Is It Possible To Install Whatsapp On Ipad

Installing Whatsapp on PC without smartphone

Launching software on a computer without a phone is performed in two stages.

In the browser search engine, enter the name of the emulator.

  • We go to the sites, check their reliability and proceed to download.
  • Upon completion, launch the emulator and check its functionality.
  • Stage 2. Downloading and launching “Watsap”:

    In the search bar of the emulator (usually at the top), enter in Latin: Whatsapp.

  • Find and activate the download process.
  • Launching software.
  • We go through all the steps of the registration wizard.
  • The only moment you might need a smartphone is during the caller verification process. The software sends a verification code via SMS. This code must be entered in the confirmation line. If there is no old mobile phone either, the messenger will offer to make a call (available through a landline phone) and listen to the code.

    Resourceful developers may even recommend using online virtual mobile number generators. But the messenger carefully checks the validity of the number, therefore, the option without a smartphone and a number will not work at all.

    This option allows you to autonomously log into the software without scanning special QR codes.

    How to use WhatsApp Web

    To use the messenger on PC Vatsap without a phone, you must:

    • Open WhatsApp Web in the browser. The display will show a large QR pattern. If you don’t need to log in every time, just activate the “Stay signed in” option;
      Is It Possible To Install Whatsapp On Ipad
    • Next, you need to launch the application on your mobile phone and find the “WhatsApp Web” section in the menu (the “Ellipsis” button at the top right);
    • You need to click on it and select the “Scan code” parameter;
    • Now you should bring the device with the camera to the PC screen and scan the picture. Authorization will happen automatically.


    Many users now use WhatsApp without a phone, because it is a great opportunity to use the messenger on a PC. You can, of course, use the desktop version, but what if you cannot scan the QR code on the monitor display?

    Thanks to Watsap Web, you can use the messenger not only on your phone, but also on your PC. However, the mobile device must always be online with the computer. You can do without a phone, but first you need to consider the standard option.

    Using WhatsApp without a phone

    If you need to communicate through WhatsApp without a phone, then this can be done, but you still need a phone number, even if it is a landline.

    First you need to download the BlueStacks emulator for Mac OS or Windows and install it on your computer.

    • After launching it, you need to click on the search icon and enter the name “WhatsApp”. Choose a messenger from the proposed list;
    • Next, you need to log into your personal Google account. If it is not there yet, it is enough to register it, it will take a minute;
    • Now you need to download WhatsApp and wait for the unpacking procedure to finish. Now it can be run on a PC online;
    • To register, you will need a free previously unused phone number, even a city one. Next, you will receive a notification with a confirmation code;
    • If SMS does not come, you can use a phone call, the password will be indicated by voice.

    Now you can use WhatsApp and sign in without scanning. It has functions similar to the mobile client. You can also send text and voice messages, exchange documents,s, audio recordings and other media files. You can organize group chats and subscribe to profiles of popular companies.


    If you do not have a smartphone, but you decided to use the social messenger Whatsapp, we will tell you how to install Whatsapp on a computer without a phone and use it successfully.

    Such software are called android emulators. Among the products compatible with Windows and macOS are BlueStacks, Droid4X, Andy, LeapDroid, Windroy. So, to become a messenger user using a PC, follow the instructions below.

    Installing Whatsapp Web

    Thanks to the latest developments, users have been able to open WhatsApp and use it directly in a browser on a PC. This method will allow you to log in without a phone online, but you still need a mobile device to run the option.

    Conditions for launch:

    • The latest version of the Chrome browser or another product based on a similar engine;
    • Only this browser is equipped with the option to display a QR code;
    • Use only the official website whatsapp.com;
    • The latest version of WhatsApp on your smartphone;
    • Synchronization of a PC with a phone (using a single Internet network);
    • The option works only for “Android”.

    We go to the official page.

  • We find the QR code on the main scan (on the left).
  • Launching chat software on a smartphone.
  • Call the menu (three dots in the upper right).
  • Finding the WhatsApp Web bookmark.
  • Launch QR Scan.
  • Bringing the phone camera to the screen with the code.
  • Scanning and tracking the login operation.
  • The system is ready to work, subsequent logins will not require a login.

