Iphone Xs Max Does Not Turn On After Discharging

Apple technology is known for quality products. But any user can have a situation when the iPhone does not turn on after discharging. The problem can occur due to a fully discharged battery, a battery breakdown, a malfunction of the operating system. Every problem can be fixed.

Iphone Xs Max Does Not Turn On After Discharging


The most common reasons that an iPhone does not turn on after a discharge include a power failure, a microcontroller breakdown, or software errors. Problems associated with internal parts and hardware should be entrusted to specialists. A crash in the program can be fixed by yourself.

The iPhone has finished charging, and it does not turn on

If the smartphone does not respond when turned on when charging, a deep discharge or a malfunction at the operating system level has occurred. When deeply discharging an iPhone, you need to perform the following steps:

· Hold Power and Home for 10 seconds;

· When the Apple logo lights up on the display, you need to release the keys;

· Wait until the OS is fully loaded;

· Turn on and off the silent mode if the smartphone does not boot;

· Repeat the above steps again.

If the iPhone does not turn on after frost, what should the user do:

· Go into a warm room and leave the phone there for 30 minutes;

· After that, you can connect the iPhone to the network.

Apple electronics do not perform well at low temperatures. A long stay in the cold can cause the device to discharge completely.

IPhone does not charge and does not turn on

The lack of charging is caused by several factors: a broken battery, a broken power / charge controller, or a non-original wire or power adapter. First of all, you need to check the cable. It should not have kinks or breaches of integrity. You should also make sure that you are using the original wire. If there is an additional charger, you need to connect an iPhone to it. If the phone starts charging, the old cable is broken.

If replacing the wire does not help, the breakdown is caused by the battery or controller. These details are changed only in the service.

Battery Replacement Prices:

IPhone is charging and does not turn on

The main reason why the iPhone does not turn on after charging is the battery. The problem can be caused by deep discharge if the iPhone does not turn on after a long non-use. There are several ways to fix the error:

1. Raise the charge level to the lower threshold. To do this, connect the iPhone to the network for 6-10 hours to restore the charge. Then you can try turning on the smartphone.

2. If the previous method did not help, you need to change the charge and reconnect the phone to the mains.

3. Enter DFU mode. To do this, charge the smartphone for 6-8 hours. Install iTunes on your computer and open the downloaded program. Remove the iPhone from charging and connect it to the PC while holding the Power and Home buttons. Then you need to release the Power button and hold the home key for another 15 seconds. A notification should be displayed on the screen, signaling that the smartphone is ready for recovery. You need to click “restore” and wait for the end of the process. After you can turn on the iPhone.

When the phone turns on, you need to watch it. If charging ends quickly, you will have to change the battery. You should also check that the original power cable is being used. Non-Apple chargers can be rated for a different amperage, which negatively affects the iPhone.

Software crash

When a program crashes, only an apple usually shines, and the device itself does not respond to switching on. Then you need to force a reboot. To do this, Home and Power are held.


The problem when the iPhone does not turn on after discharging may be due to a software malfunction, the phone is deeply discharged, or the battery or charger is damaged. You can fix software errors yourself or replace the charge. Repair the internal parts and replace the battery should the master in the service center.