Iphone X Frame Replacement

Iphone X Frame Replacement

Frequent damage to the iPhone X and features of their repair

iPhone X. is a phone whose quality is undeniable. Despite this, any mechanical damage, moisture, dust can lead to incorrect functioning of the functions. There are quite a few possible problems: with a camera, sensor, display, sound, speaker, etc. Diagnostics of the iPhone X will help establish the exact cause of the malfunction, and experienced specialists will make high-quality and fastest repairs.

Repair iPhone X

In our service center, specialists work with any breakdowns.

Problems with the speaker arise most likely through dust in the case. We will clean your phone from dirt. If this does not solve the breakdown. will need a replacement loop.

Does the iPhone X not work without a network and become hot while charging? The problem can be solved by soldering the power controller chip on the system board.

If the sensor does not respond to clicks, “dulls”, spontaneously executes commands. we will replace the Touch controller chip using the original one from the donor phone.

The replacement of the iPhone X screen is made in the case when, in addition to external damage, the display and touchscreen malfunction.

We advise starting Bluetooth repair with the correct flashing of the phone, as the cause may be a software problem. If this does not help. it is necessary to replace the antenna or microcircuit.

Does the camera not focus, is the image blurry, or is the screen black instead? This may be the result of software malfunctions, mechanical stress, moisture or dirt entering the phone. Using diagnostics, we will establish the cause and solve the problem.

What to do if the iPhone X does not turn on? The most insignificant reason. system error. Holding the Home and Power buttons for 10 seconds, you can turn on your phone. If this is not the reason, then a comprehensive diagnosis is necessary, because there are many possible failure options:

a short circuit on the system board;

failed power controller, etc.

Quick and high-quality replacement of iPhone X glass in Kiev is another service of the Royal Service service center. If for any reason color streaks or cracks appear on the screen of your smartphone, contact us. We will eliminate these and all other defects found after the diagnosis in a matter of minutes.

Royal Service are professionals who bring your iPhone X back to life!

We have answers to all questions, special equipment for quality repairs and, of course, a team of professionals.