Iphone X Frame Moves Back

Is the screen moving away from the case or frame of the iPhone? There are many reasons for this. In this article, we will analyze some of them in detail and answer the questions: Why did this happen? Where to carry out repairs? How to repair? We must say right away that without the help of a specialist, this breakdown cannot be dealt with and you will have to contact the service center, in any case. In the service “PlanetiPhone” free diagnostics are performed and a guarantee for original components and work is issued, up to 6 months. Leave a request on the site and get a 5% discount.

IPhone display is out of frame

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Features of the iPhone screen.

The design of the iPhone 5th series and iPhone 6th series screens is such that the matrix is ​​attached to a frame made of plastic, and all this is installed in a metal case with latches.

The main reasons why the iPhone screen moves away from the frame.

Due to the not very reliable structure, the iPhone screen moves away from the case for the following reasons:

The iPhone screen is moving away due to dust entering the plastic base. She scouts the glue, resulting in a small gap. Over time, the situation will worsen and you will begin to hear a click, at the top of the display, on the right. Usually the frame there is thinner and put less glue.

If you drop your smartphone or accidentally sit on it and bend the case, but the module remains intact, the iPhone screen moves away from the frame without falling into old locks. Ideally, in such a situation, replacing the case will help, but you can try to restore it. We advise you to contact the PlanetiPhone workshop for this. to replace, you will need a complete disassembly of the gadget.

Iphone X Frame Moves Back

Is the iPhone screen moving away from the case after repair in the service? It is likely that this module was badly glued at the plant, plus the dust that got there, did its job and the display now has backlashes.

The mounts may be damaged as a result of a fall and or unsuccessful attempts to open the smartphone. No matter how high quality the display is glued to the frame, it will continue to play.

If the iPhone screen moves away from the frame, please contact “PlanetiPhone”. The wizards will replace the screen in 20 minutes, with a guarantee!

How is the repair going?

Come to the service and tell us what the malfunction is or use the service to call the master at home. In Moscow for free. First of all, a diagnosis is carried out to identify all possible problems and answer the question why the iPhone glass is moving away. We talk about the problems identified, the time needed to restore and the final cost of the work. (The price already includes work and wizards original parts.) Testing is carried out in various modes. You pay for the repair, a repaired smartphone is issued, a guarantee of up to 180 days and a discounted card by 5%.

To receive a discount on repairs, fill out the form on the website.

Advantages of SC “PlanetiPhone”.

We have been repairing Apple equipment for over 7 years. During this time, we have gained a reputation as the best repair service in the capital. The advantages compare favorably with competitors in the capital. These include:

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If the iPhone glass moves away from the display, do not wait for the complete failure, immediately come to the service. We will quickly fix this problem.