Is it possible to restore WhatsApp correspondence on iPhone

Whether the correspondence will remain if you remove and restore WhatsApp

Often in life it happens that we delete something necessary. Accidentally or on purpose. Does not matter. This applies to messages, and photos and even individual applications that humbly store huge amounts of data. And it happens that we have a need to contact remote materials, but is it so easy to do? For example, if WhatsApp was removed, if he will save a lot from missing correspondence, if it is restored? And in general, will this step help to solve the problem? Or the data can no longer be returned? It is necessary to deal with this issue once and for all.

It would seem that it could be easier than deleting the boring application? However, even here there are features and tricks. It is worth starting with the fact that you can delete, both the application and your account. You think it makes no difference what to delete? By no means.

Removing the application leaves access to many things when restoring (chats, messages, media files), but a remote profile, alas, does not restore in any way.

Accordingly, access to the destroyed materials in this situation will not be able to get in any way. And, in fact, access to the profile itself will be lost forever, so when deleting files, be extremely careful.

Removal of WhatsApp on Android

Also before removing the application (if you still want this), it is recommended to leave backup copies of your materials. This is done quite simply: before removal, go into the settings and select the button, which is called “backup”. Data can be saved on Google disk. They will help you a lot with the new registration of the profile (if the previous account is removed) or when restoring the remote application.

If you can’t delete WhatsApp from your phone yourself (you find it difficult), then we present a brief instruction for this. After all, the principle of removing the application from different brands of phones is approximately the same:

    and hold it until the image of the garbage basket appears

  • With a light movement of the finger, pull the label of the application into the basket
  • The removal is completed

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages on iPhone(without backup)

And if you go to the application itself, you can delete your account. This is done through the settings in the “Account” column by entering its phone number into the window and pressing the “Removing Account” button.

Elimination of problems in icloud

If you have problems with loading or restoring a backup from iCloud, then most likely this is not due to WhatsApp, but with the ICLOD record. If you need help with iCloud, contact Support Apple.

If you are not able to create a backup, try the following:

  • Make sure you entered the device with the Apple ID that you use to enter icloud.
  • Make sure the iCloud Drive is turned on.
  • If you are trying to create a backup on iOS 7, make sure that all other devices that are tied to your Apple ID option have never been turned on.
  • If on any other device using your Apple ID, the ICLOUD DRIVE option is enabled, then you will not be able to download data on iOS 7. Even if the iCloud Drive was previously turned on and then turned off, you will not be able to create a backup on the device with iOS 7. You will need to update to iOS 8 or a newer version to back up.
  • Make sure you have enough free space in your iCloud account to create a backup copy.

If you are not able to restore the backup, try the following:

  • Make sure you are trying to restore data for the same phone number and iCloud account, for which backup was made.
  • Make sure that your iPhone has enough free space to restore a backup copy.
  • If the backup copy was created when using iCloud Drive, you cannot restore this backup on any other device without iOS 8 or a newer version.
  • If any other device using your Apple ID includes the ICLOUD DRIVE option, then you will not be able to restore data on your iPhone, if it does not have iOS 8 or more new version.
  • Complete the recovery by connecting to another network. It is better to the one to which you are most often connected.

Restoring messages from a backup copy by third.Party programs

Correspondence WhatsApp is restored in another more difficult way. When using special utilities.

Using Ultdata

The program allows you to return the previously remote data of WhatsApp in your phone, iTunes and icloud. The final result of recovery depends on the statute of limitations of remote information and the IPhone system version.

The utility restores in several ways: from a backup made in iCloud or iTunes; Without using backup. Supports all versions of iPhone operating systems.

To restore remote messages in WhatsApp on the iPhone, you will have to take the following steps:

  • Connect the iPhone using a cord to a personal computer. Open the Ultdata program. Decide on the regime of information return. Select without a backup: ‘restoration from iOS device’. Launch data scan on the device. Wait for the completion of scanning.
  • When the scan is over, the data will be available for pre.Examination. Specify the type of data. Click the item restore.
  • Select a place to save files. Run recovery and wait for the completion of the process.
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Ios Data Recovery

The utility is paid, but has a free trial version.

possible, restore, whatsapp, correspondence, iphone
  • The software is launched. Presses to restore-emission from the icloud backup file. Entrance to the account of the cloud. Downloading and scanning the files selected for return.
  • After the load and scanning is completed, WhatsApp messages are viewed and selected for recovery.

