Is it possible to connect the TV prefix to the monitor

How to connect a digital console to a monitor

Modern television prefixes allow you to take high.Quality digital television, play videos of various formats, music, listen to radio, use the Internet.D. The functionality of the device depends on its type, therefore, in this article, the varieties of prefixes will be dismantled in detail. They often have to be connected to monitors, but many users do not know how this can be done. Thanks to this material, they will be able to connect the prefix to the monitor in a more convenient way for themselves. True, in some cases, this will need to additionally purchase special adapters or converters of one type of signal into another.

In the process of choosing a prefix, it must be borne in mind that these devices can be of different types. This determines their purpose, appearance and functionality. Their types are listed below.

  • DVB-T2 TV settings-allow you to take the etheric digital radio signal. As additional functions, they have the ability to play multimedia files (videos, films and music) from external USB media (flash drives or external hard drives). In addition, they can record any video content from the viewed channels to the external USB medium.
  • Cable receivers-allow you to receive a signal DVB-C. A similar prefix is ​​required by all users of cable digital TV if the television receiver does not support the DVB-C standard. The functionality of these models also mainly consists in viewing TV, recording television, in viewing or listening to multimedia files from external media. In receivers of this type, a slot for a special card is often provided, which allows you to unlock access to paid channels. It is issued after issuing subscriptions to these channels.
  • Satellite receivers-work with DVB-S and DVB-S2 standards. They also have a CI card slot, with which the paid channels unlock. The functionality of these devices is different. For example, the most expensive models have a powerful processor that allows you to work with various popular online resources, such as YouTube video hosting. The design of some receivers provides for two or three USB ports.
  • Smart prefixes (TV Box) are the most powerful and expensive devices with the Android operating system. Therefore, they also have a processor, as well as RAM and internal memory, Wi-Fi adapter and other elements. A user can install various software on the prefix of this type, which will expand the functionality of the device. However, not all models of smart consoles can be connected by the antenna, because they are mainly designed to watch television, films and rollers using the Internet, DLNA or external USB carriers.

Below is an estimated table for each type of console.

  • View digital TV;
  • Listening to radio;
  • Playing video and audio files with external USB carriers.
  • Record of any TV program.
  • View cable TV;
  • Television recording;
  • Playing multimedia files;
  • Access to paid content.
  • View satellite TV;
  • Television records;
  • Reproduction of content with USB media;
  • Internet access;
  • Support Wi-Fi and 3-4G;
  • Access to paid content.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Communication;
  • View digital TV (implemented in some models);
  • View online television and other video content;
  • Listening to online music;
  • Installation of games and programs;
  • Video communication when installing a skype or other such software;
  • Playing multimedia files from flash drives or hard drives.

Check for compatibility

Before you take this business, you should check how compatible your devices are. Can your old monitor please you with a picture, is it possible to connect it at all to a digital prefix? For these purposes, testing.

To get started, it is worth checking if your prefix and monitor have the necessary connectors. The biggest problem at this stage may be that you either have a monitor or the prefix more new. In this case, the connectors may not coincide on the devices, so it will be impossible to quickly and painlessly connect everything.

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However, this does not mean that the idea of ​​watching a digital TV on the monitor should be buried. Now in any store of equipment you can purchase the necessary adapters. Adapters will help you combine the unconnected.

Of course, if you have a monitor and prefix at about the same time, then there may not be such problems. In any case, check and be reinsured.

Before buying the console, think through which connectors you want to connect it. Not every entrance transmits video and audio. In this case, the best option would be to connect via HDMI, but outdated monitors do not have such a way out. If you have an HDMI output, and any other, then it is better to use the first. So the image will be better.

In addition to the sockets themselves, you will have to check the resolution of the monitor itself. It should be at least 1280×720. If less, then alas, it will not work to connect. If more. Excellent, so watching the programs will be more convenient.

Aptoide TV application for Android TV consoles.

What is Full HD resolution?

Another important nuance is the support of the HDCP protocol. It is used by prefixes to protect broadcasting from piracy. Your monitor must also support it, otherwise it will not work to display the picture on it. How to check it? Quite simple: get into the documentation for the monitor. All the functions of the device and all the protocols that it supports are spelled out there. If you do not have documentation on hand, then you can check everything on the official website. Usually you can download separate files on them where everything is scheduled. Even if the site did not help you, you can contact the manufacturer on the hot line. To do this, you will need to know the monitor model.