    After completing all the instructions, you will receive a messenger operating on your PC, which will not depend on the mobile Internet and the properties of the smartphone.

    How to install and use Vatsap on Huawei and Honor, instructions with pictures.

    Do you want to install and use Vatsap on your phone, smartphone or tablet and don’t know how? In this article, you will find information on how to install WhatsApp on Honor 9 and similar Android devices. Below you will find instructions with attached screenshots on how to install the WhatsApp application on Huawei Honor, I hope it will work with your device. To install and use the wattsap messenger, you need to have Internet on your device and preferably unlimited. If your phone does not have the Internet, then you can download and use WhatsApp by connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi. This application allows you to write messages, make or make calls, send and receive, and other files for free.

    And so, to begin with, we activate the Internet and open the “Play Store” application on an Android smartphone or tablet. In the application window that opens, select “WhatsApp Messenger” (usually the application is displayed automatically on the first screen, but if it is not there, then search.) Look below at the attached picture. Click “Install” after which the download and installation will begin. Next, we will be offered to open the application (or open it by finding it in the applications on the phone).

    To use WhatsApp, we need to accept the terms of service for WhatsApp, click the “Accept and Continue” button. Next, they will offer access to contacts to send and receive to both friends and family, click “Next”. They will ask to allow the Watsap application to access, multimedia and files on the device, click “allow”. Allow access to contacts by selecting “Allow”.

    Now you need to enter the number to which WhatsApp will be linked. Wattsap can be installed on a phone or tablet even if the number to which the whatsap is linked is installed on another phone, that is, a number on a simple push-button phone, and wasap is installed on a smartphone without a SIM card at all, or on a smartphone you use the number for other needs, for example, just for the Internet. Therefore, we indicate the number from which you want to use the vatsap. Enter your number and click “Next” after which you will be asked to confirm the specified number, click “OK”. After confirmation, your number will receive a confirmation code, which we enter in the appropriate field of the application. Next, fill in the profile, enter the desired name and select “Next”. All is ready! Now you can use WhatsApp on your phone, you can make free calls, make and voice calls, write SMS, send and receive photos, and other files. Click “Start chat” and see a list of contacts from the phone book who have whatsapp.

    To write a message, call or send or another file, open the desired contact and perform the desired action. You can also find out which numbers from the phone book use WhatsApp by looking at the contacts. If the number associated with WhatsApp is installed on one device, and the application itself on another, then on the phone or tablet in which WhatsApp is installed, you need to save the contacts with which you want to communicate and most likely save the contacts in the device’s memory. Attention! Calls and messages directly to the number itself, and not to the application, may be charged.

    Activation features

    And how will the user install “WhatsApp” on the iPad and where to download it? You won’t be able to download the messenger from the official website, since it is developed exclusively for smartphones. But this is not a reason to be upset, because there are always workarounds.

    The easiest method to install an application is to use the web version of the application. To do this, you need to go to the developer’s website and open the program using the online version of the application. The principle of activation will be the same as activating WhatsApp on a computer. Using a QR code. After going to the page with the code, you need to enable the application on your smartphone, select the WhatsApp Web section in the settings and follow the instructions.

    What makes “Vatsap” convenient

    Asking the question whether it is possible to install “Watsap” on an iPad, you should decide whether this application is needed on a tablet? Of course, the point here is not only that the messenger is convenient and allows you to exchange messages, but also that it is more convenient to type text on a larger screen, and it is more pleasant to view files on large screens.

    The messenger allows you to create any number of group and individual chats. You can also ask for any conversation. Today, many users create group chats and invite everyone to join them. This feature allows the application to be called a “mini social network”.

    During data transmission between interlocutors, all messages are encrypted. Although ordinary users should not understand the security device of the application, data transmission, but end-to-end encryption allows you to be sure that no one will see your correspondence.

