Iphone Xs Photo Settings

The most anticipated event in the world of technology is the presentation of Apple. And now you can safely talk about the new products that the Cupertinians have been working on for a year. The first to be targeted was the iPhone XS, which became an improved version of the iPhone X. Before the presentation, there were rumors that the phone might be called the iPhone 9, iPhone 11 and even iPhone SE, but these guesses did not materialize. What’s new in the iPhone XS? We will tell you right now.

New color, the design is the same

The iPhone XS is equipped with a 5.8-inch display, like the iPhone X. The front and back panels are made of glass, Gorila Glass is installed on top. Apple used a unique technology for applying color, which allowed to achieve an incredible glossy effect. The dimensions of the novelty are 143.6 × 70.9 × 7.7 mm.

iPhone XS came in standard gray and silver colors, and also surprised with a new golden color. Apple did not have such a color before. it is saturated and does not resemble pink gold, more precisely, it is a dark golden hue.

OLED screen occupies 81.4% of the front panel

The unlimited OLED screen of the iPhone XS is completely immersed in what is happening: it has become even larger, brighter and more saturated. The 5.8-inch Super Retina display received a resolution of 2436×1125 pixels. By reducing the side frames, the smartphone screen occupies 81.4%, which is more than the iPhone X. It’s convenient to work with documents and images even on a bright sunny day, since the maximum brightness level is 625 cd / m2. Useful Apple chips remained in place:

True Tone automatically adjusts the white color on the screen depending on the environment.

3D Touch responds to the force of pressing, but according to rumors, in the future Apple plans to abandon this technology.

Extended color gamut P3.

productive and more energy efficient.

TSCM has created for Apple the world’s first 7-nm chip. Recall that the iPhone X is running A11 Bionic, created by the 10-nm process technology. Using the 7-nm process technology has achieved better performance and energy efficiency.

The chip consists of 6 cores, where 4 cores are responsible for energy efficiency, and 2 for performance. So, when working with resource-intensive applications, productive cores come into play, which are activated at full capacity in order to complete the task faster. Energy-efficient kernels that do an excellent job of their function are responsible for completing everyday simple tasks. The graphic component has also improved. Apple’s proprietary adapter now knows how to compress data without loss, which opens up new opportunities for application developers.

For the first time, Apple released a phone with 4 GB of RAM. We can safely say that the smartphone “flies”. the system instantly starts and responds to user actions, even the most resource-intensive programs open in a couple of seconds. It will be possible to buy iPhone XS with such volumes of internal memory:

As expected, a modification with 32 GB is no longer available. A slot for installing a memory card is not provided, but with the huge amount of built-in storage that Apple offers, it is unlikely that the user will see a notification that there is not enough space in the phone.

IPhone XS Camera Features

You will not find any special differences between the iPhone XS camera and the iPhone X. The same dual 12-megapixel module, 2x optical and 10x digital zoom. At the same time, SmartHDR mode appeared in the iPhone XS, which works with the new signal processing processor. The quality of the photo and the detail of the picture are even better! Remained all the beloved bokeh effect (blurred background). 4K can now be shot with stereo sound. The novelty is equipped with a camera, as in the iPhone X.

The speaker is even louder

Also, Apple paid attention to the little things that increase the comfort of using a smartphone. For example, manufacturers have improved sound quality, now it is surround, rich, powerful and louder than in the iPhone X. Improvements are realized thanks to support for Dolby Vision and HDR technologies.

Face ID is now without bugs

2017 iPhone models received many complaints about FaceID’s poor performance. The manufacturer had to either get rid of this function, or work hard on it, eliminating bugs. The front panel houses the TrueDepth front camera system, which is responsible for the coordinated work of Face ID. In the iPhone XS, the Cupertinians improved the face scanner, and now there will simply be no complaints. The new iOS 12 implements technology for vertical and horizontal face recognition using FaceID, which was not the case in iOS 11.

Operating system and autonomy

iPhone XS comes with a 2,500 mAh L-shaped battery. Recall that this form allows you to leave more space for installing other more effective components. Supported wireless charging technology. Charger included. There is support for fast charging.

The iPhone XS is based on iOS 12, which was released in June 2018, and it has carried a lot of innovations. For example, up to 32 people can communicate on FaceTime at the same time, notification has improved, the camera application has become faster, new emojis have appeared.