It is difficult to hear the interlocutor on the Samsung Galaxy phone

How to solve the above problems?

If the phone is incorrectly configured, you just need to increase the volume of the earpiece speakers. This method is the simplest.

If the passages along which the sound goes are clogged, then opening the case of a mobile phone or smartphone, thoroughly cleaning it and, if necessary, replacing worn-out parts will help. Elimination of the problem is not as elementary as increasing the volume, so if you do not have sufficient qualifications in solving such issues, it is better to give the phone to a service center.

If the coil of the spoken speaker is out of order, then here it is only necessary to completely replace the defective part. Without experience in this type of repair work, it is better not to take on this matter, entrust the repair to an experienced specialist.

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And if there is no sound at all?

If you do not completely hear the interlocutor on the phone, then there are several culprits of the problem:

  • there was a break in the loop or its contact, which is responsible for the sound of the speaker, or its coil is torn;
  • if the phone fell, then one of the reasons why the interlocutor may not be heard on the phone is a break on the main board of the mobile phone or smartphone;
  • the microcircuit or elements that ensure stable uninterrupted operation of the phone may fail.

In all these cases, you just need to seek help from the master.

Why is there interference??

The reasons that entail a malfunction in the operation of a mobile device are quite numerous and varied. Situations due to which you cannot hear the interlocutor on the phone are:

  • incorrect volume settings of the device, it is possible that your device is set to the minimum volume of audio playback in the earpiece speakers;
  • the sound paths of the phone are clogged. Anything can clog them, for example, dust;
  • there was a short circuit in the speaker coil or it is burnt.

For all of the above reasons, it may be very difficult for you to hear the interlocutor, but the voice will sound.

I can’t hear the interlocutor on the phone: we solve the problem

Recently you bought a brand new mobile phone and immediately decided to call and tell all your friends and acquaintances about the successful purchase? But here’s the bad luck, as soon as the interlocutor picked up the phone, interference, clicking began to be heard from the speakers of the device, and the voice of the subscriber was practically inaudible? Do not despair, this article will help you solve this situation.

Can’t hear sound on my Samsung Galaxy phone

One of the reasons for the poor performance of the device can be a software glitch. The option to fix your phone might be to reset all data to factory settings. During this process, all information contained on the smartphone will be erased, including the application that disrupts its normal operation.

Also, the reason may lie in the microphone of the device. In order to understand what is happening to him and how to fix the accessory, you should come to the service center and show the master the faulty mobile phone.

If at school you received A’s in computer science and are good at firmware, then one of the options for solving the question of why you can’t hear your interlocutor on your Samsung phone is to reflash the device. But this must be done with great care: there is a considerable risk of making a mistake and getting a lifeless brick instead of a normally working mobile phone. If there is no confidence, it is better not to experiment, but to ask for the service of a qualified programmer who understands such things.

Blacklist of contacts

Contact blacklist settings

If a subscriber is trying to call you, but you do not hear a phone call, while when you start music, the video, everything works correctly.

Check the blacklist of contacts. This function blocks the sound for an incoming call from an ignored subscriber.

To determine that the problem lies in the fact, just look at the screen when calling. a corresponding mark should appear next to the caller’s name. You can also do this by looking at the list of nongrata persons by going to the menu section of the same name.

How to diagnose the cause correctly

Most often, problems with the sound of the speaker begin as a result of mechanical impact, for example, water could get inside the smartphone, or it could fall to the floor. Any fall could negatively affect the speakers: rupture of loops, damage to connectors or contacts, etc.

If moisture gets inside, then the gadget must be quickly dried so that the contacts do not oxidize. To do this, the speaker connector is purged with a can of compressed air or a hairdryer. Alternatively, the gadget is placed in a bag of rice (it absorbs moisture quickly). If the speaker stops working after a fall, you will need to take the gadget for repair. If you have the appropriate skills, you can repair the device yourself. In extreme cases, this hearing component will need to be replaced.

drying the phone with rice

If there was no mechanical damage and contact of the phone with moisture, the reasons for a sharp malfunction of the speaker may be as follows:

  • the audio parameters are incorrectly configured;
  • the user has accidentally turned off the sound or switched the gadget to Do Not Disturb mode;
  • the speaker is clogged;
  • headphones are connected;
  • system failures, etc.

