Iphone X Water Resistance How Many Meters

Iphone X Water Resistance How Many Meters

Review of Apple iPhone XS 64GB Silver (Silver)

After another presentation by Apple, the world saw several progressive innovations, and one of them was the iPhone XS 64GB Silver. The novelty received protection from dust and moisture according to the IP68 standard, which allows you to keep the phone under water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of no more than 2 meters.

Appearance iPhone XS 64GB Silver

The control buttons have the usual location. The slot for installing a SIM card is one, as before. The Apple iPhone XS 64GB Silver does not have a memory card slot, but if you need a lot of space inside, then pay attention to models with 256 and 512 GB of internal memory.

True Tone OLED Screen

A colorful 5.8-inch screen occupies 81.4% of the front surface. It reproduces an image in 1125×2436 format. The image is saturated, the color reproduction is realistic, the viewing angles are wide. The pixel density was 463 ppi. Using the iPhone XS is convenient even on a sunny day, as the maximum brightness level is 625 cd / m2.

Despite the rumor that 3D Touch technology might disappear, it remained in place. Recall that the technology recognizes the force of pressing the screen, which extends the functionality of the device. True Tone technology is responsible for realistic color reproduction, which automatically adjusts the white level depending on the ambient light conditions.

Dual camera for the best photos in your life

Apple smartphones have always been characterized by high-quality mobile photography. Today, iPhone photography has reached an incredible level. The pictures look like they were taken with a reflex camera, and all this thanks to the dual 12-megapixel camera, in which there is an adjustment for depth of field. In iPhone XS Silver, you can adjust the blurriness of the background through the “Settings”, which could not be done in the iPhone X. Among the camera features:

Dual True Tone LED Flash;

Focus Pixel autofocus;

2x optical zoom;

10x digital zoom;

the new Smart HDR mode makes photos even more detailed;

Shootings in slow motion with stereo sound.

Lovers of selfies are expected by the same 7-megapixel front camera, in which the blurry background effect has also improved.

Superior Face ID

In Apple smartphones, modern innovations are implemented in the best way, including FaceID technology! The face scanner recognizes you even if you wear a wig, hat, hat or glue yourself a mustache. FaceID remembers and reads up to 30,000 points and instantly unlocks the smartphone. You can also use it to pay via Apple Pay, open applications and much more.

50% energy efficient and 15% more productive

TSCM’s new A12 Bionic chip is responsible for the performance of the iPhone XS 64GB Silver. The processor is made according to the 7-nm process technology, which increased the speed and efficiency of the system. The chip works according to this scheme: 4 productive cores are activated at full capacity when working with resource-intensive tasks, and when you need to perform the basic function, 2 energy-efficient cores work. Thus, Apple managed to achieve the perfect balance between autonomy and performance.

The advanced Neural Engine machine learning system learns from the experience gained and opens up new possibilities in the field of photography, games, augmented reality and much more.


On board the iPhone XS 64GB Silver 4 GB of RAM. It is worth noting that Apple first installed more than 3 GB of RAM, which positively affected the performance and speed of the system. There are phones with built-in memory for sale on:

Apple got rid of the 32 and 128 GB options and offered a large amount of memory that meets the needs of the modern user in 2018.

New Graphics Features

Apple’s 4-core graphics chip is responsible for smooth gameplay and high-quality graphics in games. But now game developers will have even more opportunities to implement their ideas, because Apple has developed lossless data compression technology, so get ready for the coolest mobile games in your life.

Battery life even longer

For the autonomy of the iPhone XS meets the lithium-ion battery at 2,700 mAh. It has an L-shape, as in the iPhone X, which allows you to install more efficient and powerful components. The kit comes with a charger that connects using a Lightning cable. The smartphone has wireless charging technology thanks to the glass back panel. Now you can charge the phone in just 30 minutes by 50%, which is enough for half a day of active use. And considering the energy-efficient processor and optimized iOS 12, the autonomy of the iPhone XS will surprise you in a good way.

Stereo speakers even louder

Apple never rests on their laurels and always improve the result. This time they brought the sound to perfection, and now the iPhone XS sounds 50% louder than the iPhone X. Thanks to the support of HDR and Dolby Vision technologies, you can enjoy your favorite songs at full capacity.

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