset; internal wire breakage problems with drivers (when connected to a computer or laptop).

Another cause of sound problems is a mechanical breakdown of the speaker, or getting the gadget wet. We will not dwell on this point, because in this case to understand what caused the malfunction is not difficult, and to fix it with your own hands is almost impossible. The only thing you can do yourself is to dry the device in case it gets wet and try to connect it again.

The first thing to do if one earphone on a corded headset stops working is to try reconnecting the plug.

A loose contact is the most common cause of audio problems. In this case, it is possible that only one speaker is playing or the headset remote is not working properly, and reconnecting the plug correctly corrects the problem.

If one ear in the headphones of a TWS wireless headset is not working, it may simply not be charged. This can happen if you insert the “ear” in the case sloppily. then its pins will not make contact with the charger.

Other problems

If the described options do not fit, and the wireless headphones do not turn on, then it is likely that the various breakdowns that occur after certain circumstances:

  • How to charge Bluetooth wireless headphones correctly. tips!
  • Internal breakdowns after a fall from a height. It is enough to drop the device from your ear on a hard surface for something to fall off on the board.
  • If the headphones were lying around with the battery for a long time, it could leak and lead to oxidation of the contacts. That’s why you can’t put the device with the battery inside for storage.
  • Liquid getting into electrical devices leads to short circuits and death of individual elements or the entire device. If there is no resistance to moisture, even steam in the bathroom can kill your headphones.
  • During cleaning or other manipulation you may have pressed the speaker.
  • Deformation of the headset loop or the battery is a failure, so the wireless headphones do not turn on.
  • Bluetooth can fail in hot weather or freezing temperatures. Sometimes it is enough minus 3-5 degrees for the ears to stop working.
  • The signal is lost when the source is low, the distance between the devices is long, there is interference between them, in places where there are many other working appliances, even near a working microwave oven.

To accurately determine the breakage and fix it you will be able to only a master repairman. That is why you need to take it to service or buy new ones.

Wireless headphones why only one headphone works: what to do

We will tell you why only one earphone works and why Xiaomi and JBL wireless earphones don’t work together.

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Wireless headphones why only one headphone works is a frequent question on forums. In order to understand why only one headphone works it is necessary to understand a little bit about the specifics of wireless devices of this type.

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First of all, it is worth mentioning that many wireless headphones have a mono-mode, in which each earphone will work individually, independent of each other.

In mono mode, only one earphone will be heard. this feature can be forced, however, in the future the earphones may lose connection with your mobile device randomly

Loss of connection between wireless headphones and smartphone can occur spontaneously and do not depend on the actions of the user. Wireless headphones why only one headphone works. what to do in this case? It’s simple. you need to solve the problem related to the pairing of the device.

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In general, with the advent of wireless headphones, the problem of desynchronization has become particularly acute. it is when the main headphone cannot find the secondary. Sometimes there is no main headphone at all. they function independently of each other.

often than not, the automatic disconnection occurs after the headphones are removed from the case in cases where they can not be synchronized. In this situation the headphones do not see each other, they are not paired and can not communicate with the smartphone

If only one earphone works it is necessary to check if the earphones are correctly paired with the smartphone. Many wireless headphones when connected to a smartphone gives the user the choice of how it will be paired with the mobile device.

Sometimes in the list of connectable devices, wireless headphones are displayed separately. they may have the same name, but include the letters R and L respectively

The problem with wireless headphones why only one earphone works is encountered with JBL, Airpods, Sony, Xiaomi, and Sennheiser.

Sometimes when pairing devices, wireless headphones are displayed separately. with left and right channels. In the latter case, in the list of Bluetooth devices will be displayed the letters L and R. Consequently, it is possible to connect one of the headphones to the smartphone, but not two at once. This situation can occur both on Android-compatible devices and on smartphones with iOS.

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To solve the problem only one earphone works, you need to reset them to their original state. To do this, remove the headphones from the list of connectable devices and select the item “Forget device”. After that, the headphone LED should turn off and the device turns off. Then put the wireless headphones in the case

As a rule, these actions are enough to return the headphones to their original state. The question wireless headphones why does only one earphone works, is likely to be resolved.

Now to make the headphones work together they must be resynchronized with each other. To do this, remove the headphones from their case and turn them on, after which the two LEDs should blink. On some models will be blue and red LEDs, on some there is also a white.

On some headphones turn on by long pressing both buttons, others turn on and synchronize automatically. Also there are headphones where one short press is enough to turn on

After a few seconds the display on one of the headphones should turn off. The LED will remain only on the headphone, which is the main. it will connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth. It happens that the synchronization does not happen even after resetting the headphones, in this case you should return them to the store.

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Wireless headphones why does only one earphone work. a problem that is not only common for budget models, but also for high-end wireless headphones.

The cases when the headphones do not pair with each other and work separately are quite rare. In order to fix the problem it is necessary to assign one of the headphones as the main one. To do this press the on button on the headphones twice in a row

After performing the above actions the wireless headphones will work together. If the headphones still play separately you should contact the store and ask for a refund or replacement under warranty.

Thus, the question wireless headphones why only one earphone works can be found in any case.

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Earpiece soiled or wet

Sometimes dirt and small debris can block outgoing sound. You need to check the inoperable earphone and clean it with a dry cloth if it is dirty on the outside. To check the cleanliness of the headphones inside is essential:

  • Remove the wax filter with a needle. Removing the filter should be as carefully as possible, otherwise you can damage the speaker.
  • Carefully clean the earpiece inside without going too deep.
  • Insert a new filter.

If the earphone comes into contact with water, you must use a microfiber cloth to absorb all of the liquid. If the earphone still does not work after doing so, you may have damaged the loudspeaker. You can only have this repaired in a service center.