There is another way of checking, the old-good “poke”. You can just connect the monitor to the prefix and see if the picture will appear. If so, then everything is fine, if the gray stripes appear. Alas, the monitor does not support the protocol.

Concearation connectors and ports

To connect a digital console with a computer monitor, various connectors and ports can be involved. The differences in the connectors have a place in cases where the prefix models of different years of release or class class.

IMPORTANT! If you require an old.Type monitor, then YPBPR and SCART ports are used, which interact with an analogue data stream. To work with them, you must use the AV signal converter in VGA.

Antenna connector

Once upon a time he was a leader among the types of connection of TV antennas, TV on a satellite or various video players. To date, TV signal is the classic antenna for the external type TV, and for other connections, the universal HDMI universal connector is most often used.

The HDMI intenses is multimedia in its capabilities. In addition, today it is very popular and is embedded in almost all devices of the new generation associated with audio and video streams. Saves the quality of the transmitted information.

ATTENTION! Using the HDMI DVI adapter is allowed if the digital entrance on the device is hdmi.

This type is used almost everywhere: cameras, flash memory, players, cameras, computers and even smartphones. The USB port allows you to transmit content with high speed, which also depends on the version, for example, 1.0, 2.0. 3.0. The latter is used by later devices.

This is one of the types of ports that have not yet lost their popularity. This type of cable is mainly used to display the image on the screen. It is also very useful in the seas if you need to ensure the compatibility of the devices.

DVI technology was developed to replace VGA. The port also transfers the picture to the monitor, but without sound accompaniment. To transmit the sound signal, an additional cable and port are needed. Combining between DVI and HDMI is allowed, as they are mutually compatible, but for this an adapter will be needed.

How to Connect a Second Monitor to Your Laptop

From the foregoing, we can conclude that connecting the prefix to the monitor does not require special efforts or special equipment. It is enough to know what are the connectors on the devices and whether they are compatible. Thus, from a regular computer display, you can make a real TV and not spend money on buying a new.

possible, connect, prefix, monitor

Types of digital consoles

You need to pay attention to the fact that when showing the sound should be provided. In the most modern models of monitors there are built.In sound columns. However, in less new ones you need a speaker and columns to buy additional. They are connected to the prefix. Management takes place using a remote control.

Consider the main types of prefixes and characterize them on a 5-ballast scale.

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Essential consoles

The receivers operating on the basis of the DVB-T2 standard are designed to receive programs using a conventional antenna. They can be called the most traditional. Such prefixes are the cheapest in comparison with other varieties. They are usually used to obtain a signal from a room antenna.

There are no buttons on it, control is carried out using a remote control. The image is transmitted using an HDMI connector, or an ordinary “tulip” for analog signal. The advantage of these devices is the ability to work with a large number of TV models, including old.

They have a USB separation. This makes it possible to show video content recorded on an outer hard drive or flash drive. You can also use a medium for recording TV shows for subsequent viewing.

Compatibility of the old monitor and TV tuner

In fact, the compatibility of the old ELT display and the TV console can be determined by the presence on the VGA monitor of the entrance. If there is no one, but there is a SCAR connector, then you can try a signal converter from AV-VGA. But this method will not give one hundred percent result.

Connecting the prefix to the monitor

If there is already a device, it’s time to think about how to connect a digital console to a monitor from a computer. Of course, the monitor differs from the TV. It is intended for interaction with PC, so it most often does not have speakers. In addition, it is unlikely that you can find a control panel, navigation buttons and other useful elements. Nevertheless, the prefix will correct most of the troubles. The main thing is another: whether there is the possibility of connecting?

Connection check check

Tuner is a key difficult part of the system. The role of the monitor consists only in displaying the video signal. Therefore, you need to make sure that there are appropriate ports on two devices. The prefixes are most often equipped with HDMI and RCA intenses (there may be one or two). The monitors, including obsolete, this list is much wider:

Some of them are intended only for the computer, so you will not be able to find them on the prefix. Nevertheless, you should not be upset. Using adapters and adapters, you can easily connect to the display.