    How a user installs “WhatsApp” on an iPad: application advantages, installation methods

    Whatsapp is the most popular messenger that allows you to make calls, write messages, and hold group conferences without paying your mobile operator. Every second smartphone owner has this application. This is due to the fact that it can be used for the purpose of personal communication, data transfer, and for business. However, it is not always convenient to use it on smartphones, it is more pleasant to use the messenger on the iPad holding a large screen in your hands. And how will the user install “Vatsap” on the iPad, because this messenger is incompatible with this type of device?

    Installing WhatsApp

    So how to install “WhatsApp” on the iPad if it is impossible to activate the program? There are different methods for activating an app on a device. Let’s consider some of them.

    This technique assumes the installation of an unofficial version of the program, therefore it is impossible to guarantee the safety of correspondence. To activate the application, you need to download it. To do this, find “Vatsap” on the Internet, but not on the official website, download it, install it on your device. Then the application must be launched by entering the phone number and entering the verification code.


    The application is activated by the linked phone number. This is a prerequisite to ensure the security of data transmission. To install “Vatsap” on the iPad, you need to have a “dialer” on the device. However, it does not have such a function, although in theory the tablet supports the function of receiving SMS. As a result, the developers of the iPad noted that this program is incompatible with their development. But this does not mean that the requirements of the messenger cannot be circumvented.

    Jailbreak utility

    How will Jailbreaker install WhatsApp on the iPad? One of the popular tablet utilities developed by Apple is the Jailbreak program. It has unlimited access to all corporate file systems. With this utility, you can just run WhatsApp on your tablet. However, before installation, it should be noted that the use of such software is not approved by the corporation, although its use is not prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation at the legislative level.

    Sending documents

    In order to share with other files, photos and other documents, you can also use your WhatsApp account. This will be sent by a message that you can create by clicking on a paper clip at the top of the screen. In order to use this function, it is important to allow the application to access the gallery and personal data. By the way, you can immediately send the location of your device.

    Installing Whatsapp on your computer

    There are two options for using Vaptsap on a computer:

    Software version of WhatsApp, installed on a PC separately;

  • Web browser version of WhatsApp, opened with third-party programs.
  • Both options are fully synchronized with the mobile app and messages will appear on all devices at the same time.

    To download and install the application, if your Windows version is higher than 8th or Mac OSX is higher than 10th, go to https://www.Whatsapp.com/download, select the version of the operating system and download the data to your PC. For computers with an older operating system, use the browser version by following the link https://web.Whatsapp.com.

    Use your smartphone to activate your account. You will need the application, the “Other options” section of the menu, then the “WhatsApp Web” item (in the Athon this path is shorter. In the settings you will immediately see the WhatsApp Web item).

    A window will appear to scan the QR code, which you will see on the main page of the program or the browser version of WhatsApp.

    If you have any questions. Let us know Ask a question

    After scanning, you will be automatically logged into your account.

    How to use WhatsApp on your phone

    Since this messenger has a huge range of possibilities, in order to use them to the fullest, you need to thoroughly research everything. Let’s start from the basics.

    Installation instruction:

    The above steps allow the user to understand how to install Whatsapp on iPad. The whole process is fast and easy.

    Ipad (iPads). Wonderful tablets from the world famous Apple company. They have long captivated users all over the world with their graceful shapes, exquisite design, high reliability and rich functionality. In order to download and immerse yourself in the world of unlimited free WhatsApp communication for iPad, without any exaggeration, with people all over the world, the user has two methods, which will be discussed below.

    Avatar changes

    An avatar is a photo or account splash screen. On it, other users will be able to determine who writes to them. It looks like a small picture next to a message or contact. Some people put cute animals on their avatars, but then it is more difficult for acquaintances and friends to understand who exactly “knocks” on them. You can change it through the settings, which are easy to find in the application menu.

