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18. Image enhancement

Every iPhone user can greatly improve their shots if they start paying attention to the choice of exposure (in-depth guide). Right in the Camera app, tap the iPhone screen, and then tap and hold your finger on the screen again, swipe up or down. You will notice the changes instantly. the scene will become lighter or darker. Most often, the pictures lack exactly the light, and with the help of this methods you can add light to the photo in an artificial way.

Instant currency conversion

IPhone users do not need additional applications to convert currencies at the current exchange rate. To transfer an amount from one currency to another, you just need to type the corresponding request in the Spotlight search, which opens by swiping down the main screen.

Keep track of the completed steps without additional applications

Many iPhone users download or even buy special apps to track their steps. And not everyone knows that such a function is in the standard Health application (many do not open it at all). over, the application counts the steps very accurately, and also takes into account the rise to the floors! Most step counting apps from the App Store cannot boast of the latter feature.

Improve Touch ID performance

The Touch ID fingerprint reader on any iPhone can be greatly improved. To do this, you need to register several new fingerprints of the same finger with which you are used to unlocking from your smartphone (for most people, this is the thumb of the right hand). At the same time, it is necessary to register the print at slightly different angles each time. This trick will make Touch ID much better and more stable to identify your fingerprint.

13. Returning to the top in any application

We are sure that you have been in such a situation more than once when you have been scrolling text or images for a long time in an application, for example, on a website. If you do this all the time, then you will be glad to know that scrolling up to return to the “header” is not at all necessary. Just touch the clock on the top status bar and you will automatically be taken back to the top.

Quick removal of numbers in the “Calculator

In the standard calculator on the iPhone, you can delete the last dialed digits. This is a very useful option to help you avoid having to retype the numbers for any calculations. If you accidentally enter the wrong number, just swipe left or right on the line with the numbers. The extra digit will be deleted immediately.

Apple iPhone XR 64GB Black fell in love with fans of the brand

Moscow, 03/01/2021, 21:55:03, edited by PRONEDRA.RU, author Polina Petrova.

The launch of the Apple iPhone in 2008 was a watershed moment in the history of the corporation. Every year, an army of fans awaits a new presentation with trepidation, because it is thanks to the smartphone that the company has reached the cult level. We can safely say now that you have a whole “spaceship” in your. and the Apple iPhone XR 64 Gb Black that has appeared on the market is no exception. Every smallest detail responsible for ergonomics is thought out in it, and the functionality will impress for several years. The stunning LCD screen and high performance have made this model one of the most sought-after models.

A brief overview of the device

The developers have integrated advanced cameras into the communicator, provided it with a waterproof case, a glass back panel, and an innovative hardware platform. In addition to the elegant design, the features of the “Apple” device include:

  • strength;
  • security;
  • powerful battery;
  • long service life.

Complete with the unit you will find

  • EarPods Headphones.
  • Lightning cord.
  • USB power adapter.
  • Instructions.
  • Warranty card.

The A12 Bionic processor and the Neural Engine system are responsible for the phenomenal technical capabilities in the device. Due to the built-in 3 GB of RAM, the smartphone provides fast simultaneous operation of different applications. An efficient video accelerator allows you to enjoy playing resource-intensive 3D games with augmented reality elements. And 64 GB of internal memory is enough to store your favorite movies, photos, applications and programs on the device.

Features of the gadget

The developers have equipped the device with a modern Liquid Retina-screen with a diagonal of 6.1-inch and a resolution of 1792×828 pixels. With such a pixel density, iPhone XR 64 GB users are comfortable not only watching movies on it, but also reading books. Innovative backlight technology used by the developers to create a screen that takes up the entire front panel.

P3 color gamut is responsible for accurate reproduction of all shades of green and red, which makes images more natural. Smartphone frame made of durable aerospace grade aluminum alloy.

iPhone XR: top 20 features

The developers also worried about the safety of users and quick unlocking of the device using Face ID technology, which is enough not only to quickly unlock the smartphone, but also to enter programs or pay for purchases. The “Siri” function will remind you of important events, send a message or activate quick commands for software.

Photos taken with the main 12-megapixel camera captivate with their clarity and naturalness. And selfie fans will be conquered by the front-facing 7MP TrueDepth camera. In general, in pursuit of colorful pictures, it is enough to take your smartphone with you and be in the right place at the right time. The camera will handle the rest.

How to open links in Safari on iPhone (in the background) without leaving the open page: 2 ways

If, while surfing the Internet, you come across an interesting link, and you don’t want to leave the current page, activate the opening of links in the background. To do this, open the Preferences app, go to the Safari section and from the Links menu, select the In background option.

Now, when you long-click on the link, a pop-up menu will appear, in which you can select the Open in background window option.

But it turns out that there is an easier option. just click on the link with two fingers, and it will also open in a new background tab.

Reminders in the car and with reference to the location

The stock Reminders application in iOS has a very useful function for motorists, which not every user is familiar with. With its help, the iPhone can remind the owner of the planned things when getting into or out of the vehicle (of course, the car must be equipped with a multimedia system with Blutooth support).

Detailed instructions on setting up the function can be found here.

Filters in iPhone and iPad Camera

It just seems like countless third-party apps only have cool photo effects. Apple has done a great job in recent years and now the Camera system app has a whole bunch of decent filters for just about every occasion. Where they are? Just open the camera and click on the icon with three circles in the upper right corner of the screen.

As a result, a list with all available effects will appear. What’s especially nice is that each of them can be “tested” without even taking a picture. the iPhone camera in real time will show you how everything will look.

