Iphone Writes No Sim Cards What To Do

Iphone Writes No Sim Cards What To Do

If the iPhone does not see the SIM card, the owner of the gadget does not need to immediately “sprinkle his head with ash”. first you need to find out the reason. It is possible that the solution to this problem will take no more than a few minutes.

Despite the fact that the iPhone is considered the most reliable mobile device, its owner is also not immune from breakdowns and related cash repair expenses. A common malfunction recently has been the failure of apple smartphones to recognize SIM. On the screen of the iPhone, which has stopped seeing the SIM card, a similar message appears:

There are many possible reasons for the appearance of such an error. We will talk about each of them and give recommendations on what to do to solve the problem.

SIM card malfunction

The most common reason why the iPhone does not see the SIM card is incorrect SIM trimming. Cutting is not so difficult. even an amateur, armed with scissors, can do the job. However, there is always a risk of hitting the chip and thereby disabling SIM. Salon employees who cut cards for money are also not able to guarantee that everything will go “like clockwork”.

It may not only be about cropping incorrectly. SIM cards have the property demagnetize. that is, to fail for no apparent reason. The failure of the iPhone to recognize a SIM card is also caused by the fact that the card has an old-style chip. Nowadays, such chips are rarely used, but no one is safe from “meeting” them.

IPhone users have nothing to try to crop such SIM cards:

How to check if the SIM card really matters? Very simple: remove the card from the phone and insert it into another device with a suitable SIM slot. If this device does not see the SIM card, you need to proceed with the passport to the communication salon and ask the consultant to replace the card. The procedure is completely free; it takes no more than 5 minutes.

After replacing the SIM number on the card will not remain. Therefore, before you go to the service office, you should copy the contacts from the iPhone to the computer.

If another device recognizes the card and does not experience any problems when working with it, the owner of the iPhone can take pride in itself. solve the problem just as easy will fail.

Sim-Lock on iPhone

Most often, iPhones are locked for SIM operators ATT and Verizon.

Of course, the best way to solve the problem with SIM-Lock is to return the device to an unscrupulous seller and then purchase the gadget, certified for work. However, most often sellers refuse to return, arguing that the smartphone is working. after all, SIM-Lock is not a breakdown.

“Hanging your nose”, being with the “locked” iPhone in your hands, is not necessary. this problem has many solutions:

  • Contacting the workshop. Specialists of the service will remove SIM-Lock, but will require an impressive amount of work (from 100). The owner of the gadget should remember that after the “artisanal” removal of the “lock” iPhone loses its warranty.
  • “Unlock” with your own hands. You can try to unlock the iPhone yourself. there are a number of Internet services that allow you to do this (for example, IMEI-Server.ru). In this case, you also have to spend money, but the amount will be much more digestible. Online services are asking an average of 2–3 for help.
  • Purchase Turbo-Sim. Turbo-Sim is an adapter that is inserted into the tray with a SIM card and unlocks the radio module when iPhone is activated. Buying such an adapter will cost the user about 1.5. 2 thousand rubles. Using Turbo-Sim can lead to a decrease in communication quality and problems when setting up iMessage, however, among all ways to get rid of SIM-Lock, this is probably the most effective.
  • Address to the telecom operator. The user is finally able to write a letter to the provider, whose SIM card is “locked” by the iPhone, and ask for the official unlock. This method has many disadvantages: At first, the operator’s reaction will have to wait long enough Secondly, you need to write in English and preferably without the help of a “clumsy” Google Translator, third, You will also have to pay for the official unlock. The cost of unlocking ranges from 1 thousand rubles (ATT) up to 15 thousand rubles (Finnish company DNA).

The official “unlock” has a significant advantage. it does not entail a loss of warranty on the iPhone.

Firmware issues

The fact that the “apple” gadget does not see SIM may be due to a software crash in iOS, due to which the firmware of the cellular modem flies. Identify such a malfunction without having special equipment at hand, will fail. However, if the user tried to install several cards in the gadget and the device did not recognize any, you should not rush to the service center. First you need to try to change the firmware on the iPhone.

To replace the firmware, you must use iTunes. The user needs to connect the gadget to the PC, go to the device control menu (1) and click on the “Restore iPhone.”(2).

iTunes will download newest official firmware and install it on your smartphone. If the user wants the iOS on his gadget to remain in the current version and not update, he should independently find the appropriate firmware on the Internet (IPSW file format) and download it to the mobile device by pressing the combination “Reestablish”(In iTunes) Shift (on the keyboard).

To replace the firmware, it is better to use the iTunes media combine of the latest version.

If the flashing did not solve the problem with the SIM, most likely the iPhone broke.

IPhone crash

Here are just a few reasons that can lead to physical damage to the iPhone and the inability of the gadget to see the SIM card:

  • Device crash and other mechanical influences on it can cause the failure of the mechanism of the reader.
  • Using poor-quality memory leads to a short circuit. Shorting, in turn, causes burnout of diodes, resistors, and other small components.
  • Flooding. It is worth checking the humidity sensor: on the iPhone 4 it is located in the headphone jacks and for charging, and on the latest devices. in the slot for Sim. If the red dot is clearly visible, then the iPhone is a drowned man.

If the user inaccurately inserts the tray into the iPhone, this may cause a malfunction of the SIM card slot. There is only one way to fix such a breakdown. by completely replacing the slot.

Whatever the cause of the iPhone’s malfunction, disassembling your mobile device and trying to solve the problem yourself is not recommended.. There is a risk of making it worse. Only specialists of service centers who have professional equipment at their disposal are able to accurately diagnose a failure and correctly repair it.

You shouldn’t worry much about finances: at the modern, transcendental level of competition, service centers set fairly loyal for their services. Replacing the SIM connector, for example, will cost the owner of the iPhone 1.5. 2 thousand rubles.


The fact that the iPhone does not see the SIM card is almost always the result of the carelessness or inattention of the owner of the gadget. Even if the user is the victim of an unscrupulous seller who has “stepped” a locked smartphone, he should only blame himself. this he did not pay due attention to the preliminary verification of an expensive device.

Solving a problem is much more difficult than preventing its occurrence. and in addition, more expensive. If the iPhone does not see the SIM card, because it is “locked” or broken, the user will definitely have to part with a certain amount of money in order to make the device operational. It’s possible to fix the situation for free only if the problem lies in the SIM card.