Iphone X Shooting Modes

The new portrait mode of the iOS camera is a “feature” very interesting and practical, but only the flagship iPhone X, as well as the larger iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus, have it. But after all, I want to shoot beautiful portraits with a gorgeously blurred background and the owners of other iPhones

over, the topic itself is very fashionable. And already there are a lot of third-party applications for the iPhone, which also have their own “Portrait Modes“, With varying degrees of accuracy repeating the original and also allowing you to shoot portrait photos with the effect of depth of field.

And I must say that so many lovers of mobile photography are experimenting with such programs, and very successfully. But Instagram users recently can no longer bother, since portrait mode on their iPhone (and even on some Android) appeared automatically.

We remind you that the new built-in portrait mode Instagram called “Focus“. Appeared with one of the on-duty updates of the application a little more than a month ago, but not all users are still aware of it. Perhaps because the “Focus” is not on the usual, “large” panel “Photos”, but hidden between the buttons of the shooting modes on the screen of the so-called “Stories”.

According to the developer’s description, the “Focus” mode is provided in new versions of the Instagram application, starting from 0.39 and is currently supported by the iPhone SE, 6S, 6s plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X, as well as “certain Android devices” (which ones, we haven’t specified yet).

So, if your iPhone supports the new mode and you have already updated the application, then you can find the “Focus” anyway. It’s not difficult: we open Instagram, tap the camera icon (in the upper left corner of the screen) and then just swipe the shooting modes at the bottom of the screen. The new “Focus” is between the old “Boomerang”And”Super zoom”. Photos taken in the new mode, by itself, can also be sent in the form of “Stories” and / or saved in the gallery.

Note also that the portrait “Focus” on Instagram is designed specifically for portrait photos, therefore it works only with the face in the frame. I mean, take a picture, for example, of a particularly nice omelet with bokeh effect in the morning with the help of “Focus”, unfortunately, it will not work. But a portrait is easy. In this case, the application will help to focus correctly before turning on the background blur. And the mode is turned on for both the main and the front camera, which, you see, is also convenient.

In terms of the thoroughness of portrait processing, the Focus, of course, is somewhat inferior to the regular iPhone X portrait mode, although not always. For example, if you carefully compare the portraits shot on iPhone SE and X, you can see that the iPhone X noticeably clears the edges of the face and other objects (glasses, for example).