The main connectors and ports of the prefix

As mentioned above, ports may vary, depending on the generation, manufacturer and the presence or absence of additional functions. Nevertheless, if summarized, they are divided into several groups in terms of purpose. Inside these groups, various variations are possible. The following are the types of ports from which you need to build up when choosing a suitable model.

  • Antenna. A plug is connected to this port from the antenna, satellite, cable, etc.D. There is on any prefix, but the form factor varies depending on the type of signal received.
  • Video Intections. Used to transfer video content to the outlet device. Has several connectors listed above.
  • Audio.Intake. Audio output for connecting headphones or third.Party acoustics.
  • Network port. Present on Smart settings. His alternative is Wi-Fi Antenna.
  • Cartrider or SUSHUSB. Optional component that makes it possible to connect external drives.

Antenna entrance

As mentioned above, a signal from the antenna or other receiving device comes through it. The use of adapters is not welcome here.

The optimal multimedia intese. Provides high.Speed transmission of Full HD resolution. In addition, it has audio and Internet channels, as well as other useful capabilities.


Outdated connector used mainly in TVs. On monitors, it is unlikely that it will be possible to find it. In this case, there is also an audio channel.

Slot for connecting flash drives and external hard drives.

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This intese allows you to connect the old (even ELT) monitor to the prefix. In its absence, adapters are used, for example, HDMI.

Output. Does not transmit audio, but easily connects to HDMI through a cheap adapter.

Memory drive reader

SD/Micro SD cards slot. Through it, files are displayed from the drive of the camera or other device.

Component connector

Analog integration, the so.Called “tulip”.

How to make TV from a laptop monitor

As a television receiver, you can also use the display from the laptop. In this case, it is necessary to set a special fee. For example, for this purpose you can take LA.MV29.P.

HDMI PC To TV Fix Grain Fuzzy Text

To install it, you need to do the following:

  • Prepare a fee, soldering iron, screwdriver, train and wire.
  • You need to remove the display lid. To do this, unscrew the screws and neatly fold.
  • Disconnect the lid.
  • Connect the fee.
  • With the help of Jamper, the correct voltage is set. For a laptop display, they are often used: 3.3, 5 and 12 V.
  • Set the display lid to the place.

For the controller, flashing is performed using a special flash drive.

The disadvantage of this use of the display is its relatively small size. Diagonals of such screens can be from 10 to 17 inches in the interval. The most common are the size of 14-15 inches.

If you invite a specialist to install a new fee, then usually such work costs 1000-1500. However, in this case, the quality of the work performed will be guaranteed.

If there is an old display at home, it can come in handy for viewing television programs. If you purchase a prefix for him, install a specialized electronic board or use another similar way, you can make a television receiver that can be used in the kitchen or in the country.

possible, connect, prefix, monitor

What is better: buy a new TV or convert a monitor

In most of the methods described above, you will have to spend within 500-2000 on the purchase of additional devices, so the question of the advisability of their purchase often arises.

An ordinary LCD TV with an average diagonal will cost the user 10,000-15000, if not more. Whereas the cost of a tuner or a Smart-TV prefix is ​​several times less. As a result, your monitor will show no worse than the TV (the device supports FullHD resolution). You will control the monitor using the remote control, so there will be no problems when switching the channels. It will be cheaper and more profitable to convert a monitor into TV, instead of buying a new LCD TV at a high price.

Making a television from a laptop display

If you have a non.Working laptop with a whole screen, you can easily convert it to the TV. In the presence of special skills, it is possible to cope yourself, or contact specialists. You will need a built.In fee, which was mentioned in the previous sections of the article, as well as a controller for the matrix. The case can be used (after dismantling the unnecessary “iron”), or to make a new. All parts need to be soldered together, and the TV tuner for the monitor is connected through the matrix controller. If the laptop columns remain in working condition, then the audio output can be soldered to them. As a result, you get a compact TV panel, convenient to use.

So, as we found out, with a great desire it is quite possible to make a TV from the monitor. Of course, this will not be easy, since it is necessary to make a receiver from a simple output device. However, we live at such a time that on sale you can easily find a suitable TV tuner of any configuration. Connecting such a device will not take much time, and for money it will cost much cheaper than buying a new TV. Therefore, if you have old computer equipment left, do not rush to carry it to the garbage. With the help of such articles and drops of ingenuity, they can easily give a second life!

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