    The second method of installing WhatsApp on iPad using the i-FunBox program

    The method is not easy, but still working! Please be patient and you will succeed:

    • First, you need to download and install iTunes on your computer, if you have already done this, then skip this step
    • Download WhatsApp on your PC in the AppStore, go to the downloads folder, by default it is saved in the C: \ Users \ USERNAME \ Music \ iTunes \ iTunes Media \ Mobile Applications folder. We find the file WhatsApp 2.17.42.Ipa there (depending on the version, the numbers may differ) in the future, it is he who will be useful to us
    • The second software we need is the iFunBox.
    • After downloading, install IFunBox and activate it by selecting the Basic version on the official website and remove the payment with the slider on the right, so that you get the application for free.
    • Connect iPad to computer via USB cable, if you connected for the first time, wait until the necessary drivers are installed.
    • Launch Ifunbox, select “Device” on top, then “Install ipa application” on the top right
    • We find the previously downloaded WhatsApp 2.17.42.Ipa file (the path to it is described in the second paragraph)
    • After the installation is complete, a shortcut with the WhatsApp program will appear on the iPad, but by running it, you will get a message: “Unfortunately, your device is not supported at the moment”, do not worry, go ahead
    • Next, we need an Iphone. First of all, you need to make a backup copy of the chats, since we will need to remove the WhatsApp application from the device, go to “Settings”. “Chats”. “Copy”. “Create a copy”
    • After creating a backup, delete the application and reinstall it on the Iphone from the Appstore

    Important! A prerequisite is to re-register the phone number by SMS message and if you ask for a restore from a backup, you must skip the restore process.

    • Disconnect Ipad from USB, connect Iphone to PC
    • Run the iFunBox program from the desktop, after identifying the device, go to the Programs tab, click on the arrow next to All My Apps.
    • In the drop-down list of all installed applications on your Iphone, find WhatsApp in the list and double-click on it:
    • You will be taken to a window where you will see the root WhatsApp folders:
    • Copy the Documents and Library folders to the desktop
    • Disconnect the Iphone and connect the iPad, go to the WhatsApp application in the same way, only now on the iPad and replace the Documents and Library folders with the folders that we copied to the desktop.
    • The process of installing WhatsApp on iPad is complete.

    Summing up some of the above, we can advise the widest circle of users to download WhatsApp to the iPad.

    Installing WhatsApp on iPad

    The ease of use of popular mobile messengers can hardly be overestimated. Tangible savings on SMS-messages, the ability to make free calls and many, many other advantages that significantly exceed the capabilities of standard expensive SMS / MMS protocols. The popular messenger WhatsApp needs no extra introduction. But along with a number of conveniences, it has one significant drawback. The lack of a client version for the iPad. Through simple manipulations we will eliminate this annoying oversight.

    If you want, it only takes a few minutes to install WhatsApp on iPad. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to have Jailbreak on either iPhone or iPad.

    First of all, download the application from the stationary version of iTunes. Find WhatsApp and download it.

    To install, we need the iFunBox application for Mac OS or Windows. Download iFunBox. Install and launch, select Install. Go to the root of our system drive and enter the name of the WhatsApp application in the Finder search bar. We are interested in the installation file with the extension.Ipa. We install it.

    And now the WhatsApp icon appeared on the iPad. But, alas, it’s too early to rejoice. After launching the application, we will receive the following message.

    Don’t be in a hurry to get upset, because there is only half a step left until WhatsApp fully works on iPad. We completely remove the application from the iPhone. Download it again and install it. Please note that the application should prompt you to re-register using your phone number. If WhatsApp offered to recover from an iCloud copy, refuse and repeat the Install-Uninstall step.

    After receiving the activation number and successful registration of the iPhone client, connect the iPhone to the computer and go to iFunBox. On the Applications tab, log into WhatsApp and copy the two folders Documents and Library to, say, your desktop. Disable iPhone.

    We connect the iPad and go to iFunBox. Applications. Whatsapp. Delete the Documents and Library folders, and instead copy the copies saved from the iPhone.

    We unload the previously launched WhatsApp application from the iPad (double-click the Home key and swipe up on the application) and launch WhatsApp again. Voila! Whatsapp on iPad now works and is tied to the number specified during registration.

    Please note that messages will be sent to the device from which you last chatted or launched the application. If you do not plan to take iPad with you. Launch the application on iPhone.

    Otherwise, all correspondence will be sent to the iPad, which you will learn about only after returning home.

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