To recover from iTunes, the following is done:

The program is loaded and installed. It is pressed to restore-vital from the backup of iTunes. After displaying intense files, WhatsApp is selected. The scan button is pressed.

Когда сканирование завершится, выбираются данные для возврата, и нажимается восстановление. The file will be available for saving on a computer and smartphone.

This program allows you to return data without a backup copy.In order not to spend time searching for ways to restore and solve the problem, it is necessary to create a backup copy of the conversations with the files contained in them, in cloud storages. So, the information will be insured from random or intentional (if the phone fell into the wrong hands) deletion.

Message recovery programs

Special software helps to restore messages even in difficult cases when standard methods do not work.

Owners of Android devices in this regard are a little easier-there are many applications designed specifically to restore and read remote messages of any type.

For the iPhone there are much less such opportunities, they are reduced to the restoration of data using a software installed on PC.

For android

The most popular apps for adroid devices:

  • WAMR is one of the most popular applications for restoring text messages and media files transmitted by WhatsApp. You can download it in Google Play for free. With advertising, or for a fee. Without advertising.
  • Whatsremoved resembles Wamr in its functionality, using this application you can also restore text messages, photos, videos, voice messages. But Whatsremoved has an additional advantage. This application allows you to control access to the passenger on a password or fingerprint.
  • Notification History. This program allows you to read messages that the interlocutor deleted after sending. After the installation of the program, messages will be stored in the system of system logs, and not only in the messenger itself. For the correct work of the program, it is necessary to enable notifications from WhatsApp. With the help of Notification History, it will not be possible to restore remote photos and videos, it works only for text and voice messages. The program is designed for Android devices.
  • Deleted Whats Message is a completely free application with which you can restore both text messages and photos, videos, stickers. In addition, it allows you to import/export backup copies to other devices.

All these applications can show different efficiency on different devices. Much depends on the model of the device, its “age”, firmware, etc. You may need to try several options to find the optimal. This will take some time, but in the future your correspondence will be reliably protected from unauthorized deletion.

For iPhone

Tenorshare Ultdata. A program that allows you to restore WhatsApp correspondence on the iPhone, if there are no backup copies.

With its help, you can return the information that was deleted, although the results are very different. Much depends on the IPhone version, as well as the statute of limitations of data removal. The most easily restored text messages, with media files the chances of success will be lower.

The program is downloaded on PC, to restore data, you need to connect the iPhone on it.

  • We launch the program and wait for it to find the device;
  • Open the recovery menu;
  • Select the necessary points and click on restore.

The program is free, it can be installed on PC with any OS. Macos or Windows.

What to do if it was not possible to return the chat

If problems arise when restoring chats, you need to check the correctness of all data:

  • Make sure that you use the phone number to which the account is tied and you have access to it. Using a new number in the messenger is one of the most common problems. If you have corresponded under a different number, then you can restore it only if you “re.Click” into the messenger using the old number. Also, the past correspondence will not be displayed when changing the phone number.
  • This is especially important when transferring information to a new iPhone with a new number;
  • Make sure the correctness of the iCloud accounting. It is difficult to make a mistake here, but, nevertheless, it will not be verified the correctness of its correctness.
  • Check the quality of the connection to the network. The signal should be stable, and the speed should be quite high.
  • Use iOS not older than version 8. Otherwise the problems with the restoration of chats are almost inevitable. Restoring correspondence is possible only from the version of iOS 8 and above. And the latest version of WhatsApp needs iOS 10.
  • Make sure that the device is activated by iCloud Drive.

It is also worth periodically checking the volume of free space both on iCloud and on the device itself, t.To. The lack of space will cause problems in reserve copying.

How to restore chats in WhatsApp on iPhone

There are several ways on the iPhone that help restore chats in the WhatsApp messenger. It is recommended to familiarize yourself with all the methods, and then choose the most suitable.

How to restore WhatsApp archive on iPhone via iCloud

ICLOUD is one of the most useful functions on the smartphone. With its help, the user can store all the necessary information, as well as backups on a remote server. At any time, the lost data will be able to restore.

First you need to make sure that the iPhone has a backup function. It is recommended to establish an action that will create a backup in certain intervals of time. Thanks to this, the user may not be afraid that personal data will be lost due to various failures in the operation of the system.

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To create a backup in iCloud, you should open the smartphone settings. Here you need to go to the ICLUD section, and then ICLOUD DRIVE. The slider, which is responsible for creating backups, should be in the meaning of “VCL”. Also, it is necessary to activate the creation of a backup for the application WhatsApp.