Where to begin?

It doesn’t matter what operating system is installed on the device. iOS (iPad / iPhone) or Android. The most important thing is not to succumb to panicky emotions. Often, the defect can be eliminated at home, without contacting specialists.

Think carefully, when did the sound disappear? Think back to your last actions with your smartphone. He did not fall, did not get liquid (water, sugary drinks) into it? Maybe someone else was using the device (acquaintances, children)?

If the above influences are excluded, then you need to check the correctness of the audio settings. For example, for an “iPad”, a situation is possible when a switch on the side mutes the sound. It is worth reviewing the parameters to refute or confirm such a version.

Or maybe just the volume is set to “0”. This also happens. In general, go through all the options related to sound. If configured correctly, the problem is of a hardware nature.

Battery saving mode activated

Some phone models have a special. a mode that is designed to save battery power. When activated, the functionality of the device drops, including the sound may “disappear” (it will only be during telephone conversations). This is done in order to maximize the life of the device without recharging.

Power saving mode is forced on

So, this mode can be started automatically (sometimes forcibly) when the battery charge reaches a certain limit (10%, 15%, etc.). For example, there is such a thing in devices from Bright Quick.

Solution: charge your phone and switch to normal operation. Check volume settings and sound work again.

Broken regulator

A polyphonic or conversational speaker in the phone will refuse to work fully if the owner first reduced the sound to a minimum and broke the regulator. The solution to the problem is to repair the swing. It is necessary to disassemble the case, check the current state of the contacts. If they have moved away, the master re-solders them or replaces the module with a new one. Buttons tend to jam, ceasing to function fully, probably debris got inside the mechanism. If a breakdown is found again, the side adjustment rocker must be replaced.

Note! To make the sound work when the swing is not functioning, it is recommended to use the settings menu. The operability will be restored, but such a solution to the problem should be considered as temporary.

Modem firmware error

However, a popular cause of distorted sound is flawed modem firmware. It is treated only by updating or installing custom firmware. However, there are workarounds that help some users. If one of the following tips helped you, then the problem is definitely in the firmware of the modem.

  • Turn off Wi-Fi before talking
  • Set the network type to “3G only”
  • Disconnect mobile internet while talking

If you don’t have important information on your phone, you can try resetting all settings and user data.

At the moment, these are all known ways to fix the incorrect operation of the microphone. If you know any other ways. write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, we will be happy to add them.

The telephone is, first of all, a communication device, despite its many additional functions. If it is hard to hear through the iPhone, such a malfunction is fraught with serious problems for the owner and his interlocutor. Audibility may deteriorate or disappear altogether for several reasons.

THEY CAN’T HEAR ME?? GALAXY S4 and S5 also Tablets

Some of them can be dealt with without the involvement of specialists, but most often you have to contact a service center. We will determine what reasons lead to a deterioration in audibility, and tell you how you can deal with them.

The main reasons for the problem when me / the interlocutor is hard to hear

The first and most common reason for insufficient audibility is the “Noise reduction” and “Improvement of the subscriber’s voice” settings (not available on all firmwares). You need to go to Settings. Call and at the very bottom find these items and disable them. After that, you need to restart the smartphone and check if the situation with audibility has changed. It’s worth noting that this feature has disappeared with Android 6.0 Marshmallow firmware on some newer Xperia devices. For example, on the Xperia X and Xperia X Performance.

The second common reason that you / the interlocutor is hard to hear may arise due to the settings of the mobile network. You need to go to Settings. Mobile network. Mobile network settings and try to change the Preferred network type from one to another (LTE (preferred) / WCDMA / GSM to WCDMA (preferred) / GSM). Many Xperia owners commented that this improved the audibility of conversations.

