iTunes failed to connect to this iPhone

Unknown 0xe8000015 Error when connecting to iTunes

An error with the 0xe8000015 code can appear in iTunes immediately after connecting the iPhone. Because of this, the program cannot synchronize data, create a backup or perform other actions. Message can occur when working with other “apple” devices.

Itunes Could Not Connect To This iPhone Error Fix

The ITUNES 0xe8000015 error began to appear after the global update of the auxiliary software Apple. Prevents the normal functioning of the software and does not allow synchronization by USB or Wi-Fi. Causes:

  • The computer has an old version of iTunes on the computer.
  • The program conflicts with another software.
  • Computer or mobile devices are outdated.
  • The iPhone is not enough free space.
  • The program files of the program were damaged.
  • Safety settings are lost.

Sometimes, to eliminate the problem, it is enough to restart a computer or iPhone. If after that the error of connection to iTunes still appears, then try to use one of the methods described below.

Ways to eliminate problems in iTunes

Technical support for the developer advises to perform such actions to obtain the necessary result:

itunes, failed, connect, this, iphone
  • Reload both devices to exclude a single error in the connection process. It is worth trying before the connection, restart the RS itself.
  • Check the volume of available memory on the device. The norm in this case begins with 1 GB.
  • Connect to other USB ports. In this case, you need to use original equipment. In addition, the error may be prohibiting the Connect simultaneously on several devices. Therefore, you need to pull out flash drives and other available drives.
  • Update drivers. It is better to carry out this procedure using the devices dispatcher through the USB Controllers menu. You need to choose the first line, click on it and select “Update Drivers”.
  • Update the OS devices along this way: “Basic Settings” → “Update Update”.

Itunes failed to connect to this iPhone because an unknown error (0xe8000003) occurred

The only option you have is to click OK. So what will you do next? Read on and see if any of our proposals will help to solve your problem.

You can try to use all the methods below, independently of each other.

1] clean the temporary files in the lock folder.

Lockdown folder is a hidden and protected folder. It is created when installing iTunes on any computer. The contents of this folder are all kinds of temporary data and files that iTunes creates during the synchronization of your device or its update. In fact, if you are familiar with the Cache concept, you can conclude that it stores Cache for iTunes software.

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To delete temporary data from this folder, start by pressing the combinations of the Winkey R buttons. To open the window execute.

Now enter % ProgramData % inside the text field and press input. Windows conductor indicates the location inside the folder with the program data.

Find a folder named Apple and open it. Now find a folder named LockDown. Select it and click Shift Delete on the keyboard.

Now he will request confirmation if you want to remove this folder. Click yes, and then reboot the computer so that the changes come into force.

2] delete iTunes or conflicting components

Enter Appwiz.CPL in the “Start Search” field and click “Enter” to open the applet “Removing the program from the control panel”. If you have installed iTunes correctly, you will find the following software:

  • Itunes
  • Apple software update
  • Support for Apple mobile devices
  • Bonjour
  • Apple 32-bit application support (optional)
  • Apple’s support support, 64-bit
  • Icloud

All software is installed with iTunes Apple. You must remove them all.

After rebooting the computer, you will need to delete all the remaining files and folders left by this software.

To do this, first click the combination of the Winkey R buttons. To open the window execute.

Now introduce % programfiles % inside the text field and press input.

Note. If you use a 64-bit version of Windows, you may need to complete the following task in the Program Files (X86) folder. It is located inside the section of the operating system of your computer.

The Program Files folder will open. Look for the following folders here:

If you find any of them, just select them and click Shift Delete on the keyboard.

Then find the folder with the name common files and open it. Then find the folder named Apple. Open it and find the following folders:

If you find any of them, just select them and click Shift Delete on the keyboard.

Reload the computer so that the changes come into force. Now ITUNES is completely deleted from your computer.

Then you can download the latest version of iTunes from here. Install it and see if your problem was solved.

Reinstall iTunes

If the ITUNES update has not solved the problem, try to remove and reinstall iTunes.

itunes, failed, connect, this, iphone

The steps for removing and reinstalling iTunes are given below

If you work on Windows, do the following

After that, click here and click the “Download now” button. If you use Mac, click here and click the “Download now” button.

After the load is completed, click the uploaded file and install the iTunes application again. Check if this solves the problem for you.