After that, the user needs to go to the messenger. Here you should open the settings and select the section “Chats and calls”. After that, you need to go to “Copying”.

If backups were created earlier, they will be displayed on the screen. In the event that they are not on the device, the user configure copying. In order to manually make a backup, you should click on “Create a copy”.

In the same window, the user can configure the automatic creation of backup copies. It is only necessary to indicate the frequency.

After that, you can proceed to the restoration of correspondence. To do this, follow the instructions:

  • Install the WhatsApp application on a new device. If it was loaded before the creation of a backup, you should reinstall it.
  • Launch the messenger.
  • Enter the phone number to which the account is attached. If you change the number, then restore correspondence will not work.
  • Select the command “Restore a copy”.

If the recovery was successful, the corresponding message will be displayed on the screen.

The user during the restoration of all information must adhere to some rules:

  • The devices should have one iCloud account;
  • In order not to lose data, it is recommended to establish a weekly creation of backup copies;
  • The phone number to which the account is tied should not change.

This instruction can be used if the user deleted an important message, but before that he created a backup copy. It is enough to reinstall the application on the smartphone. After that, make a recovery from the existing backup.

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From a backup in the WhatsApp application

The user may encounter a situation where the icloud reserve copy has not been created before. Or, for some reason, it is impossible to create it. Then the question arises whether it is possible to use the backup of the application itself.

Whatsapp messenger does not create backup copies of current correspondence. In the case of the Android operating system, the user independently copy and save it on a smartphone. For the owners of the iPhone, this is not possible.

In this case, it is required to save the backup in the cloud storage or use the iTunes application on the computer. Without a previously created backup, it is impossible to restore correspondence.

How to restore correspondence through iTunes

The iTunes application also allows you to create backup copies that are stored on the computer. With their help, the user can restore his device at any time. However, there is a small restriction.

When creating a backup through this program, the user saves all the information from his device. Recovery also allows you to return the entire system. There is no selective saving or downloading data here.

To restore only correspondence in the WhatsApp messenger, and not the entire smartphone, you need to use the special Tenorshare Ultdata app. The program works with backups of iTunes.

To transfer all the chats from one device to another using iTunes, the user needs:

  • Download the iTunes application to a computer. The program is available for all operating systems. You need to download it only from the official site. Otherwise, in the operation of the system, failures may occur.
  • Create a backup copy of the old device in a standard way.
  • Connect a second smartphone to a computer using a USB cable.
  • Launch the Tenorshare Ultdata program.
  • At the top of the window, select the iTunes section.
  • All the backups that are saved on the computer will be displayed on the screen. After choosing the right one, scan will begin.

After the completion of this process, all applications will be located on the left side of the window whose data can be restored. The user should choose from the WhatsApp list and install the corresponding flags. It is also worth paying attention so that other applications are not selected. After that, you should click on the “Restore” command.

After the information is completely restored, the program can be closed and disabled by the smartphone from the computer.

In the same application, the user can restore data from other messengers. In addition, ICloud service is available. It is possible to selectively restore information from the cloud storage. To do this, you need to enter account data.

What is the difference: methods of restoring remote messages WhatsApp on iPhone

Methods of restoring the remote messages of the WhatsApp.Time consumption of consumers to use the old reserve copying the latter given to your Apple Ids to recalculate the latest data recovery recovery
A reserve copy is required 30mins-45Mins (without outside software) Normal Yes Depends on how often you make a backup copy Necessary Yes Not Necessary (without third.Party software) Embarrasses and takes a lot of time, but it is worth trying (without outside software)
Backup is not required Less than 10mins Easily Yes Yes unnecessary Not Yes unnecessary Simple and reliable

Before you finish reading this post. Do not use your iPhone and do not update anything as soon as you find that your important messages messages have been removed unintentionally. Otherwise, the data of your iPhone will be overwritten, and that you deleted by mistake, it will no longer be able to be restored.

Using iCloud in a cellular network

If you are worried about transmitting traffic data, we recommend that you limit the iCloud to create a backup of Wi-Fi. To turn off the iCloud under the action of cellular communication, go to the iPhone iCloud ICloud Drive settings for iOS 8 and later or the iPhone icloud settings and data for iOS 7 and earlier and turn off the cellular data.