How To Fix The Ear Speaker On Any iPhone! [Hearing Issues | Low Volume]

The third reason lies in the “Ok Google” voice search. There are cases when users complained about the lack of sound during a call (the interlocutor cannot hear you). This is typical not only for Sony Xperia, but also for any other Android devices. To test the impact of voice search, you need to go to Google Now. Settings. Voice search. “Ok Google” recognition and disable this feature. Then you need to reboot the device.

The fourth reason that when talking with Sony Xperia you or the other person can be hard to hear after a firmware update. It happens that the new software has some bugs or the update “got up” on the phone not as it should. Therefore, if none of the above helps, then you need to try Hard Reset (complete reset) of the Xperia device. To do this, go to Settings. Reserve. copy and reset. Master reset. Reset phone settings. After that, ALL data from the phone memory will be deleted and the phone software will return to its original form. This usually always helps.

The fifth reason for poor audibility during conversations is moisture trapped in the earpiece and microphones. This applies to waterproof Sony Xperia smartphones. After the Sony Xperia has been in water, the membranes protecting the speakers and microphones should be allowed to dry out for a while.

The sixth reason is the most unpleasant and it is associated with hardware problems. If you or the interlocutor are hard to hear, and the possible reasons named above have already disappeared, then, most likely, the matter is in a manufacturing defect of the speaker or microphone. In addition, problems with poor audibility can occur due to internal damage to the smartphone due to drops or bumps. Then you should contact the service center.

Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев if this guide was useful and helped you get rid of problems with poor hearing. Also share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев if you find any other probable reasons for the bad connection.

What should I do if I can’t hear my iPhone (“iPhone”) buddy during a call? Unfortunately, many owners of Apple mobile devices face this situation. And not everyone will be able to cope with this trouble on their own. In any case, first you need to understand the reasons.

What should I do if I cannot hear the interlocutor on the iPhone (“iPhone”)? Some diagnostic features

As you may have guessed, it is very difficult to identify any patterns that indicate the presence of such problems. Self-diagnosis is also highly discouraged. If you are an inexperienced user, then it is better to start with a simple one. check if there is a silent mode, that is, if the Mute mode is activated.

It would be nice to check the microphone itself. To do this, it is enough to record something on it (for example, your voice). If the problem is in it, then it is advisable to immediately contact our Apple-SAPPHIRE service center. If everything is in order with him, then the problem lies in the connection. Sometimes it helps to restore / update the firmware, but in the absence of the necessary skills and special knowledge, this is also not recommended.

Physical damage cannot be ruled out. For example, a board replacement or other type of repair may be required. To do this, you need to seek help from our highly qualified craftsmen. We recommend that you sign up to us in advance through the website or by phone call. We also offer a courier delivery service that will significantly save you time.

The safest and fastest way to find out why the interlocutor cannot be heard on the iPhone (“iPhone”) is to resort to the help of our masters. Apple-SAPPHIRE offers free diagnostics for any device from Apple, which sets us apart from the competition. Depending on the specific problem, the repair process can take anywhere from 20 minutes to two business days. But we will try to do everything as quickly and efficiently as possible, without making you wait long and without overstating the cost of services.

A fairly common problem faced by smartphone owners is poor hearing when talking. over, it affects both Android devices and other operating systems, such as iOS and Windows Phone. I bring to your attention several proven ways of what to do if you cannot hear the interlocutor on the phone.

How to solve the above problems?

If the phone is incorrectly configured, you just need to increase the volume of the earpiece speakers. This method is the simplest.

If the passages along which the sound goes are clogged, then opening the case of a mobile phone or smartphone, thoroughly cleaning it and, if necessary, replacing worn-out parts will help. Elimination of the problem is not so elementary, so if you do not have sufficient qualifications in solving such issues, it is better to give the phone to a service center.

If the coil of the spoken speaker is out of order, then here it is only necessary to completely replace the defective part. Without experience in this type of repair work, it is better not to take on this matter, entrust the repair to an experienced specialist.

Simple solutions

Check volume and connections

Initially, you need to check the basic settings. First, make sure the call volume is not set to the minimum. During a call, adjust the volume using the control buttons. the screen should display the volume indicator and its current state.