Why is one wireless earpiece not working

Causes of audibility problems are identical for budget and high-end devices:

  • Speaker is dirty.
  • Misalignment of device.
  • The battery is not inserted correctly.
  • Headset not positioned correctly.
  • Faulty connection of a new headset.
  • Incorrect sound settings.
  • The Bluetooth capsule is not properly installed in the ear.

Excessive distance or interference within the coverage area

If the user has moved away from the smartphone or PC for a few meters, then do not be surprised why the wireless headphones do not work JBL, Xiaomi or Airpods. the Bluetooth coverage area is a maximum of 10 meters in a straight line (no matter if indoors or outdoors). Walls, trees, or other obstructions in the signal path can also lead to dropped connections or interference.

For older or inexpensive wireless headsets, even the wearer’s body can be an obstacle. In this case you should try to put the smartphone in another (for example, from jeans to shirt).

Pay attention! If the devices are close together and you still hear noises, it is worth resetting them and updating the software, as well as checking that the speakers are working properly by connecting them through a cable. Learn how to remove noise or crackling in your headphones and get perfect sound

Why the phone does not see the Bluetooth headphones

When you connect your headphones to your smartphone or other device via Bluetooth, you may find that it doesn’t connect. And while Bluetooth technology is universal, it’s still often the case that users can’t set up their device properly. There are several reasons for this. First and foremost is the battery charge level. Since wireless headphones work autonomously, they have their own battery. If it is discharged, the connection may not happen.

Although the process of connecting the headphones is fairly straightforward in almost all cases, there may be some important details that are overlooked. Without a proper charge can also be a mobile device. And it also often happens that wireless headphones have already been paired with other devices. And the device will not see them, because there is no radio connection. The devices may have different modes enabled that prevent connection.

Connectivity issues

There are specific problems with the products of each particular manufacturer. The principles of connection, use and problem solving for all Bluetooth devices are common.

There are a few of the most common problems. Among them:

  • the headphones do not turn on or do not turn off;
  • Unexpected connection or disconnection from the source;
  • Bluetooth module conflicts between devices;
  • Re-pairing is required;
  • Ability to work only near the main device (phone, PC, tablet).

Only one earphone works

The most common causes of single speaker failure are shown in the table below.

Causes of malfunction Solution
Contamination Clean with home care product
Deformation or failure of the battery Replacing the battery at a service center can help
Headphones are far away from the main device Reconnect and shorten the distance between them
Error when pairing devices Must reboot, reconnect
Incorrect software source settings Rebooting of devices, reflashing, driver updates
Damage to the Bluetooth module, incompatible versions of Bluetooth headphones and the device to be connected Update your smartphone or replace the headphones with newer ones

If the performed operations did not help, probably the reason why one wireless headphone does not work is related to the following:

  • Damage to the wire inside the headband or failure of one speaker, if it’s an overhead headphone;
  • Damage of the inner part of the headset, contamination, mechanical effect, humidity. if these are vacuum, in-canal devices (small headphones).
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Such malfunctions can only be solved at service centers or by replacing the device.

No sound

There are two main reasons for the lack of sound:

  • Check the charge level. Put it on recharge if necessary.
  • Reboot the headphones and smartphone.
  • Test on multiple devices, connect to different phones, smartphones, PCs or tablets.
  • Check the headset for mechanical damage.
  • Check for compatibility of Bluetooth versions.

The headphones stop working unexpectedly

One of the common problems. when fully charged and successfully paired, the headphones do not work.

In both cases, you need to promptly intervene in the headset’s innards, replace the battery or buy new headphones.

Battery in wireless headphones cannot be replaced by yourself. It requires the re-soldering of small wires. Only a Wizard at a service center can help in this case.

Missing sound

The root of the problem is the quality of the headset. Cheap models can disappoint you with the results. Another reason is the difference in standards (versions) of Bluetooth in the headphones and the connected device. If the user buys headphones for a particular gadget, such as a phone or smartphone of a particular brand, the first thing to do is to check the compatibility of the Bluetooth versions of both devices.

There may also be the following reasons when the sound in the headphones can be lost:

  • low charge of both devices;
  • weak Bluetooth signal, its spontaneous disconnection;
  • electromagnetic radiation from other equipment nearby;
  • Malfunctions (e.g., application conflicts) on the smartphone;
  • Insufficient power of the smartphone, not enough memory to perform the running operations.

Lost Bluetooth signal

If the problem is not a factory defect, the battery.

Causes of unexpected Bluetooth signal interruption are as follows:

  • Low battery;
  • outdated version of the Bluetooth module;
  • There are obstacles in the way of signal transmission (household appliances, other radios or Bluetooth modules);
  • The distance between the headphones and the device is greater than the permissible;
  • The player’s operation failure;
  • External weather conditions: The air temperature is too low or too high;
  • Contamination of the speakers with dust, moisture.

Connection error

Make sure that Bluetooth is active on both devices. If the function is active, but pairing fails, it is worth rebooting the gadgets and checking the headphones with other devices. You should also check the charge level on your devices. On your smartphone, turn off all unnecessary running features and apps.

How to fix headphone problems

To try to solve possible difficulties in using a wireless headset, you should do one of the following recommendations

headphones, work, earpiece
  • Fully charge and if necessary reload the devices (PC, smartphone, tablet etc.).).
  • Check that you have selected the correct device for pairing from the list of available devices (by name).
  • Make sure that the volume is turned on.
  • When using an MP3 player, you need to know if the decoder can read audio files placed on the memory card. Some models can only output sound in MP3 and WMA format, (consult the instruction manual of the headphone for this)
  • Check if the headphones work through the cable when turned off. If so, the problem of audio transmission is in the compatibility of the Bluetooth channels. The solution is to use another compatible device or install the appropriate software.

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