To restore the history of the VOTSAP chat from the backup in iCloud, firstly, make sure that the backup copy of your chats really exists in ICLUD by going into the WhatsApp Cup settings Copping. If you see the date of the last backup, then delete the application and install it again from the App Store. After checking your phone number, follow the instructions on the screen to restore the history of Vosapp chats. To create a backup in iCloud, the same technical requirements are applied as to restore from iCloud. In addition, to create a backup and recovery, the same phone number should be used. You cannot restore the history of chats of another WhatsApp account. If you use your iCloud account with someone, this will allow you to store your backups separately.

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Recovery from a local backup

The backup is a duplicate of WhatsApp. It is created on an electronic medium to restore data in case of loss. If the automatic backup function was disconnected, then the last copy is stored on the device only 180 days. In addition to ICLoud correspondence, you can save video files and photos. When setting up the service, each user is provided with a free storage in a volume of 5 GB.

If the backup copy and other data exceed this threshold, you can additionally buy a place in the ICLOD storage or use other storage methods. You can restore remote correspondence in WhatsApp in the iPhone even in case of loss or damage to a smartphone, if before that the user managed to create a backup copy.

Using iCloud

ICLOUD is a free cloud storage from the American company Apple. To restore correspondence in WhatsApp after deleting on the iPhone, you need to use the instructions. First you need to check the availability of a backup in iCloud. To do this, run the fast messenger messenger, go to the settings menu and go to the “Chat Reserve Copies” section. If a copy was created earlier, then you can immediately proceed to its restoration. Users who have not found a duplicate should use the instructions for maintaining it in iCloud:

  • Make sure your smartphone is connected to the Internet connection.
  • On the phone go to the settings menu and select the ICLOD section.
  • Choose the item “Copy ICLOD”
  • The “Reserve Copy” section will appear on the screen. It is necessary to transfer the runner to an active position, so that it is displayed in green.
  • After these actions, press the “Create a backup” point and wait for the process to complete the process.

After successful loading in the iCloud, a backup will be created, which can be restored according to the instructions:

  • Turn on the Internet connection on the smartphone and enter icloud.
  • A welcome window will display on the screen. Next, you need to follow the prompts that the program offers. You need to reach the section “Applications and Data”, and then select from the proposed list “Restore ICLOUD”.
  • Enter the system under your iCloud account, in which a reserve copy is saved.
  • From the proposed list, select the last backup by the date of creation and click on the ICLUD Restoration key. On the phone, start downloading data with the display of the completion time.

When the process is successfully completed in WhatsApp, the entire message history. Audio files and photos occupy more volume, so they can be loaded for several hours.

We use Ultdata

Ultdata is a program that allows you to create and store backup copies on iPhones. To restore the Chat in WhatsApp on the iPhone from Ultdata, you need to make sure that the backup copy has already been created.

  • To do this, follow the program and go to the menu “Restore from the backup in Ultdata”.
  • Files with a backup date and size should be displayed on the screen. If the list is empty, you need to save a duplicate manually.
  • To do this, click on the item “Restore iOS”. A list of files will be displayed on the screen.
  • Put the checkmarks opposite the necessary points and click on the “synchronize” key.
  • The scanned copy will be displayed in the list immediately upon completion of the load.

When a backup copy is created in Ultdata, you can proceed to its restoration:

  • In the Ultdata program, go to the “Restore files from iTunes” and make pre.Viewing files that need to be restored.
  • Put the checkmarks opposite the files that are to be restored and click on the “Restore” key.
  • A backup can be restored on a PC or smartphone. To do this, select the corresponding key and wait for the end of the download process.

Depending on the size of the files, copying may take some time. Connect the phone to the network and check the Internet connection signal. Upon completion of the process, all text messages and other files will be available in WhatsApp.

Rarely used on iPhone Google disk

Google disk is a cloud storage that allows you to restore remote correspondence in WhatsApp in iPhone. This method is more suitable for smartphones on Android, but on mobile phones with the iOS operating system it is also used. Before restoring the backup, install the Google Drive application and save a duplicate in it. This follows:

Backup & Restore WhatsApp Chats/Messages on iPhone

After the load is completed, you need to re.Start WhatsApp and again enter the existing account in Google. Next follow the instructions:

Upon completion, a notification of successful download will come to the smartphone. Text messages will be displayed in WhatsApp.

By email

You can restore correspondence in WhatsApp without a backup with an email:

  • Run the messenger
  • Select a dialogue from the list you want to pass by mail.
  • In the lower part of the screen, find the item “Send the chat by mail” and click on it.
  • Select the type of sending with or without files.
  • Indicate the email address and select the “Send” key.

This is a simple way to save data and quick recovery.

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