Secondly, make sure that no headset is connected to the iPhone, as there will be no sound from the smartphone’s receiver in this case. Check that nothing is plugged into the headphone jack or dock jack, and that nothing is. In addition, go to Settings → Bluetooth and turn off Bluetooth.

Microphone check

If the previous tips didn’t work for you, then the problem is a little more serious. First, you need to check if the microphone is working properly. This can be done in two ways:

  • Record something on the built-in voice recorder and listen for interference
  • Run a microphone test in the engineering menu (dial ###)

If it turns out that the problem is in the microphone itself, all that remains is to change it. If the test did not reveal any problems, then the reason is software, we read the following points.

Clean the receiver

The iPhone receiver may not work properly if it is dirty or clogged. Make sure that the receiver is not blocked by anything, such as a protective film or case, and also check that the receiver grille is not clogged. In the latter case, it is necessary to brush it with a clean dry brush with soft bristles.

Advice! If you just bought an iPhone, remove the plastic films from the covers of your smartphone.

Why can’t the other person hear me on the phone??

You can quickly find out the cause of the problem by simply plugging in a headset. If after that you make a speakerphone call and the interlocutor hears you, it means that the microphone built into the phone is damaged, and the device must be taken to the service center to replace the part. At times, the usual restart of the smartphone helps.

Sometimes a consequence of the fact that the interlocutor does not hear you well on the phone is a system failure, which you can try to fix on your own without contacting specialists. In this case, proceed as follows:

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Find the item “Memory and backup”
  • Create a backup by connecting a memory card or use the cloud storage, a copy can also be saved using a computer via the USB port
  • Perform “Factory reset”

This is a radical measure, but if the device worked fine in its pure form before you started installing programs, then the problem is in the installed software. This turns out to be enough to eliminate the reason that the interlocutor does not hear me well on the phone.

If you use this method, save all the information that is stored on the device, as it will be deleted during the reset. Please note that all photos, videos, account settings, messages, contacts, and applications will disappear, so do not neglect the backup. Some smartphone models have built-in utilities for saving a backup to cloud services of phone manufacturers. For more information, see the article Android factory settings or factory reset.

The interlocutor does not hear me well on the phone

What to do if the interlocutor does not hear me well on the phone? If the device is under warranty, then you can simply contact the service center, where they will repair or replace the corresponding parts. What if the warranty, unfortunately, has already expired? Then you should try to independently determine what the cause of this defect is: a software failure or a hardware malfunction.?

What to do if the interlocutor does not hear me well on the phone?

To troubleshoot microphone issues, try cleaning your phone using the Tubro Cleaner program available in the Play Store. Tubro Cleaner will safely clean your smartphone from unnecessary files and programs that slow down the operation of the device, as well as eliminate settings errors. Run the application, and the utility will control the operation of the system files of the smartphone.

  • Download and install the program on the device
  • Run “Accelerate”

You can clear your smartphone of files that lead to software malfunctions using the built-in utility, if your phone has one. To use this function, you must:

  • Go to “Security”
  • Then select “Optimize”

When you call, the interlocutor does not hear me. drastic measures

Well, the last option is to reflash the phone (instructions). This most likely will not work on your own without a certain skill, if you do not have sufficient experience or have never been involved in flashing. It is better to contact the service center, where specialists will make everything faster and safer for your smartphone. If you decide to change the software yourself, you should go to the phone manufacturer’s website to download the firmware and upload it to the device. But, having dared to take such a step, be sure to create and save a backup copy, as described above. Perhaps, after installing a new firmware, you will have a question, How to set up incoming calls on Android. in this case, be sure to read the article.

We deliberately do not give advice such as “take a toothpick and independently clean the microphone hole from accumulated dirt or dust”, since it is quite easy to damage the microphone by piercing it. After that, replacement is possible only at a service center. If the interlocutor does not hear me well on the phone, use our advice. Need help. write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, we will help.

Answers on questions

I dropped my phone on the floor, after which the interlocutor does not hear me well on the phone. You can fix this problem yourself?

Most likely, the microphone is damaged after falling, contact the service center for replacement.