Multi-keyword search in Photos

The Apple Photos app uses computer vision to automatically recognize objects, people, and places in your photos. As a result, you can search for something like “all photos from the beach” or “all photos with dad on the beach”. But did you know that in Photos you can specify several search queries at the same time?

To do this, open the Photos app, go to the Search tab, and type in a keyword — for example, forest. Choose an option from the dropdown menu. Next, enter the second word and click on the option from the drop-down menu again. Now both words will be in the search, and the results will change accordingly.

Sleep in Hours

Next time you set an alarm in the system Clock application, look at the bottom of the screen. there is a very interesting section called Sleep (in detail)! It will help you go to bed and wake up at the same time, and as a result, you get better sleep. Just answer a couple of simple questions. tell the program when you would like to get up and how many hours you need to recuperate, and Sleep Mode will automatically remind you to go to bed.

15 iPhone XR Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features! | YOU MUST TRY!

EarPods headset features

The EarPods sold with the iPhone can be used for more than just audio. For example, they can also be used to control the camera and multimedia, receive and make calls, and other purposes. All standard headphone capabilities can be found in this material.

How to turn off

To turn off iPhone X, you have two methods:

  • Go to settings, find “General” there, scroll down and select “Disable”
  • You can hold down all the buttons for a few seconds.

How to get a 10 out of sleep

Buttons are not present! What to do if the smartphone is “sleeping”? The answer is outrageously simple: just tap on the display and it lights up. It is surprising why this feature, which has long been successfully used in Android gadgets, was only used in the iPhone 10? Why isn’t it on 7, 8 Plus? One can only guess.

However, there is a second option for getting dozens out of sleep. you need to press the power button and raise the smartphone in front of you. The screen will light up, it will recognize your face (if the owner, of course) and will blink happily at you.

How to quickly flip through applications

Actually, we have already written about this here, but within the framework of the “trick” article, we should also mention it. To quickly switch between applications in iPhone X, just swipe at the bottom of the screen, from the corner of the left or right. At the same time, switching is just lightning fast. This is how it works.

How to open Apple Pay

Everything is simple. press the power button twice, Face ID is instantly activated and checks your face for a match. If this is really you, then Apple Pay will be active and ready to use right away. It is important at this moment to look directly at the screen of your iPhone X.

Features and capabilities of the iPhone 10 (X)

⬤ White-Apple.club iPhone Features and capabilities of iPhone 10 (X)

It just so happened that the iPhone 10 lost its beloved Home button and now a number of questions arise. how to operate a smartphone? How do I reboot and turn it off? We’ve rounded up some iPhone 10 features you might not have known about. They will help you to use and manage your smartphone more competently.

We already wrote earlier:

How to call Siri to answer on iPhone X

To summon Siri, all you need to do is rub the right side of the iPhone 10 3 times! (joke) In fact, you just need to hold down the Power button and the assistant will not slow down to appear and will be ready to answer right away.

By the way, we already wrote about this long before sales.

How to return to the home screen in iPhone 10?

Yes, how good it used to be. you pressed the button and you are already at home, but now it is gone, what can you do? There is a special gesture for this case too. All you need to do is pinch the bottom bezel on the iPhone 10 display and swipe up. The return to the home screen will work, it happens quite quickly.

How to open Control Panel and Action Center

To get to the control panel, you need to swipe down from the upper right corner of the display, and only this way, and not as before from the bottom up! The picture above shows this.

In turn, to open the notification center, you need to swipe down from the upper left corner.


It seems like a trifle, but what it sounds like: “iPhone ten era” or “iPhone X-era” versus a simple “iPhone eleven”. I think that this is already a matter of psychology and personal attitude, but I like the option with the iPhone 11 more. So it is clearer and more logical, without unnecessary troubles.

Improved Face ID system

Improved face scanner is another innovation. According to Apple, the new sensor system is 30% faster than the old one and recognizes faces from a wider angle. What worries me most is whether the phone has learned to recognize the owner when you hold it horizontally rather than vertically. For example, the iPad Pro can do this, and I want to get the same function in my phone.

Dimensions (edit)

In terms of size, no changes. Exactly the same body, the same dimensions: the phone weighs 194 grams, rather weighty and heavy. By the way, keep in mind that the design of the cameras has changed, so that the case from the old iPhone XR will no longer fit on the new iPhone 11.

New camera

One of the main innovations, thanks to which you can distinguish an old phone from a new one. The iPhone 11 now has a dual camera versus a single module in the iPhone XR. Here we get a new wide-angle module and ultra-wide-angle, as well as ultra-fast shooting. Apple says the new camera takes pictures three times faster than the old one.

Plus, there are new effects when shooting portraits, and in portrait mode, you can shoot not only people, but also objects or animals. In addition, we added a new night mode and a quick recording function. Its essence is that you hold down the shutter button, and the phone writes a video instead of photographs. For a snack, let’s leave Slofie. a video selfie on the front camera in slow motion. Horror.

Why the new iPhone 11 is better than the old iPhone XR

Why the new iPhone is better than the old.

As always, the new iPhone is better than the old one. But why? What are the differences? Why buy a new model instead of an old one? Answering questions and finding differences between iPhone 11 and iPhone XR.


The dimensions and resolutions of the screen have not changed: the diagonal is 6.1 inches, the resolution is 828 × 1792 pixels, the brightness is 625 nits. It is a pity that HDR support did not appear, but True Tone and the well-known LCD matrix remained.

Improved water resistance

If the iPhone XR met the IP67 standard, then the iPhone 11 is already IP68. In any case, moisture protection is excellent, only now it is of a higher level. This means that the phone will hold up to a depth of 2 meters for up to half an hour. In practice, you will hardly feel the difference, but when trying to find the differences between two very similar phones, every little thing matters.