Is it possible to insert a SIM card into the iPad

Opening the iPad for a sim card. How to insert the SIM-card into iPad: what do you need for this. When the sim card is stuck.

Suppose you have purchased a long-awaited iPad and were about to insert a SIM card to quickly get on the Internet, as a small problem arose, and then the question: “How and where to insert a SIM card in iPad?”In general, this case should have been solved at the point of sale. The consultant that serves you should have inserted a SIM card into the iPad-mini, for example, or other versions that support 3G, to relieve you of this obligation. But since it’s late and there is no desire to go back to the place of purchase, the article will help to solve the problem, saving nerves happy owner of a brand-new gadget. Despite the presence of instructions in the package, sometimes it is really easier to read a ready-made article-helper than to try to master a bunch of incomprehensible or misunderstood information. So study what’s written below and try, it’s not as complicated as it may seem at first glance.

To begin with, it is necessary to break down the parameters of SIM cards, which will help you understand how to take them out and insert them into modern models of the iPhone. There are currently three card sizes for the iPhone and iPad:

  • The standard size of the SIM card. Fits this size for iPhone 3G and 3GS models, i.e. all first generation. Insert them in the standard way, you do not need to shrink the card yourself;
  • micro size. Suitable for iPhone 4 and 4S or all second generation models;
  • nano size. Fits in the trays of iPhone 5, 6 and newer. Such SIM cards today are presented as a universal chip, which the user receives even at the time of purchase of the mobile device. Its size is 12.3×8.8 mm, and it’s no more than 0.67 mm thick. In fact, it’s just a chip that is in every SIM card, just without the white backing. It is easy to lose it, so it should be installed immediately at the time of purchase and by a master in a specialized store.
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SIM card size

Most iPhone owners, having purchased it, try to change the SIM card in the smartphone by themselves, removing it from the old device and putting it into the new one. In fact, there is nothing complicated here, but not always the trimming of the SIM-card of the standard size occurs without a trace. So, most owners of the new cell phone is left simply without communication. Therefore, if there is a need to reduce the size of the card, it is better to apply to a communications salon and order a new chip.

For information! As a rule, the seller will automatically offer a new card with the iPhone. The store employee simply enters the number of the new owner into the database.

The advantages of using an iPad with a SIM card

It will make sense to have an iPad with a SIM card or not, depending on your routine. If you travel a lot and are not in a fixed office with a Wi-Fi network, it can be interesting to have an iPad with a SIM card. That way, we can always stay connected, whether we have Wi-Fi access or not. This SIM will also help us not to depend on the exchange of mobile data from our iPhone to iPad. But obviously, as we noted, it makes sense, especially if you do a lot of mobility work.

This is something that is achieved with a traditional SIM card, but if we face the team with eSIM, the benefits are greater. Because we don’t depend on inserting a piece of cardboard with a chip in our iPad, we can conveniently change carriers. Scanning a simple QR code we will change the data plan we concluded, and it is really convenient.

If you are planning a trip abroad, something you need to hire. is the Internet. With eSIM and Apple SIM this process is extremely easy because you can select a plan from your local carrier through the operating system itself. But you can also be traditional and buy a physical card and insert it, as always.

How to insert the mini SIM into iPad

Inserting a mini SIM card into your iPad is easy. It is necessary to open a special tray, which is located on the left side of the tablet, using a special paper clip. Such a staple is available as standard on the device. Insert the card into the tray and close it. Your device is now ready to work in 3G and 4G wireless networks.

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Important! If you bought a non-certified (gray) tablet from Apple, then you will have to do an additional iOS setup, namely, to set up a point of access to the network.

Internet on the iPad

So, let’s start with the fact that the tablet computer can be connected to the Internet in two ways: it can be mobile 2G, 3G or LTE, as well as Wi-Fi network. Speaking of the latter, it should be noted that the connection is carried out exclusively with the network name and password. In general, to organize the access point you need a Wi-Fi router and connect it to the Internet. As a rule, this way of setting up the network on the “iPad” is chosen for using the device at home, in the office or in a cafe.

The second way is the so-called mobile Internet, which is transmitted by radar towers located across the country. Each operator has its own network, which transmits a signal on 3G or LTE. The latter is a faster connection, but in order to connect this kind of Internet, your tablet must have a special module. Only in computers with LTE is it present. In addition, you will need to know how to insert a SIM card into the “iPad” in order to connect with it to a particular operator.

What to do with a badly cut SIM card

The main reason that cutting the card by your own efforts is not recommended, is the risk of damaging the working elements. There is only one way out of the situation if this happens. ask your operator to issue a new SIM card.

In addition, the non-original SIM may have nicks and irregularities that can interfere with the installation and extraction of the element. Therefore, when choosing to adjust the size yourself, be sure to pay attention to the evenness and scraping the edges of the plastic.

Installing the sim card

After that, the card of the required size should be carefully inserted into the tray. There are always special marks on it to help set it in the right position. Detailed instructions on which cards are suitable for the purchased version of the tablet are always provided in the technical documentation.

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You can also look it up on the official Apple website by selecting your tablet model and comparing the data in the summary table.

eSIM-compatible iPad

Not all iPad devices are compatible with this technology. The first thing you should know is that when making a purchase you will have the option to buy an iPad with Wi-Fi connection only or also with LTE. In the second case, the price may be higher, about 100 euros, but eSIM or traditional slot will be integrated, depending on the hardware. Obviously, eSIM has only recently appeared, so only new models have the ability to integrate this technology. These include the following:

  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro (3rd generation and newer)
  • The 11-inch iPad Pro
  • iPad Air (3rd generation)
  • iPad (7th generation)
  • iPad mini (5th generation)

In any of these iPads configuration can be done, with the exception of models sold in China, which are banned in this regard.

How to Call from iPad with a SIM Card?

If your iPhone supports two SIM cards, select a number. You can perform the steps described below. Tap “On Other Devices,” enable the “Allow Calls” option, then select the iPad and other devices on which you want to make and receive calls.

How to call with an iPad with a cellular phone and not use an Internet connection? It is possible for iPad 3G owners. First-generation tablets support the use of SIM cards.

What is Cellular on iPad?

The latest generation iPad was renamed from “Wi-Fi 4G” to “Wi-Fi Cellular”. In Russia, for example, launched by the operator Yota LTE networks operate in the range of 2500-2700 megahertz

By eye it is not difficult to determine which tablet is which. First, the iPad Cellular has a white or black plastic cover on the back. Under this cover is an antenna, which allows you to work with cell phone modules. The iPad Wi-Fi has no such antenna, and therefore no cover.

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