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Reinstall iTunes

Sometimes iTunes files can be damaged, and this may be the reason for the error: “iTunes failed to connect to this iPhone, there is no value”. One of the possible solutions to eliminate missing files is the reinstallation of iTunes. This is how to do it.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: in some ITUNES systems can have two versions of Apple’s application support. Make sure you will delete both of them. To check whether all related programs are deleted or not, you can use the search panel. Just enter the “apple” in it.

  • Reinstall iTunes and related components
  • After the complete removal of iTunes, start your computer again and also download the latest latter.Version with Apple.Com.
  • Open.Loaded file, and the installation master will appear.
  • Monitor the instructions and go for a place from the iTunes folder as well as agree with the conditions.
  • When the installation is completed, press it, and you have a new iTunes application on your computer.

Reinstall iTunes

If you are still encountering a 0xe80000A error when connecting the iPhone, then it’s time to reinstall iTunes. We hope that this will take care of any damaged data or incorrect settings that lead to the appearance of an error.

itunes, failed, connect, this, iphone

Enter applications and functions in the Start menu, click “Open”, and then delete the programs associated with iTunes in the following order:

  • Itunes
  • Apple software update
  • Support for Apple mobile devices
  • Bonjour
  • Apple’s support support, 32-bit
  • Apple’s support support, 64-bit

After that, reboot the computer, download the fresh copy of the iTunes and reinstall it.

ITUNES update

The normal work of the program is guaranteed only if the latest version of iTunes is guaranteed. If the automatic check of the availability of updates was disconnected, then it will not be possible to connect with the computer. In this case, do the following:

  • Mac OS X. On the computer, run the official App STORE application store. In the upper part of the window, find and click the “Update” button. A list of available applications will be displayed. If it has updates for the ITUNES operating system or program, then click on the line and select “Install”.
  • Disconnect other USB devices (phones, players) from the computer and run itunes. On the toolbar, click on the “Help” button and in the drop.Down list, select “Check the availability of updates”. If a new version of the program is available for PC, then download it and wait for the end of the operation.

To download updates, you need to connect to the Internet. If this is not possible, then completely reinstall iTunes using another device. To do this, delete the program from the computer and copy the “fresh” version of the distribution on it. It is available for free download from the official website of Apple.

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Eliminate the error in iTunes. Remove the LockDown folder

To correct the problem, »ITUNES failed to connect to this iPhone» (0xe8000015) First of all, we will check the files that lie in your computer to interact the devices. To do this, we will delete one folder in the system related to the phone.

  • Close all windows and applications, including the iTunes application.
  • Disconnect the wire from the computer, this must be done immediately when an error appears 0xe8000015.
  • Open on a computer by pressing Ctrlshiftescape Task Manager.
  • Select the “Processes” section in the program above.
  • Find here the neglected processes that are currently superfluous applembledveice.EXE, Ituneshelp.EXE, APSDAEMON.EXE. And others that relate to your mobile device and iTunes store. Processes may vary slightly in name, it depends on the versions of the programs.

Now proceed to removing LockDown folder. To do this, in Windows XP, Vista, 7:

Top 5 Ways to Fix iTunes Could Not Connect to This iPhone 2022

  • Open the “Perform” window (for this, press the Winr key combination).
  • In an empty line, enter the next command % allusersprofile % and run it by clicking the “Enter”.
  • Next, the Application Data folder will open (you can only read it).
  • After find and go to Apple folder.
  • In the list, select LockDown and click PKM and select the “Delete” line.

Make sure that iTunes and related components have not left any files

Click Windows Logo Key Rop to run

Type % software files % in run dialogue and click enter.

One at a time, find and click the following folders with the right mouse button (if they exist), click delete and confirm the action:

Double.Click on the common files folder to open it.

Double.Click on the apple folder to open it.

One at a time, find and click the following folders with the right mouse button (if they exist), click delete and confirm the action:

Support for mobile devices support for Apple Corefp applications

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: If your computer works in the 64-bit version of Windows, you will have to repeat 3-6 steps in software files (x86) folder located in the hard disk section in which the Windows installation is located (in most cases this section is the local disk C).

Go to your desktop, click on the basket with the right mouse button, click on an empty garbage basket in the context menu and confirm the action in the emerging poppy window.

Start your computer again.

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